Her family is a shame; Part 9!

Episodes of lifestyle

Mama; heeeeh! See dis boy o. Wetin concern me for the things wey you don buy for am before? I dey tell you say you go settle am with some money to take start something. You dey here dey talk another thing”

Chima; mama, e don do. I wan prepare for work. After, I go call Cynthia make I hear wetin she go like do, so that I go start am for am. Dat one no go be issue, abeg”

Mama; call keh? I tell you say you no go ever talk to my pikin again or touch am, you dey talk call. I know wetin good for my pikin and wetin im want, she don tell me her plans tey tey. She sabi do make up wella, she don learn am finish 3 years ago, but no money to take rent shop, buy things put. So as e be like this, her total budget for the business na 1.5 million naira. For one year shop rent, agent and agreement, plus the make up things wey she go put inside”

Chima; eeeeeh! Isi? 1.5 wetin? Mama, you think say I dey pick money for ground ni? I just give you 2 million naira yesterday, you dey talk 1.5 today. Total 3.5 million in less than 24 hours. Mbanu, I no fit. Where you want me to get dat kain money from, abeg? You no even give me time to recover from the one wey you don collect from me. Haba! This one na pure wickedness o, e no dey fair again. Wetin sef?”

Mama; haaaaaa! Hehehe. Na laugh I dey laugh you, Chima. I just dey laugh you like this. So if people wey no get money come out, you go follow come out. You stingy o, kai. No be say na big money I dey ask for. See motor wey you dey drive, Range Rover, latest one, your wife dey drive Prado, na dis same year you buy the two motor o. Your mama dey drive Venza wey na you buy for am. The big bungalow wey she dey live, na you buy am. All dese things wey I mention so, don reach 100 million. See the small money wey I just ask for myself and my pikin, you begin shout, like say I don kill you. Money wey be say if you comot from your account, e go be like say na one cup of water you carry comot from ocean. Nna, you stingy, abeg. No be say na dash you dey dash us o, na settlement. You dey pay for food wey you chop. You don chop my pikin wella, chop me join, you dey form vex for here. No try am o. Use my account send the money, make e no pass today. I don talk my own finish”

Chima; wait first, before you go. I wan ask you something, all dese things wey you list down now show say you dey monitor my life since. As if you dey jealous your own pikin. My question be say, why you hate your pikin too much like this? Your first daughter. Abi no be you born Precious? I never see dis kain thing before o.
You catch me with her younger sister, instead of you to vex for us or even tell Precious, no matter how much we beg you, you open office for my head like say you don set trap for me tey tey, still force me to knack you join. Your own son in-law. Your pikin”

Mama; abegy, no call yourself my pikin. You no be my son anything. Na just 15 years I take senior you jare. I no old like your mama, I still young and fresh, you sef don see am with your eyes. Another thing wey you go clean comot for your mouth na say I force you to knack me, inukwa. Me, force you? Hahaha. Something wey sweet you pass as e sweet me. Shey na me force your body to stand up like wetin never see woman before? Na me? The last one be say, I no dey jealous Precious. Na me carry am 9 months for this my belle. Say I just wan enjoy wetin my pikin dey enjoy, no be bad thing. As she dey chop life so, she suppose remember her own mama. At this stage, I get rich pikin wey get rich husband, I suppose dey live for duplex and drive big motor like she dey drive. No be to dey gimme kobo kobo say na money”

Chima; na the money wey Precious dey give you be kobo kobo? When you come omugwo, na 300k I carry cash give you, and I sure say Precious sef give you from her pocket. So many times wey you dey call am to ask for money, she dey always give you, now you dey call am kobo kobo. Wonders no fit finish for dis life sha”

Mama; no be my mate dem dey use big motor or big house do omugwo for? Come see women for meeting. All my fellow woman for our village meeting, dem dey represent wella. But me, na cabu cabu I dey use go meeting. Dem don gossip me tire. Nna, I don see opportunity to follow chop life and collect my own national moimoi, make I be like my mates. I no go dull at all. Abeg, I don go, I go dey expect the alert. All dis long talk for here don tire me”

As she talk finish, she waka comot, hit my door like say e get wetin the door do am. I reason this thing eeh, my head wan burst. Nobody don catch me for ransom like this sha. Wetin I put myself for like this? God o. Man wey never cheat before, begin fall yakata like this, heeeh! This woman no suppose control me like this again na, she don implicate herself already, I sure say she sef no go want make Precious know wetin don happen. I carry my phone call Cynthia…

Cynthia; I for don call you since, but I dey fear say you go still dey for shock, na why I say make I give you small space”

Chima; No wahala. I just wan tell you say your mama dey force me to settle you. She say make I put 1.5 million naira for her account, wey you go use start make up work. Which kain talk be dat? Settle you, as per wetin?”

Cynthia; make I no lie for you, e don tey wey we dey find money make I for take start my make up studio. No blame am, na better thing she dey find for her pikin. I go advise make you give her the money, make peace for dey. You know say my mama too like wahala. Abeg, make dis matter no rise go enter Precious ears. Things wey worse pass dis one sef dey happen everywhere, na the way dem take handle am be the koko. You sef know say you get the money. 1.5m no be anything to you, e no even reach perfume wey you dey use. Abeg, do wetin mama talk”

Chima; see eeh, no just make me vex o. Shebi you and your mama dey see me as person wey no get sense abi? Omo, na lagos boy I be o. See me see wahala. ~ How much you don collect for my hand? Check your account see the kain money wey I don put there, e don pass the 1.5 million sef. I call you now so that you go use your mouth talk to your mama to calm down, say you don collect money from me, you dey here dey yarn okpata. Abeg, comot for my phone jor. Na now I know say na plan work you and your mama dey do me so. Na dat 2 million wey she collect from me she go see last, I no go drop shingbai again, make una do una worse”

To be continued!



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