Episodes of love stories

I was so happy infact words are not enough to express how happy i felt inside of me, the happiness is beyond people’s imagination, am the happiest person in the whole universe, I can tell people that criticize me for fallen in love with a mad man that the love will share together has restored him even that man that called himself my father will be so shocked when he will see him.

“Look at this girl! How did you escape from that room?

Father shouted as soon as he set his eyes on me, I even forgot that I was home prison.

“You thought I will be in that room locked up like a prisoner without finding how to escape and see my love, well am just coming back from seeing my heartbeat”
I said being so bold.

“So you have grown wings to talk back at your father in that tune”
He shouted and hitted me his walking stick on my head.

“Stop hitting me that thing, infact you seized to be my father that the moment you called those vigilant to beat up my love”
I shouted.

“Angela mind your language, he is your father”
Mother shouted.

He stood up and slapped me.
“Oh! I can seen that you have eaten more than you can chew, that witch mad man has bewitched you, you longer have respect for me again, we shall who have this house and that my window you break make sure if you fix it back unless you will see the other side of me you have not seen before”
He shouted angrily and went inside.

“Angela the way you talked to your father this days is so bad of you, how could you?
Mother asked.

“He made me to be so insultive towards him, you know am humble and respectful daughter but father changed me by not allowing me to be with the man I love and he never care for my happiness”
I said.

“Your father cares and love you, all he was doing to protect his only child from the hands of the evil one”
She sounded.

“Protection! Protection! Protection every day! Am tired of hearing this, what type of protection is that? You know what, one faithful day you and father will go now on your kneels pleading for his forgiveness, just very soon”
I shouted and walked out.

I know they will be so shocked to see him and they will definitely go down on their kneels pleading and begging for his forgiveness.

I went to my room, I lay down on the bed thinking the great miracle that happened to day, it was just a miracle, just a kiss and he is healed.
I pray he will come back soon to me and shocked those my parents.

I later fixed back the window not because my father said so but simply because it is my room and I don’t want those witches that called themselves misquotes to have my body as their food.

This is exactly two weeks he left, why is he not coming to see me, he promise me that he will come then what is still keeping him from coming to see me.
He knows fully well that I can’t stay a day without seeing him.

I don’t even know where is he nor his name, how can I look for him?

Let it be that has forgotten about me?
Could it be that has gotten what he wants from me and left me to be with another girl?

What if the love he confesses to me is all fake?

These questions was running into my mind and it was troubling me so much.

My heart was really disturbed, I cried and hope that my fear of loosing him will not come to pass.

I rushed to Rose’s house crying so bitterly, my heart has been broken into pieces, my worst fear has finally happened.
I met her on the way.
“Angela what is it? Why are you crying?
She asked.

“Rose my worst fear is finally happened, he gave me a fake hope and promises but he has left me for another girl”
I cried out catarrh was even rushing out.

She hugged me,
“Stop crying Angela, he loves you with all his heart and he came never lives you no matter what”

“Then why have he not come as he promise?
I cried.

“You just have believe and hope that he will come”
She said consoling me.

“When will that be? This is exactly two months he left and I have been hoping and hoping but no sign of him”
I cried.

“Angela don’t you have faith in your love? He will come maybe he has one or two things that is tiding him up”
She said.

“Am tired of hoping, I need to go look for him, I don’t want to loose because if that happened I will be a dead person”
Still crying.

“C’mon Angela! Don’t sound that way, you will not loose him and beside where are you going to look for him when you don’t even know his name nor where he is from”

“Rose what did you expect me to do? My heart is broken into pieces, I don’t know what to do anymore”
I cried.

“Stop crying and put yourself together, I know he will definitely come, he have not forgotten you, please stop hurting yourself”
She wiped my tears and hugged me so tighted.

“Rose are you sure that he have not forgotten me?

“Am hundred percent sure because I know very well that he loves and cherish you so much, please let’s go home”
She assured me.

She took me home, I was really looking so miserable.
She took me inside my room and promised to come and see me tomorrow.

I find it difficult to fall asleep, I was crying and hoping for tomorrow to be a wonderful and a miraculous day for me.
Who I want to see tomorrow is my love, I want him to show up tomorrow.
😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲

I was sitting outside at the mango tree, bending down my head and crying thinking about my love, hoping for a miracle to happen today.

Mother came and sat beside me.
“My child please stop crying, I don’t know why you are hurting yourself all in the name of love, please stop crying over a mad man, see how thin you are, you have not been feeding too well”
She said wiping my tears.

I did not utter any word to her.

“Please stop crying, the more you cries is the more I will be feeling hurt”
She sounded.

“Why are you begging this foolish daughter of yours to stop crying, if she like let her cry her eyes out instead of her to be happy that ritualist has lost the battle of using her for money ritual she is here crying”
Father shouted as soon as he came out.

“He is not a ritualist nor a mad man, he is my love and very soon he will come and take me away from you people”
I shouted.

“Over my dead body will I allow that ritualist to marry you”
He shouted and went out.

“Whether you like it or not he is the one I will marry”
I shouted.

Few minutes later Rose came.
“Good day Mama! How are you doing Angela?
She asked and sat beside me.
“Rose help me to talk sense to her and stop crying over ritualist that was pretending to be mad man then rejoice for he has lost the battle of using her for money ritual”
She sounded and went to meet her husband.

“Angela what are you doing to yourself? See how thin you are, I have told you to stop crying that he will surly come and he has not forgotten you”
She said tapping me at my backside.

“Rose I don’t think if I can take it anymore if he did not show up today I will do something stupid”
I cried as I rest on her laps.

“Don’t say such thing, have faith with the love you share together”
She consoled me.

Some minutes later, we started hearing a car horn directing to our gate, we wonder who it could be.

Father told Rose to get the gate open.
She opened the gate and we were surprised of what we saw,
Six cars coming inside beautiful ones, we thought of who they could be.

We stood up waiting to see who they could be.
Maybe he is the prince because it is only thr royal family that will come with cars but what could be his mission in our house.

Guards and maidens came out from the two cars, the maidens were holding a basket of flowers while some of the guards spread a red sparkling garment at the third car.
Her Majesty came down majestically followed by the prince, they stood at the red garment while the elders came down from the other cars.

The majesty and the prince walks majestically while the maidens were throwing flowers on them.

They approached to us and were shocked, dumbfounded, speechless with our mouths wide open, I don’t even know the right word to use to describe our expression as the moment we saw them.

“No! It cant be him, am just dreaming”
I saw still in shocked.

“Angela see is your love and he is a prince”
Rose shouted.

He came forward to me.
“My love is me, your one and only love”
He said.

No! It can’t be you, am dreaming somebody should wake me up from this dream”
I shouted and wanted to fall.

He raised me up,
“Wake up my love, it is me”
He shouted.

I opened my eyes and i looked into his charming eyes as he hold me on my waist, I was starring at him so speechless.

“My love is it you?
I managed to asked.

“Yes it is me my love I have come”
He said.

I couldn’t believe he is the one that is standing in front of me.

After all the drama, they were offered a sit.
My parents was so shocked especially that my wicked father was so dumbfounded that he bend his head and couldn’t look at him.

“Angela he is a Prince, I can’t believe this that someone that was mad is Prince”
Rose whispered to my ear.

Father cleared his throat and gain courage to speak up.

“My son!
He started, he is now his son because he is a Prince.

“My son am deeply sorry, I know I did not deserve your forgiveness, please find a place in your heart to give me for the wrongs things I done to you and the bad things I said about you, please forgive me”
He pleaded.

“Father I told you that one day you will pleading and ask for his forgiveness”
I said.

“Please my child, forgive us, what we did to you was so bad but find a place in your heart to forgive us”
Mother stood up and pleaded.

“My child, Words will not be able to ever express
how sorry I am for this,
and I have profound regret and sorrow
for the multitude of
mistakes and harm
I have caused, please forgive us”
Father said.

“Enough of this apology! I hold no grudges against you beside if am I in your shoe I could have done the same thing, all you were doing is to protect your only daughter so I hold nothing against you, I have forgiven you”
He said.

Just a kind hearted person, if it is me I will not forgive my father what he did was so bad.

“You mean, you have forgiven us”
Mother said.

“I have forgiven you beside I will soon be your son in law”
He said.

“Thank you my son but why did you do? Where you pretending to be mad or what?
Father asked.

The answer I have been dying to hear has come.

“No Chief! I was not pretending to be mad beside how can someone pretend to be mad running around the street witht torn dirty clothes?
He said.

“Then what cause the madness?
I asked and my ears were itching to hear it.

One of the elders cleard his throat and said,
“You know what, as the Prince of our land before you will ascend the throne you have to run mad and at the process of running mad he will also find his bride and only the love of that person will restore him back”
He said.

We shooked our head,
“How can run mad just to be a king?
Father said.

“What a ridiculous tradition?
I said.

“It our custom and tradition and we respect it, this tradition has been going on since our forefathers were born”
Another elders said.

“What if you were not able to find love at the process of running mad it will be the fate?
I asked.

“The throne will be taken from your lineage to another lineage and that person must undergo the same process”
Said by the third elder.

“That means the person will remain mad forever in his life?
Father asked.

“The person will still be mad until his Chi will decide to restore him or not”
The fourth elders said.

“Thanks to the gods that our noble Prince undergo the process and passed the test and that’s the most important thing we are here today”
Said by the fifth elder.

“Once the Prince has succeed in finding his wife we the elders will make a decision to go and her people”
Said by the sixth elder.

“Gurads bring those things”
The queen said.

The queen looked so beautiful and the Prince is exactly carbon paper of his mother.

The guards brought out all the beautiful things they came with, it was so much that I can’t mention.

“Angela he is going to ask for hands in marriage”
Rose smiled and whispered to my ear.

“Chife, I Prince Joel came with my kinsmen to ask for your beautiful daughter’s hands in marriage”
He said.

Prince Joel, his name suited him very well.

“My son has told me so much about your daughter, how she loves and cares for him without minding he was mad, you know it impossible for someone to fell in love with a mad person but your daughter here made it possible, so we have come to take this such a beautiful damsel to our land”
The queen said.

“Who am I to turn down such a marriage proposal and no need of asking my daughter if he we should go ahead with the marriage because she is ready to be his wife”
Father said.

After all the marriage introduction and date was fixed for the traditional marriage.

I took the Prince to the backyard.
“I have missed you so much my love”
He said and hugged me so tight.

“You almost broken my heart, I thought you have left me for another girl, you promised me that you will come but you didn’t show up until now, I even wanted to kill myself if you did not show up today”
I cried resting on his shoulder.

“Am so sorry my love, I was so busy tiding up so things at my company that almost took me so much time to get it done and you know that I can never leave you for any girl because my heart beats for you and it will always beats only for you”
He said and kissed me at my forehead.

“It find it difficult to believe that you are a Prince and you ran mad all in the name of tradition, what a ridiculous tradition? I don’t want what happened to you to happen to my son oooo”
I sounded.

“You don’t have to worry as far as I have ascend the throne I will make to abolish the law beside we are in the digital world and not in the 80’s”
He said.

“I can’t wait to be your wife”
I said

“Even me I can’t wait to be call your husband and have you in my arms everyday”
He said.

We starred at each other romantically, we kissed passionately.
“I must confess this your lips is so sweet like strawberry and am dying to kisses it everyday”
He said drawing his lips to kiss me but I pushed him.

“Go joor!
I smiled.

“Just give me one more kiss”
He said coming closer to me.

“No I will not give you”
I said doing shakara for him as if I don’t want the kiss, you know we girls we like to pretend too much.

“C’mon just one more kiss, your love is begging”
He and I want and kissed him.

“I need to start going now”
He said.

“No! I don’t want you to go”
I sounded.

“I have to go beside the marriage will be soon, I will take you to my place and we will not miss each other so much”
He sounded and peeked me.

“I love you so much”
I said.

“And I love you more”

“No! We love each other more”
I said.

We held hands together as we walked out from the backyard to the front house, his people are done with their discussion and gists, they were waiting for us.

The both families exchanged greetings, I hugged the prince and they zoomed out.

I don’t think if I have ever be this happy in my life before, my dreams has finally turned to reality.

“So Angela after the marriage now, you will leave me”
She sounded sadly.

“Who say I will leave you in this community? Once am done with the marriage you are going with me his place”
I said.

“Are you serious that I will travel with you?

“For sure, you will come with us”
I said.

“I can’t to share this good to my mother that said nasty things about you and your love the prince, I know he will be so shock to find out that the mad man before is a prince”
She said.

“She need to hear the good news”
I said and hugged her as she left.

My parents came and asked for their forgiveness towards the way their treated me saying that they were only protecting me as their only child.

There’s nothing I can do if not to forgive them beside they are my parents.

I can’t wait to be called his wife.
I slept like a new born baby without having any worries in my mind