Her shame episode 2

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Her family is a shame; Part 2!

My name na Chima. Na me be Precious husband. E worry me say my wife mama wan stay for my house small. The woman wahala too much. The last time wey she come, na so she just dey cause plenty quarrel for where me and my wife dey. She go dey give am bad advise to dey check my phone and monitor me. If I dey make call, she go tell her pikin to go there and tell me to put my call for speaker, make everybody dey hear, so many things wey my wife no dey do before. The day wey I gather liver confront am, she threaten to slap me, na vex I take pursue am comot for my house. Since that day, I never use these my two eyes see her. I wonder how my house go be this small time wey she carry her other pikin come.

I dey always first my wife close from work, because na self employed I be, I get plenty people wey dey work for me, so I fit go house anytime wey I like. My wife own be say na bank work, na night she dey use reach house every day. As I enter house, the first person wey I see na my wife younger sister, she wear only pant and polo dey change channel for parlor, as she stand hold remote for hand, I know say na wetin she dey do. As she see me, I think say she go rush inside go wear cloth, but she no even move sef, she just smile one big smile, rush meet me to hug me welcome. Na den I notice say she no even wear bra.

I greet am back, I no talk like say I notice anything. I just ask am how im mama dey, she say that one dey fine, and she dey sleep for room, say dem get stressful day. I leave am go upstairs to change my clothes. Normally, I suppose go greet my children first, before I enter room, but wetin I see no gree me think straight. I reason the thing tire. Shey na so this girl dey take dress for house where she get two brothers? She no know say I no relate to her? Na her sister husband I be. Why she comfortable to wear only pant come hug me tight, with light polo wey no carry bra. The thing weak me o. I later comot am for my mind, as I no fit understand the whole thing.

I no come out from the room, until my wife come back in the night…

Precious; Nna, good evening. E be like say na me wake you from sleep. How work na?”

Chima; Work fine o, nne. I come back on time today”

Precious; Na your way na. As oga wey you be, your own better. Shey you don see my mama and sister?”

Chima; Na only your sister I see. She tell me say mama dey sleep, so I no wan disturb am”

Precious; okay. I sneak come up, I wan remove my cloth first, before I go meet them. Thank you again for wetin you do for me. As you allow make dem stay here eeh, you comot big load for my head, I swear”

Chima; no wahala. You na my wife na, I go surely make you happy. Abeg, how long you say dem go stay again?”

Precious; Latest, one month. I don tell you na, this one wey you dey ask again”

Chima; Na because I dey reason why dem go stay one month when e supposed take a week to find house. As far as the money dey, to get house for lagos dey very easy. I no understand why dem go dey here reach one month o”

Precious; no start again na, shebi we don talk all these things before, why you come dey bring the matter up again? After I don thank you finish”

Chima; na because of wetin I see today o. I still shock. You know say I dey this house since without wahala, we no dey too quarrel, I no want something wey go come spoil my happiness, abeg”

Precious; wetin you see? Tell me”

Chima; nna eeh, I come back from work, as I step into the parlor, I see your sister half naked. She no even run enter room as she see me, she just carry her body like that take hug me. I surprise, I swear. You need to talk to her about am, make she dey cover body, this place no be her house, and you know say children dey around, make dem no dey see her dey waka around like that, abeg”

Precious; hahahaha! You sef. Na that one be the thing wey dey worry you? No reason go that side abeg. My sister wey dey see you as her elder brother, she no carry any bad thing for mind, trust me. Na so she dey dress for house, e don tey wey we even tire for her sef… Hahahahaha”
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Chima; Precious, I say she wear only pant, kon wear polo wey dey very light, she no even wear bra, she carry am like that come hug me, you dey laugh, say na nothing. No be say na small pikin o, this na 25 years old girl we dey talk so”

Precious; chaii, my sister sef. That girl no go ever change. I sure say she no know say the way she hug you make you uncomfortable. Oya no worry, I go talk to am this night. No vex abeg”…

To be continued!