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Her family shame




Her family shame This story was told by a woman it happened to. . Everything I will write in this story is 💯 % reality. The only difference is that I will tell it as a story and use different names for the people involved.

Her family is a shame!

My name na Precious, I be 33 years old. My husband name na Chima, he be 40 years. We don marry for 7 years, na this year go make am 8. We get 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Me and my husband dey get the usual husband and wife wahala, but im no dey beat me or make me suspect am. I dey work for bank, while im get im own business and im dey do very well, money dey yakpa.

Na me be first born, I get two brothers and one sister, dem dey live with my mama, my papa don die since 5 years now. After I born my last pikin, my mama get serious problem with my husband when she come omugwo, for my last pikin, over money matter. Since then, my husband kon begin dey avoid my mama. Na me dey use my hand carry my children go visit my mama, any time wey I get chance, to avoid make she come our house, because of my husband.
Her family shame
E get the kain man wey my husband be, if im warn you about something and you kon insist, he go leave you to do wetin you want, to talk too much dey tire am. I been get one best friend that year, wey tell me say my husband dey easy, say if she wan knack am, na akamu case for her, say she go knack am clean mouth, make I just thank God say she no dey do married men.

That statement vex me wella that day, we even quarrel sef. As I tell my husband, he tell me to stay away from the girl, make I no ever communicate with her again, say na bad friend she be and she dey jealous me, because she never marry.

Na so I listen to my husband, kon pursue my best friend of 10 years comot from my life. Instead of make I cool down ask her why she talk wetin she talk, e fit be say she don notice something wey give her liver to make that kain comment. What old people regret at old age

But all these ones wey I dey yarn no be the matter sef. I just do intro, make una for picture the type of family and husband wey I get.

The main matter start when landlord give my mama quit notice, she ignore the landlord, when time reach, the man kon throwaway their things for outside, my mama and my brothers and sisters no kon get choice, than to leave the house.

My brothers go their friends house go stay, e remain my mama and sister.

I dey for work that day, when she call me dey cry, say dem dey stranded, and we dey live for big house. I just weak. I no know wetin to do.

I tell her make I send her money make dem go hotel go stay first, before we sort out which next step to take, she no gree o, say na my house she go come, or else she go sleep for street. Say her pikin no go dey live for mansion and she go dey for hotel. I no get another choice than to call my husband;

Me; How you dey na?”

Husband; I dey fine, nne. How work dey go?”

Me; Omo, make we leave work first.

E get problem wey just come now. Landlord don pursue my mama comot for house, I don beg am to go hotel first, make we find how to find another house sharperly for her, but she no gree, she say na my house she go stay, if not, she go sleep for street”

Husband; hian! Which kain talk be that? Make she sleep for street na, shoo. When dem dey tell her to take things easy, she no gree, she go dey fight landlord wife anyhow.

So na my house she carry for mind all that time abi? E no go work o, if she no gree stay hotel, make she stay for street.

You remember the kain wahala wey she carry come the last time. Wetin I dey talk sef, na empty threat, your mama wey I know, no go fit sleep for street, trust me”

Me; but I no go fit ignore her na, abeg. Na my mama she be, make dem come house, we get plenty free rooms.

As I dey so eeh, I don loose concentration for office like this, na inside toilet I dey make this call, abeg, make dem stay with us for few weeks, before dem get another place to stay”

Husband; shebi your papa build house for village? Make she go her husband house go stay for village na. No be village my own mama dey? I no know wetin this your mama give you chop wey you no go fit tell am truth. Call am back now, tell am say your husband no gree, simple and short”

Me; Nna, no do me this kain thing, I use God beg you. Anything you want, I go do, just for make dem stay even if na only two weeks take find another place.

My mama no go fit stay for village. We don discuss this thing before and she say na when she old, she go move to the village, abeg. No make me run mad for here. Bikonu. I dey for my knees dey beg you”

Husband; how long you say dem go stay?”

Me; E no go tey abeg, say e too long, e no go pass 1 month. You know how e be to get house for lagos na, e no go tey, biko”

Husband; e don do. Tell dem make dem dey come. As far as say dem no stay pass one month o, na that one go vex me wella. Make you sef talk to your mama, I no want wahala for my house again”

Me; Chaiii, thank you so much. Na my God go dey bless you dey go. I go talk to am, no worry yourself”

To be continued!

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