Her shame Part 5

School-life story


After I don ram the puna to my satisfaction, this girl comot me from her, kon turn around, begin lick am, she lick everything, I shock o. I never see this kain thing before. She dey swallow am, dey do like na lollipop she dey lick. My cucumber dey crystal clean, by the time she finish, if say no be work I dey come from, I no need baf after knacking, since she use mouth wash am for me. She do the thing for almost 5 minutes, my body don begin stand again, by the time she leave me, pick her net and rope wey she wear, wey she call pant, waka comot for room. Na so I just sidon for ground dey reason wetin just happen so.

I regret am, but I no regret am reach how I expect. Upon the small regret wey I dey regret, her puna still dey hungry me. The sweetness no gree comot from my head. I never taste or experience something like that before for my life..
Later for midnight, my wife begin touch me, make I knack am, the mood for me no be like Cynthia own. I manage sha, but e no sweet me at all, e no tight like her sister own and she no dey do the kain tone wey Cynthia dey use ginger me, na normal mama and papa style wey we dey do before, we still do. The thing be say my wife been tear eye when we dey date and marry newly, after she born first pikin, everything kon change, she no get bedroom swag again, if I say make I give am dog way, she go say no.

Na just touch small, put cucumber, that’s all. She no dey allow me play with her melons again, abi na. I love my wife, upon say she don change, but na her sister kon open my eyes to all the sweet things for life wey I dey miss since. As me and my wife knack finish, na den I realize say I go knack Cynthia again.

Dem say if sleep too sweet, make you begin snore.

Na so me and Cynthia begin knack everyday. Sometimes, we go knack two times a day. Before I go work and when I come back from work. She tell me to buy am the type of my wife phone; iphone 11 pro max, na the next day I buy am. She tell me to give am 200k to buy hair and clothes, I no even argue am, na as we knack finish, I transfer the money give am ozugbo. Her kpekus worth am, I swear to God. I no even want make dem go again sef. The only thing wey I do be say after that first time wey be inside my bedroom, I no gree do am there again. We begin do for the room wey she and her mama dey stay, sometimes, we go knack for parlor, na only us dey house.

After dem don reach 3 weeks, her mama announce say she don see one new house for mainland, dem just build am finish, say na tiling dem dey do. So she kon ask for two more weeks, make the house dey ready, before she go pay. When my wife tell me this thing, normal me go para, I no go gree at all, but because I dey gain sweetness everyday from Cynthia, I no even argue am at all. I tell dem to stay as dem want, say I no dey pursue dem.

My wife no dey miss church on Sundays, even if heavy rain dey fall, she must carry children and house help go church. As her mama dey, that one dey join dem go church, na only Cynthia no dey follow dem. When dem go, me and Cynthia go use knacking kill ourself. E get the one wey we do one Sunday, 3 rounds, I think say I no go knack again for one week, all my body weak eeh. Na 7 o clock I take sleep night sleep, my wife kon dey pity me, she think say I dey sick.

The next day wey be Monday, wey supposed make am one month wey dem don dey my house. My wife go work early morning as usual, my children don go school, I dey my balcony dey wait make mama comot. That one still dey comot everyday, upon say she don see house, I no know where she dey go. Na that kain person wey no dey like stay for house. E reach like 11 o clock, before I see am, as she dey pass gate. Na so I carry speed rush go down, to go meet Cynthia for room. As she see me, she smile, kon stand up from the bed, attack my small nicker wey I wear, I no wear shirt.

E no tey, we don begin knack, as the gbedu dey enter body, we hear person shout, I push Cynthia comot, kon turn round to see my wife mama, put hands for her head, with her eyes wide open.

Mama; chineke nna. Wetin my eyes dey see so? Chima, Cynthia. Wetin una dey do? Chim oooo. How my mouth wan take talk this kain thing?”

To be continued

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