Episodes of love stories

Very early in the morning the so called prophetess came wearing a white garment, a purple robe around her waist and a purple cap that looks like the one chef 👩‍🍳 usually wear actually she was really looking like the chrubrium people.
She carried a big cross while her servant who also dresses like her was holding a very big bible that is like the biggest oxford dictionary and a big stick  with a bell too.
I wonder who the stick  is meant for, could it be me?
Well let me see the use of the stick .

The bell was ringing continuously and she was coming and dancing like someone who is drunk.

“Holy!  prophetess Mary is here, holy! The holy one is here”
She was repeating continuously until she got where we are.

“Holy! I smell evil in this household and if that evil is not cast out the loving one will be loose”
She said perceiving  around everywhere.

“What is this fake prophetess talking about, what evil”
I thought, I know she is just a fake prophetess.

“Prophetess Mary this is the reason why we called you here”
Father said.

“Am I prophetess Mary, a servant and messenger of God and I have come to heal and deliver”
She said walking around like a drunk person while the bell rings.

“Stand up you!
She commanded.

I obyed and stood up.

“I smell evil around your body, that mad man you are in love with is a ritualist and he has tighted you with his evil charm for you to love him and he will end up using you for his blood money”
She said still perceiving everywhere.

“Yes! I noticed it Prophetess Mary and that is the reason why I called you, I don’t want to loose my only child to that mad man”
Mother said.

How did this fake prophetess find out about my relationship with him well what can I say news always spread around like a disease, she has already gotten the information.

“My brethen you don’t have to worry because am here to cast out the demons in her, kneel down!
She commanded me.

“There’s no demon in me, he has not bewitched me,  why is it difficult for you people to understand that he genuinely loves me, his love is pure and not of evil”
I shouted.

“It is the demon in her that is talking, and you demon will be cast out today, kneel down”
She shouted.

“Are you not hearing her, she said you should kneel down”
My father shouted.

I knelt down facing her.

“I see five demons in her and a very dangerous one, it all around her”
She said walking around me.

“You demons shall be cast out today, I’m prophetess Mary will cast you demons out”
She shouted and her servant rang the bell.

“Open Matthew 4:15 for me”
She said to her servant.

“Matthew 4:15 said, God said whatsoever that is cast on earth is also loose in heaven”
He read.

He just read a wrong bible verse, the two are just fake.

“Bring that holy rope and tie her because the demons in her is so dangerous”
She said.

“No! You can’t tie me that rope like a mad person, mother will you allow them to do that on her?

“My child please calm down we don’t want to loose, you know you are the only child we have and we can’t bear to loose you”

My legs and hands were tied up.

“Give me that holy stick”
She shouted and the stick was given to her.

“Father! Mother! Tell her not use that stick on me nothing is wrong with me, am not bewitched”
I shouted.

“My child what we are doing is for all own good, I can’t allow you to be taken away from us”
Father said.

“You demons, I cast and abide you in the name of Jesus”
She shouted, flogging me mercilessly.

I was shouting and crying.
“Father what you are doing is not good ooo, you are killing your own child in the name of deliverance”
I cried out.

“You evil demons around this body, I cast you, leave this body, I said leave this body, this body did not belong to you”
She shouted flogging me badly.

I was crying and rolling on the ground.

“Yes! I can see them going, the demons are going, look at them”
She shouted still flogging me.

“Stop flogging me, am not bewitched, mother you are not saying anything, you are keeping quite and allowing this fake prophetess to kill your child for you, why mother?
I cried out.

“My child please stop crying, what we are doing is for your own good”
She said, tears has filled up her eyes.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you Emmanuel the demons are now gone and she is delivered from that man evil charm”
She shouted.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you prophetess Mary”
My father said and rejoicing.

“Loose me immediately”
I shouted.

Her servant came and loosed me, I ran inside my room crying out my eyes.

“How could my parents allow such a painful thing on me, is a crime to love a mad man, is mad man don’t a human being”
I cried out.

I removed my cloth, I checked my back at the mirror it was filled with buries, the stick mark showed in my back, it was so painful and very reddish due to my fair complexion.

My mother came inside, she touched me at my back I removed her hand immediately.

“I hate you mother, I know you happy now, thank you for allowing that fake prophetess to design my back like this”
I cried out.

“My daughter am sorry, we are only protecting you”
She sounded.

“What type of protection is that? What you and father did to me is wickedness, I find it difficult to believe that my own parents will do this to me”
I cried out.

“My child stop crying”
She said crying.

“Don’t call me your child, am no longer your child, I hate you mother, I regret you being my own mother”
I shouted and cried out.

“Watch your mouth Angela! All we did is to protect you in the hands of that evil mad man”
My father came inside and shouted at me.

“Protection! What type of protection is that Father? You too hate me and don’t care about my feelings!
I shouted.

“My daughter we love and care for you as why we don’t to loose you in the hands of that ritualist”
Mother said.

“Look at my back, you are talking about caring, if you too care about me you couldn’t allow this to happen to me”
I shouted.

“Why is it difficult for you to understand that mad man is a ritualist and he want to use you for blood money and beside have you ever seen nor hear that a mad man that is not in his right sense ever being in love before?
Father asked.

“No dear, but in case of this mad man he dose what he is doing and want to lure you to his evil plans, my daughter try to understand us”
Mother said.

“Father! Mother! Point of correction he is not a ritualist , he is the man after my heart, the one I love so much, my soul and body belongs to him and there’s nothing nobody will do that will make me change my mind towards him, I don’t care if he is a mad man or not, I love him like that”
I shouted and rushed out after putting on my cloth.

“You lie Angela! I Chief Omeagu will not allow my only child to be taken away from me by mad man, over my dead body will I allow such to happen, even if it meant for me to kill somebody am ready to do that”
Father shouted to my hearing.

I went to the backyard crying bitterly, I don’t understand why my parents don’t want me to be happy, now look at what they did to my back all in the name of protection.
No matter what they will say nor do to me I will always stand strong to where am I, it is that mad man I will marry or no one else.

My followed me to the backyard and sat beside me placing her hand around my shoulder that is filled of with buries.

“Ouch! Leave me mother!
I shouted.

“Am sorry, my child please forgive us, I understand how you feel”
She said.

“You don’t understand anything mother because if you do you will not allow such to happen to me rather you will allow me to follow my heart”
I shouted still crying.

“How can I allow my only child to be messing around with a mad man all in the name of love, what will people think of me, what will the community say about your father?

“Mother I have told you several that he is not a mad man beside he is not born to be mad and something in me tells me that his insanity is not ordinary and am I the only one that will help him out”
I said.

“Whether it is ordinary or not ordinary what I know is that he is a  ritualist and I will not allow you to fall into his trap, meanwhile the hot water is ready come let me clean up this bruises”
She said and went out.

I followed her to the bathroom, I lay at the bathroom 🛀 as she cleans up the bruises, it was really painful that I was shouting and crying like someone who they are about slaughter her head.

“Mother take it easy, don’t you know it is painful?
I cried out.

“Am sorry for child”
She said.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me because that’s all you wanted”
I cried out.

“Dont sound that way, how can I want this to happen to my child”
She said.

“It is a crime for someone to being in love?
I shouted as she placed the wound with the hot water.

“My child it is not a crime to being in love but it happens to be a crime when that love is not genuine rather a bloody love”
She said.

“Mother what he feels for is unconditionally love and it is genuine”
I said still battling in pains.

“Angela you are just bewitched of his love and I hope that after ministering this holy water given to us by prophetess Mary into your bath water within three days it will cleans you off from that love you have for that devil”
She said with so much confidence.
They really trust and beleive this fake prophetess.

“Let see if what the fake prophetess said to you will work”
I said.

“How can you call a prophetess of God a fake?

“That’s what she is, a fake prophetess”

“Don’t say that again, don’t you know that she is a strong Prophetess in this community, she has been healing and delivering people that has similar problem with you”
She sounded.

“I don’t want to argue with you, as you and father believed that am bewitched so let us see if what the Prophetess did here today will change me from loving him”
I said.

Few minutes later, she was done cleaning up the bruises.
She excused me as I had my bath and went to my room.
I couldn’t even dressed up because of the pain at my back but I managed.

Later in the day, Rose came to see me, she went straight to my room.
She tapped me at my shoulder and I was frightened, I guess she she been standing there and I don’t even notice her presence because I was lost in my thought.

“Angela what is it, I have been standing here for ages shouting your name,what happen to you, why the long face?
She asked as she sat beside me.

I cleaned my eyes, “I didn’t notice your presence”

“How will you notice me when you are lost in your own thoughts, what happen, you seem unhappy to me?
She asked.

“My parents has finally done the worst thing to me”

“Done the worst thing to you! How, what did you mean?
She asked being confused.

“My back will give you answers to your question”
I said and raised up my cloth for her to see.

“Oh my God! Your parents can’t do this to you”
She said being shocked.

“They have done it nah”

“How did it happen?
She asked.

“My parents find out about my love and said the mad man is a ritualist that he has bewitched me and lured me into loving him so that he will use me for money ritual so they decided to bring a fake prophetess who designed my body like this in the name of delivery”
I explained to her.

“This is unbelievable, could they do that to you?

“They hate me and don’t want me to be happy, that’s the reason”
I said.

“Your parents don’t hate you but come to think of it, if you put yourself in their shoes you will also do the same thing”
She said.

“Even if am in their shoes I will not act the same way, what they did to me is unspeakable rather I will consider my child’s happiness”
I said.

“Is okay Angela! They are only protecting you as their only child”
She said.

“You called this buries at my back protection!  What type of protection is this?

“Angela is okay, one day your parents will get to understand your feelings for him, I need to start going, my mother sent me an errand so I decided to branch and see you, I will come tomorrow to check on you”
She said.

“Okay Rose! In case you see my love tell him what happened to me”
I sounded.

“I should do what? You want me to talk to a mad man, I can’t do that, I don’t want someone to bite me oooo”

“He is not mad, I will keep on telling you this”
I sounded.

“Angela I can’t do that one for you oooo!

“Okay nah! Bye”

“I will come tomorrow to see you”
She said.

“Suit yourself”
I said and she went out.
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I lay down on the bed, the pain was too much, I couldn’t turn my right side nor left side.
My parents has truly showed me how much they hate me by allowing this to happened to me.
There’s nothing they will do on this earth that will make me change my mind, they will be trying to separate me from my love but they will not succeed because the more they tried is the more my feelings for him will be growing stronger day by day.

I struggled with the pains until i dont know when i slept off