Her family shame 13

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My name na Precious, I be Chima wife. Na me start the story from the beginning, before Chima take over, na me go continue from here till e finish.
After Chima tell me everything wey don happen, e just be me like say I dey dream, dis na man wey I trust with my life, I never fear or bother before say im fit cheat me with another girl, e kon be my sister and my mama. How dis kain thing take happen for my nose and I no know? Chai, na me wey carry all the trust give my mama and sister, I no believe say person family fit do dis kain thing for dis life. If my husband get mind do dis kain thing, my mama and sister nko? Woman wey be say na she born me. Why e be say na good people bad things dey happen to?

I just dey remember all the signs even before I marry. My mama go dey talk some kain things and I no go take am serious. If I go out with man, she go say I dey enjoy alone, as if I suppose carry am go. Even when I meet my husband, she say I get big eyes, say I dey chop life. After we marry, she go dey vex for me anyhow, sometimes, say I just dey my husband house dey enjoy, she dey suffer. Upon all the money wey I dey give am, she go still call me for phone say na only me dey enjoy my husband, I no dey let another person follow me enjoy, sote I ask am whether im wan follow me enjoy my husband? We go laugh like say na joke, I no know say all dose things wey she dey talk, say she mean am, na signs wey I no bother to notice, because she be my mama, I no sure say e get any person wey go suspect their mama for dat kain thing.

Right from when my husband meet my mama, im tell me say im no like my mama, say she no be the kain person wey im go like dey close to. Sometimes, the thing sef go dey vex me, I go dey force am to dey close to my mama, but im no go gree. We go dey for years and im no go ever call my mama for phone, except when I born pikin. I complain tire, but im no gree, he say im spirit no accept my mama spirit. Na so I stop to dey complain. I no know say na signs God dey give me to face my marriage and comot my mama for my marriage, as my husband take comot im mama and im family, dem no dey even come our house say dem wan sleep, my husband no go gree. Na me wey dey do family up and down, dey do say na my mama, kon scatter the thing wey me with my husband don gree say family no go ever come stay with us, no matter wetin happen. Shebi if say I no send my mama when she dey insist say she must come stay for my house, all dis abomination for no happen. Dis woman plan everything carry come. Maybe na why she make her landlord throway her comot for their house. How man wey hate you pass anything, go begin sleep with you, just like dat. E get as the thing be.

Cheei! I no fit sleep, I wan use cry and think kill myself. My husband no even near me for bed, dat one just sidon for ground follow me dey cry. My chest wan blow, my nose don block. I just dey think where I go start from, shey make I carry my children comot abi make I leave dem with my husband? How I wan take carry dis kain shame, abeg? Wetin I go tell people say make me leave my husband? But Na to leave am sure pass. I kukuma get money wey go do me and my children start life again. After I don handle my mama and sister finish, I go leave my husband, I no go fit live with am again. I no know say dis kain heart break dey for dis life, dis type go fit kill person. I cry sote, I think say I go die, I just dey breathe fast, my husband dey where im sidon dey beg me, im just dey cry like pikin. I never see am cry before since we meet, dis na the first time. The sound wey im dey make loud pass my own, im just dey lament.
E get when e reach sef, like around 3 o clock for midnight, I kon begin pity am. I no fit explain wetin enter my body, I waka go meet am for where im sidon, I sidon near am, kon carry im head put for my chest, na den the main cry start. My husband dey cry like 5 years old pikin, im just put all im weight for my body dey cry, catarrh dey drop from im nose dey rub for my night cloth, im eyes don red, im face swell up.

My mind kon go the time wey I born my second pikin, I almosy die dat day, as dem dey find blood🩸wey match my own, na my husband gimme blood, I remember as im dey shout for doctor say instead make I die, make dem take all im blood put for my body, infact, make im die, because im no go fit raise im children alone, without me. Say im life go dey useless if I die. I dey use am dey laugh am since dat time. Na as I dey think, I change my mind, decide say I no go leave my husband, I go forgive am.

Dat shame wey my mama want, I go give am to am and I go still save my marriage. I go shame my family and maintain my marriage. I no go let dem win. No matter how e take play, I no go let my family win. I know say my marriage no go be the same again, or e go take plenty time before e go back as e dey before, but I ready save my marriage…

Precious; Chima, stand up, make we sleep small. E don do, no cry again. No be small pepper you show me, but make we never reason your side for now, na my mama own dey kill me like dis. Help me, make we disgrace am well later today, you hear?”

Chima; nne, I go do anything wey you want. I swear, if person tell me say I go ever do dis kain thing for dis life, I go swear for the person. You wey I no fit let fly bite you, as everything take happen still dey shock me. All the control wey I get disappear. I know say anything wey you do na wetin I deserve, abeg, forgive me. No leave me, bikonu. I no go fit bear am. I go turn to your slave if you want, I no go complain for one day, as far as you no leave me. Nne, I too love you, forgive me, bikozienu. Oh God”

Precious; God forbid you to be my slave, tufiakwa! Abeg, e don do, come for bed, make we rest small, I know say we no go fit sleep again. The kain headache wey dey do me now go make me weak in the morning, and I really want make this plan to work. Make we rest small. By 9 o clock, I go begin make calls to gather the people wey go follow me go the hotel”…

When morning reach, I call everybody, na only my mama best friend say she no go make am, she travel, but my two brothers and my uncle dey ready dey wait for me, I no tell dem wetin dey ground, I tell dem say na surprise. By to 5, we don dey the hotel for bar, dey wait make my husband flash me, im don already gimme the room number…

To be continued

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