Episodes of love stories


I got back home, went inside my room, I dropped the flower at the table and rushed out to help my mother in the kitchen.

“My daughter I have been observing you for some days now, you look some different, your face is always blushing all the time and you keep on smiling to yourself starring at nothing sometimes you will be lost in your thoughts, I want to know the secrets behind this your suddenly change, are you in love my daughter? Because is only love that can makes someone to blushes all the time.
She asked and I keep on smiling at her.

“See what am saying, your are smiling and the love is written all over your face, tell me who is the lucky man that has stolen my daughter’s heart?

What will I tell her, I can’t possibly tell her that the man am in love with is a mad man.

“C’mon talk to me! Are you shy or what? I want to know the man”

“Mother am in love with this man, he is so caring, humble and gentle to be with, he is exactly the definition of what I call an idea man, he has the quality I need in a man”
I said with so much happiness.

“I will like to meet this man that has stolen my daughter’s heart and find out the different between him and the suitors you have rejected”

“Mother the difference there is love, he loves me and I love him too, once you meet him you will confirm it by yourself”

“Okay! So what’s his name, where is him from, what did him do for a living?
She asked being anxious to know.

“Haba mother! Too many questions at the same time”
I shouted.

“Am just being curious or can’t I know anything about him?

It will sound stupid if I tell her that I don’t know his name nor where is from, I know the type of mother I have always been suspicious of anything.

“Mother when I invite him over you can get your answers from him”

“Okay oooo! So when is he coming?

“Mother very soon you will meet him”

“Okay ooo! Go and check if the food is done so we can dish it out”

I went to the kitchen to check the food, my mother is always adamant to know everything before I invite him over I need to make him to look perfect, I can’t introduce him to my parents like that.

“Is the food done?
She shouted.

“Am coming!

We dished out the food waiting for father to come back and within some minutes he came back with the seer man.
i don’t know my father was being serious when he spoken about the seer man so he actually believed the rumors that am possessed.

I was called out to see the seer man.

“Isiakaraka(meaning strong head) this is my daughter I told you about”
He said.

He cleared this throat and said,”Come forward my child”

I came forward,”show me your palms”

I was secard, my body was even shaking,  what if he is a fake seer and he meant lie to my father that am possessed child, I belong to the marine world and what could be the outcome if it happens”

“Show me your palms my child”
He repeated it.

I looked at my mother who gave me go ahead sign.

I showed him my palms, he look it and closed his eyes looking up communicating with his gods.

He opened his eyes and looked at me smiling.

“Why is he smiling, could it be that he found something bad at me? I thought.

“My child you are a blessed child”he said.

Immediately he said that my heart that was pounding with fear now calmed down.

“Chief, nothing is wrong with your child, she is not possessed nor have a spiritual husband, she is a blessed child with a bright future and a destiny to fulfill”
He said and stood up to leave.

I was so happy that my father now know that am not possessed, the seer man said I have a destiny to fulfill, what could it be?

“Thank you so much Isiakaraka, let me see you off”
Father said and see him off.

“Mother I told you that am not possessed but you doubted me now you see the seer has confirmed it”
I said so happy.

“You know I can never doubt you my child because I know the child I gave birth to rather your father doubted you and even said nasty things about me saying I don’t know where I got you from but thank God the seer has cleared out his thought”
She said.

“You see father, I told you that nothing is wrong with me but you doubted me and believed what other said about me instead of your own child”
I said as soon as my father came back from seeing the seer off.

He sat down and said,”come over here my child”

I went and sat beside him.

“You know you are my only child and I want the best for, I consulting the seer dose not mean that I don’t know my daughter anymore I just want to know my daughter more and how bright her future is”
He said giving me a hug.

“Okay father and thank you for believing in your daughter”
I said.

“My husband did you know that our daughter has seen her mr perfect?
Mother said.

I shouted somehow shyly.

“What! Cant I be happy again over my daughter’s happiness?

“So Angela after rejecting all the man that came to asked for your hand in marriage you have finally seen the one that matches your taste as a husbabd?
He asked.

I was just smiling shyly.
“So when are you inviting the lucky man over?
He asked.

“Daddy very soon you will meet him”
I replied.

My parents really want to meet him soon I guess I have to start my work on him fast before they will find out that he is a mad man.

“My husband we prepared your favorite food Egusi soup with mangala fish so we were waiting for you to arrive so we can eat”
Mother said.

“That’s the mention of that soup i have started swallowing my spit let start going before all the spit in my mouth we finished”
He sounded.

We laughed as we went to have our dinner.
My father doesn’t joke with that soup, if you offended you him and you need his forgiveness just prepare that soup for him you are already forgiven.

We had our dinner and gone to bed, sat at my bed thinking on how to start changing my man and my eyes went straight to my precious flower.
I took it and perceive it, it smells so lovely.
I placed the flower on my chest as I lay down, I remembered what the seer said about fulfilling destiny.
“Could the destiny be the mad man”
I thought and closed my eyes and I wished to have a romantic dream with my love.

I was in this beautiful garden surrounding with beautiful flowers all kinds of flowers with their good cent, it feels like I was in the paradise.
I was walking around perceiving the cent of the flowers and someone came at my back and covered my eyes.

I smiled and said, “I know is my prince charming”

“How did you know is me?
He asked.

“I can feel my prince charming’s touching”
I smiled.

He realized his hand from my eyes I was so shocked and dumbfounded of what I saw.
“Oh my world! He looks so handsome, very cute, his pointed nose, pink lips suited his brown curved face, he dressed so good I couldn’t believe he is the same mad man I fall in love with”

“My love won’t you take the gift I got for you?
He asked cutting me off from my thought.

I took the flower and smell it.
“It smells good”

“You look beautiful my love”

“Thank you love”
I said smiling and admiring him.

“I have something for you”he said.

“What is it love?

“I have a love poem for you”
He smiled reviewing his gap teeth, have I ever mentioned he have a gap teeth?
He has this amazing gap teeth that makes his handsome face more cute.

“I can’t wait to hear it”I said smiling.

“Here goes the poem for my beloved, Believe me, you are the one,
Whom my heart finds,
Whom my mind reminds me of,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love the most, My love for you is like water,
Falling countless…
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless, Somewhere, someone dreams of your smile
& finds your presence in life so worthwhile.
So when you are lonely,
remember its true that
some1, somewhere, is thinking of you, As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in ur arms, I can’t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & u’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r of U, All I wanted was sum1 to care for me
All I wanted was sum1 who would be there for me
All I ever wanted was sum1 who would be true
All I ever wanted was sum1 like U…”how did you see the poem my love?

“I love it, it really melt my heart, thank you”I hugged him so tight as tears was dropping from my eyes.

“C’mon are you crying? You don’t have to cry”
He said wiping out my tears.

“You are so perfect to me and exactly what I want in a man, I love you so much, my soul and body belongs to you, I don’t think if I can leave without you in my life”
I said.

“I love you so much, the love I have for you is beyond people’s imagination, my life will be meaningless without you in it”
He said.

“I want you to sing for me”

“Anything for my love”

He started singing with his amazing voice that can captures any girl’s heart.
He singing as we played along with the song, chasing me around the garden trying to catch me.

“I catch you”
He shouted and carried me up.
He looked into my eyes and said, “I love you deeply and words are not enough to express how much I love you, I promise to love you forevermore, I want the birds in the sky to feel the love, I love you so much Angela”he shouted and kissed me at my forehead.

“I love you so much”i said smiling.

“I love you more”

“Is a lie, we both love each other more”I said.

We were starring at each other romantically, we wanted to kiss but someone interrupted.

I felt someone’s touch, I opened my eyes it was my mother.
“Wake up it is already eight o’clock”
She said tapping me at my back.

“Oh no mother! Why did you came, you suppose to allow us kiss”
I said trying to go back to my dream.

“Did you say something?

“Nothing mother”
I said rolling at the bed, yawning and straighting my body.

“Okay am waiting for you outside ooo”
She said and walked out.

Mother shouldn’t have come, we are just about to kiss our first kiss and she interrupted now I can’t go back to my dream again.

This dream is the best romatic dream ever, he looks so handsome like a charming prince I wish I will see him like that today.

I got up and met my mother in the kitchen, I did my house chores and later in the day Rose came to visit.

“Good evening Mama!
She greeted, I was watching them from the window.

“Evening my daughter, how is your mother?

“She is fine”

“She is among those that spread the rumors about Angela being possessed that’s why she stopped visiting but if you get home help me to tell her that Isiakaraka the seer said nothing is wrong with my daughter”
She said snitching her dress.

“Mama you know I never doubt my friend for one bit”

“Okay my daughter I know you too well”

“Mama where is Angela?

“I think she meant be in her room”

She walked out to meet me but called back.

“Ehhhhhheeeee! Rose come”
She came, “As Angela closed friend you meant know the person she is in love with, who is the man, did I know him? She asked.

Oh my God, am finished I hope she will not tell her”I thought.

“Mother I can’t tell you the person”


“Because am I not in the right position to do so, you have to find out from Angela”

“But she don’t want to tell me, she said I should wait that I will see him soon”

“I guess you have to wait Mama”
She said and came inside.

“Thank you Rose for not telling her the truth”
I said and hugged her.

“You have to tell her before she will find out from other people, you know such news do spread around like a disease”

“I know but I need to change my man before introducing him to my parents”

“Talk more of changing him, he is the reason why am I here”

“What happen, did anything happen to him?
I asked being anxious to know.

“Angela your so call lover is at that big gutter that is always filled up with dirty water near the market road swimming”

“Oh my God! How could he?

“He is not a mad man what else did you expect from him is not this dirty, I even wonder how you plan to change because a mad man is always a mad man”

“I need to go and stop him right now”
I said and rushed out immediately.

“Mother am coming”

“I hope there’s no problem?

“Not at all mother”
Rose answered.

We got there, children has gathered watching and calling him a mad man, he splashing the water on them.
I chased them out.

“What Is the meaning of this you are doing my love?
I shouted angrily.

“Am swimming my love, come and join me, the water is so cool you will like it”
He sounded.

“Your love is inviting you to have a swim with him, go nah”
Rose laughed out.

“No Rose this is not a laughing matter at all, I don’t like what you are doing you are embrassing me in front of my friend, come out from that gutter”
I shouted.

“I can’t come out the water is sweet and cool”he said and keep on swimming.

“See what I got for you, a fish you will use it and prepare me that delicious food you always prepare for me”
He said threw the smelling dead fish out.

“Your lover is a fisherman, he just catches a fish for you”
Rose mocked and laughed.

“What sort of nonsense is this? If you did not come out this minute I will leave you”
I shouted being so mean.

“No my love!  don’t leave me, if you leave me I will die ooooo”
I said and rushed out from the gutter.

“Wow! This is true a love story, he listens to his love and he don’t want her to leave him”
Rose laughed out.

“You just ruined my day”I shouted and walked out.

“Am sorry my love, I will not do it again”
He said following me.

“Don’t follow me, get back”
I shouted and he obeyed immediately.

“Am sorry my love, please forgive me”
He said and turned back.

I walked out so angrily.

“Why are you being angry with him when you know he is a mad man so all these are meant to happen or when you are loving a mad man don’t you know what you will face?
She sounded.

“I know but I did not expect this such from him”

“C’mon Angela what were expecting from a mad man if not that act he just did there?

“I just tired Rose, we were see tomorrow”
I said and we departed to our various houses as usual


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