Her shame; Part 6

Episodes of lifestyle

The shock paralyze me, I no fit move for the bed. Na Cynthia rush carry my nicker throw for my body, as she wear her clothes. I kon use am cover my cucumber. The way the thing take shrink sef, I no know. The whole feelings just disappear for my body. Chai, Cynthia kpekus don land me inside hot soup. Wetin I go do now? This woman kukuma no like me right from time. I try to talk, but words no gree comot for my mouth, the thing be like dem use super glue gum am. All my body just dey sweat, and na room wey the AC dey on. Na Cynthia first talk…
Mama; forgive wetin? You dey mad? I catch your sister husband as im dey rape you, you dey here dey talk forgive. You no know say na stone dem dey use kill person wey behave like this? Dem go stone am until im die. I no fit keep quiet for this kain matter o. No be my pikin dem go rape and I no go do anything. Something wey I catch am red handed”

Cynthia; haaaa! Mama, rape kwa! No ooo, Chima no force me, I swear. All these wahala wey dey happen now, na me cause am. Mama, I beg you, no do like this…”

Mama; shut up, mumu girl. If I hear pim again. I dey try help you here, you dey defend this stingy man wey live us for mainland we dey suffer for face me I face you, while him and im wife dey live for this big house, dey enjoy life, no be say he no get money to help us. God don catch am now, you dey here dey defend am, na so you mumu reach. Come on comot for my face, before I slap you now. Infact, comot from this room, I wan follow Chima talk”

Cynthia try to talk again, mama shun am, kon push am comot for the room. I still sidon for bed, fold my hands like pikin wey dem catch as im dey thief money from im mama purse. I know say mama go really punish me, I no get hope for where she dey, to beg am sef na waste of time, na the type of punishment wey she go give me I no expect…

Mama; you see your self? Shame no dey catch you. You sef want make I pretend say I no see anything abi wetin you dey think wey make you do this kain wicked thing to your wife? How she go feel, if she find out about this thing?”

I no talk anything, because I no get answer to wetin she ask me. I just weak dey look am…

Mama; you deaf? No be you I ask question? Oh, you no fit talk again abi? The last time wey I come your house, you pursue me o, you dey rant that day like say na you get the whole world, now you no fit talk again. Answer my question jare, before I go do wetin you go regret. Na for your street I go stand begin shout, until people gather, I go tell dem wetin you do”

Chima; mama, e never reach like that. Abeg, I go do anything wey you want make I do, as far as my wife no find out. Abeg, na temptation be this. E no go happen again, I promise you. I go even travel comot for lagos until una go, before I come back, abeg, I no want make Precious hear this thing, e go break am. I no wan make my marriage scatter”

Mama; your marriage don scatter already na. Wetin remain again? I catch you dey force yourself for your wife sister body, that one no reach to scatter your marriage?”

Chima; mama, you sef know say I no force Cynthia to do anything. Everything wey we do, na her clear mind she take do am. Na she even start am sef, no be me. I no force myself for where Cynthia dey. I swear to…

Mama; shut up, this wicked boy. You no force wetin? So you dey call my pikin olosho? After everything wey you do to am, collect her virginity join, you dey call am olosho”

Chima; haaa, God forbid, I no call am olosho, and she no be virgin. No be wetin I mean. Na wetin happen I tell you so”

Mama; okay na. I sha know wetin I see with my two korokoro eyes. As matter be like this now, wetin you want make I do? Na me born your wife and Cynthia, so use your mouth tell me wetin you want make I do”

Chima; I know say anything wey you do now, na your right. Any punishment wey you decide to give me, I deserve am, the only thing wey I dey beg be say make you no tell my wife, bikonu”

Mama; the only thing wey go make me no tell your wife be say you go give me that thing wey my wife and Cynthia dey chop, then you go start lace business for me, if you do am, this matter go be secret between us and your wife no go know”

I no talk. Lace business no be issue for me. Na the thing wey she say I dey give my wife and Cynthia chop, I no understand. I reason am, nothing come my mind…

Chima; No problem, I go start the business for you, but I no understand the other one wey you talk”

Mama; oh, you wan do like you no understand abi? That thing wey you dey do Cynthia wey I catch una, na wetin I mean, you go do am to me kwa, if you want make I seal my mouth. All of us want better thing and you no go ever touch Cynthia again”

Chima; eeeeh! Mamaa! You mean you want make I knack you? My wife mama. You wey I take as my own mama. Haaaa! I know go fit do this one o. Talk another thing, abeg. Anything you want, but I no fit knack you, na abomination na”

Mama; which mumu abomination? So the one wey you dey do Cynthia no be abomination. Abi you think say I don old. All my mates get boys wey dey service dem, boys wey small pass you. How many years I take senior you? I be 55 years, you be 40 years. Ngwanu, If you no go do the two things wey I want, I no get anything to tell you again”

Chima; no mama, Okay, I go do wetin you want, as far as my wife no know”

Mama; you go give me 2 million for the lace business. Make you try send me the money today. Make e no pass today o. I go send you my account number. Tomorrow, when your wife go work, and your children with your house help go school, I go send Cynthia go where I been wan go today. Na my phone wey I forget make me come back, kon catch una. Na my customer place, I go send am go there, so that me and you go dey house. You still get opportunity to tell your wife everything wey happen o, if you no go fit do wetin I want”

Chima; I go send you the money today. I don hear everything wey you talk. I no go tell my wife anything. I love am plenty, I no wan make she leave me. I fit go my room now?”

Mama; dey go”

To be continued

Cynthia; mama, abeg forgive us, na devil hand work. No tell Precious abeg, this thing no go happen again, I use God beg you”

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