Her shame; Part 7

Episodes of lifestyle

As I enter my room, my body just dey shake. How I wan take comot from this kain wahala so? See me wey never cheat on my wife before. 7 years wey we don marry, I never reason another woman, not even to chat dirty with girl, until my wife family come, wahala start. Now, no be only sister I dey knack, mama sef want make I knack am join. How I wan take comot for this mess so? Abi make I just confess to my wife and bear her vexing?

Omo, my wife go leave me, I no want make she leave me. She dey always tell me say if she catch me say I dey cheat on am, she go leave me, say the marriage go over. Na why she insist to continue her work, so that she go get her own money, upon say she know say I rich wella, to take care of her and our children, she no gree stop work and I no wan force am.

I been think say I be strong man o. I dey form strong man, small kpekus show, I no fit control myself, something wey I never do reach one month, I don begin pay heavily for am. How me and mama wan take knack now? This woman no get shame sha. Her pikin husband, God o. I no remember ask am if na only once we go knack, because if e pass once, I no go fit cope. She no waste time send me her account number, I kon send her the 2million naira. I call am to tell am say I don send the money…

Chima; mama, I say make I tell you say I don send the money, you go get am any moment”

Mama; no wahala. Na the correct thing you do. I know say you get sense, dis thing wey you do so, go dey between us. Precious no go ever know and your marriage go tight wella, nothing go happen”

Chima; okay. Abeg, no vex o, I say make I ask you. The thing wey you say we go do tomorrow, shebi na only once we go do am abi?”

Mama; you dis boy. Hahaha. Na the thing you dey call am, you no know the name again, wayo boy like you hahaha. If na Cynthia now, you go remember the name. No worry yourself, na only once we go do am na, I no get the kain power wey una get. Ehen, na that tomorrow we go discuss Cynthia settlement, you know say you no go leave my pikin empty handed na”…

As she talk dat one, I use vex cut the call. This woman wan open office for my head sha, upon say she want make we do abomination, collect 2million on top, kon still dey talk about Cynthia again, after all the money wey I don spend for that one head. Na so blackmail dey take start and if I no act now, the thing no go ever stop..
Na vex I take decide say I go confess to my wife, na man I be, anything wey happen, I go chest am. If na to kneel down beg am for forgiveness, I go do am.

As my wife come back that night, she dey for good mood, body dey sweet am, as she say dem wan make am manager for her branch, but dem never tell am. Say na one person give am the gist, I really happy for am, but I no get myself, na why I no talk as she expect me to talk…

Precious; nna, wetin happen na? I dey give you correct gist, you no even happy for me. How e dey do you this night, who make you vex?”

Chima; no mind me jare, I happy for you wella, my head just full. I no get freedom for my house again. You know say when we marry, we agree say our families no go come stay our house, if dem visit, make dem go the same day, nobody go sleep for here. Na wetin we agree be that and since den, e dey like that, apart from the one month wey your mama dey stay for omugwo…”

Precious; I know all dis things wey you dey talk, I remember wella”

Chima; wait, make I finish. You sef know say if we no get this kain big house and dem pursue your mama for house, she must find place to stay until she find house, she no go even reason come our house. But dis one, she target our house immediately landlord pursue dem. You see eeh, since wey we marry, I don dey tell you say your mama no be better person, but you no dey ever gree, you go dey follow me fight. Like this eeh, I don tire as dem dey here, I don tire. Man no go free for im own house again. Your mama go just dey monitor me up and down like say I do bad take marry im pikin”

Precious; abeg, abeg, abeg, I use God take beg you, anything wey you want talk, make you talk am, but no dey tell me say my mama no be better person. I no dey use ear hear dat kain bad talk about my mama. No be say your own mama na saint, she sef get her own wahala, but I never talk bad about am, like you dey talk about my mama. If you no want make dem stay here again, I go tell dem this night, make dem find their way tomorrow, me sef don tire to beg you. Something wey we don talk finish, say dem need only two more weeks, you gree o, now you don begin talk another thing, abeg, no make me vex”

Chima; you no even wan know wetin make me dey complain about your mama, you don blow up. Any time wey I bring dis your mama topic, you go just change am for me”

Precious; abeg, I no wan hear again. No tell me. Nothing wey my mama go do for this life wey go make you open mouth say she no be better person. My mama wey I no dey carry play. I no hear again jare, change the topic. Dem go carry their wahala go tomorrow, make you rest. E don do. Na dis thing make you no happy for me for the gist wey I dey give you”

Chima; chai, oya no vex. I no get power to fight you dis night. Plenty things do me today, I just wan relax with you, no be to fight, no vex, I no go talk about your mama again. No tell dem anything, as you don assure me say na two weeks remain for dem, make dem stay. I no go complain again”…

The way Precious take attack me as I talk about her mama, I no kon know how to take tell am everything wey dey happen. The thing sef weak me, I no get choice again, na to do wetin mama talk. Na only once. I know say e no go easy, but I go rugged am.

The next day, everybody comot for house, even Cynthia, as mama take talk am. I wan close eyes, do the thing quick make I go work, as I no go work yesterday…

To be continued!


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