Her shame Part 4

Episodes of lifestyle


I shock die, as her hand grab my cucumber. Which kain wahala be this one? Na so trouble go dey sleep jejely, yanga go wake am. Yes, I know say my wife body no fresh and her chest don fall like Nigerian economy, as her sister talk. But I love am like that. When I marry am, her body no kukuma fresh right from time, no be the body make me marry am, the girl dey very understanding and reasonable. She sabi make me laugh and she no dey give me wahala.

Even if I wan knack girls wey their economy never fall, no be my own wife sister na, how she go feel, if she find out? I know say the temptation too tight and all my body don respond finish, but I gats control myself. I no want break my wife heart, she no deserve am at all. But this Cynthia set die, no be small, she don remove everything wey she wear, kon stand for my front, after me with her don drag my cucumber small, before she leave am.

I look am from head to toe, my cucumber no dey even respect my conscience sef, the thing don hard die, and e don begin pain me. Any time wey e hard like that and I no knack, e go begin pain me like say I go die. I lock up my mind, take warn Cynthia for the last time…
Chima; If you no comot for my front now, I go push you comot, I swear to God, and I go make sure say your sister and mama hear this thing. You no go sleep for my house dis night, since dem send you to come scatter your sister marriage, ekwensu like you. Na evil full your family, Na only your sister different. Comot for my front now, before I push you comot”

Cynthia; hahahahaha! Baba, calm down. As far as your cucumber stand dey look me so, you wan knack me, all dis wan wey you dey do so, na initial gragra, we don see am finish. If say my puna no hungry you, that thing no go stand like that. Oya, push me na, try am first. I go dey like this dey scream your name, I go follow you everywhere you go for this house, dey shout say you force me. Very soon, your children go come back from school, with your house help, all of them go see me. Try am first, make you see my color. I dey give you something free of charge, wetin guys dey die for, you dey here dey form good man, like say you be saint. Abi you wan lie say you never cheat on my sister before?”

One mind say make I tear her slap, another one say make I just play along, after all, na just once. As far as my wife no find out, nothing dey happen. Wetin person no know, no go kill am. Cynthia truly ready for me sha, she plan me take come my house. I no fit comot eyes. I no remember my wife again or wetin I dey worry about before, na just to put my mouth there dey hungry me.

Na so I rush her ozugbo, lift her small, kon put my face there, like say na ice cream. I chop like say tomorrow no dey. The more I dey lick am, the more the thing dey hungry me, the sweetness no be here. I never see girl wey spread like this, except for olosho film wey oyibo people dey act. This girl finish work. She dey tickle my ears as I dey lick am. I bite join sef, nothing wey my mouth no do the puna. I no fit count how many minutes wey my face dey there. The next thing wey I know, my cucumber don come out. I no even wear trouser again. I no know how the thing take go, all I know say no be me remove am.

She kon land on top of me, kon begin move me. She work me like carpenters dey work furniture. The riding no be here. I never experience this kain sweetness before since I begin knack. She dey very sweet. Her chest just dey bounce as she dey bounce on top me…

Cynthia; so na this magic my sister dey chop alone since, choiii. That girl greedy sha. This thing dey reach me for womb. You be man jare. Na this kain machine I dey find since”

As she dey talk those things, my head dey burst. I turn her around another way. Omo, I ram am from back, her ikebe dey bounce join my own movement, the thing dey ginger me as I dey ram am. Thank God say I no dey quick end, I dey pass 30 minutes before I go begin reach my last bus stop. I dey ram like say we dey fight, I no dey like slow one. My wife dey complain sometimes sef, but Cynthia no complain. She continue to speak in tongues…

Cynthia; oh God. Chima. You don kill me”

To be continued

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