Her shame episode 3

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Her family is a shame; Part 3!

As my wife baf finish, me with her go downstairs to go see her mama. When we knock enter the room wey dem dey, I surprise to see the sister don wear nicker. No be the same person wey wear almost nothing come greet me, wey my wife say na so she dey dress for house, how come she don wear nicker so? Okay na. We greet them finish, I leave my wife with dem go find my children, make I play with dem small before dem sleep.

After like 3 days when dem dey my house, I dey go work dey come back early as usual. The girl dey still waylay me for door with half naked body to hug me. I dey form like say na my blood sister, so e no mean anything. As I don see say my wife no talk to am, or maybe she talk, but she no hear. I kukuma no wan complain again give my wife, make e no be like say na another thing I dey find. But e no easy for me at all. The girl too set, and she fine pass my wife. Her legs long, thick, kon fresh, no be like my wife own wey get stretch mark full everywhere. Her face fine die. Her height na another thing entirely, she too set, no be small. The way her chest take dey point out for the light tops wey she dey wear eeh, e weak me, sote, I begin see am for dream.

E get one day sef, wey my friend follow me come house, kon see am. Na so she wear half naked clothes take hug me and my friend. Body sweet my friend die that day. Na so im just dey suspect me say I dey chop my wife sister, say the confidence wey the girl take hug us, with the way she dress, show say I dey chop am. I talk tire to defend myself, the bobo no believe me. He even talk say if na him, he go don knack the girl tire.

The next day after that my friend visit. I come back from work, as usual. That day, I dey get headache, so I leave work early, like around 2 o clock. I already know say na she I go meet for door, because na wetin she dey do since she come, once she hear my car horn, make gateman open gate for me. Her mama dey comot everyday go find house, so me and that one never too jam ourselves, her wahala still dey low key. As I waka enter parlor, wetin I see just weak me, I almost miss my steps, if say no be strong wey I strong my body, I for fall for ground.

This girl wear only net, her chest just dey point for my face. Na so she rush kon hug me very tight. This time around, she collect my laptop from me, say make she help me go keep am. Me with am drag am small, but she no gree. As we dey drag am, her chest just dey bounce anyhow, I no fit bear am again, I kon leave am. She carry the laptop dey go up for my room. One mind say make I no follow am, another one say make I just follow, after all, na my room. I no suppose dey run from my room, for my own house, mbanu, nothing dey happen.

By the time I open the door, she don sidon for bed, the laptop dey on top table. I wait for like one minute, with the hope say she go comot, make I remove my cloth, she no make any move or talk anything. So I kon say make I tell am to excuse me…

Chima; Thank you, nne. Abeg, you fit excuse me, make I arrange myself?”

Cynthia; which one be excuse you again? No be family we be? You no need hide anything from me”

Chima; I no dey hide anything from you. I just wan remove my clothes, make I shower, headache wan finish me”

Cynthia; make I help you remove your clothes na. I fit help your headache sef, make e disappear”

Before she talk finish, she don rush me ozugbo. The next thing wey I know, she begin drag my shirt, kon dey remove am small small, with innocent face. I try to stop am at first, but she no gree. Her chest dey my face, my cucumber don already dey misbehave. The thing don shoot out, I dey try to hide am, make her eyes no go there. I open my mouth to shout for am and to push am comot for my face, but all my body weak me. My mouth open, but no word gree come out, my hand just rest for my side.

Which kain wahala be this one? This na my wife younger sister. Why this girl get mind to dey do this kain thing with her sister husband? Abi na set up? Maybe my wife wan use her sister set me up. Na then my sense come back, I kon push am comot, but prick wey stand, don stand…

Chima; Cynthia! Which kain thing you dey do so? I be your sister husband. Una two wan set me up abi? To see whether I go fall. E no go work. Abeg, I use God beg you, comot for my room”

Cynthia; hehehe! If I hear. You dey talk another thing, your body dey talk another thing. You think say I no dey see how you dey look me since I come this house? Your mouth dey die to suck these my melons wey stand like this, no be that your wife own wey don fall like Nigerian economy. I sure say you no dey fit suck am again, as e be like slippers so”

Chima; if you no comot for this room, I go comot and I go tell your sister this thing wey happen now. I no want any wahala, abeg”…

As I talk finish, she just stand there dey smile. I kon say make I comot from the room, she block my way, kon pull her transparent top, her chest just attack me, she carry one hand grab my hard thing…

To be continued!