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Stella. …
I kept my eyes on the ceiling as I lay back in the bed. I could feel Lucas’ eyes on me as he stood close to the closet. We just came back from the hospital and the Doctor just confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant.
I was supposed to be glad that I was not barren after all. I knew some people had even formulated stories that I was barren no wonder my husband divorced me.
I even heard how Mwenya had stayed on at Chris’ house claiming everything now belonged to her and her child as she had the rights because of the baby. Even though the family members from Chris were accusing her of planting the child on their son.
One of the aunties I once met during the trial told me Chris could not father a child. He had a problem with his genitals when he was a child but they never told him before, hoping he would get better.
Now that I knew I was not barren after all, how was I to celebrate and at the same time cry with the fact that the child in my womb was a product of a rape from a man I now dispised.
Imagining how happy Mike could be if he knew it made me feel even worse. For sure he would do all he could to purnish me by getting the child or worse still using it to get to me again.
I still felt him having 6 years wasn’t enough as he would be out and I had no idea how I was going to deal with him if at all he tried to come back.
Tears fell freely from my eyes making the pillow case wet.
” let’s get married” i heard Lucas speak up looking at me.
” What ? Are you being serious right now,” I asked sitting up and looking at him.
” yes why not? Let’s get married and no one will ever know the child is Mike’s ” he shrugged coming towards me.
” that’s a very serious joke and honestly am not in the mood” I spat standing up and walking away from him.
” why? Don’t you want to be with me,” he asked disappointed
” Lucas please. Hear yourself out. I got divorced barely 3months past and been going through issues, now am pregnant for another man. You think this is the right time to ask me for marriage ?” I questioned him looking away.
” yes!” He answered blantly.
I looked at him not believing him. He was serious and I couldn’t help wonder what was going on in his mind.
” I can’t, sorry ” I too responded without hesitation.
” yes you can. If you care for me even a little bit you are going to marry me because I love you. I want us both to stand together and raise that child. Letting you live with it alone will not make things easy for both of us. It’s better we never tell anyone about the father of this child and I will take him or her as my own ” he explained calmly and seriously.
” am not going to subject you to any of that. Am sorry Lucas, I have already made you sacrifice a lot for me. The money, the torture, right now I am staying in your house I can’t even give myself to you because of what I have been through. No, I won’t do this to you any more. This is over and am gong back to my parents. I will find a way of raising the baby because i cant abort an innocent child either” I clearly explained making my points and he kept on looking at me as though I was crazy.
Without stopping I went on pulling out the few clothes that I had and packed them in the bag. Lucas sat back looking at me without saying anything.
I needed to get out of there as the look on his face was making me want to cry. I grabbed my hand bag and put in the small items and later on pulled on some sandals on my feet standing up.
” am sorry we have to end this way. Trust me I had really hoped this worked out and I hoped for a new start with you but all this child thing has just changed everything. I can’t be with you Lucas. You are a good man and am sure one day you will find a woman that derseves all this your goodness.” I held his hand.
” don’t go please” he begged holding my hand but I slid it back and pulled my bag as I walked to the door.
” am so sorry this has to happen. ” I told him and held the handle to open the door.
” wait!” He shouted and ran to me crossing over the wide room and closing the gap between us.
” What?” I asked looking at him standing next to me.
He said nothing, instead he removed the bag that was in between us and pulled me towards him. I was almost speaking but he closed my mouth with his, kissing me deeply.
I tried to resist him but i couldnt. I felt myself drawn to him and he held me so close.
He went on kissing and pushing me backwards until my back touched the table with a base of flowers in the corner.
He pulled me up making me sit on it as he roughed pulled out my body top without stopping the contact with my mouth.
I kissed him back and as he grabbed my back and pulled me closer to him standing between my legs I felt his man standing upright.
” Lucas!” I sighed breathlessly as he kissed my neck and every part of my face making small tickles that sent pleasure in my body.
He didn’t bother to answer me. His eyes full of passion and desire it seemed he was going crazy.
I gasped as I felt his hand push aside my underwear and he pushed himself through me gently making my body shake with pleasure.
He breathed heavily as he went on kissing me and connecting himself with me with thrusts so warm and gentle I wondered what was wrong with me for wanting to leave all that behind.
As the rhythm of the passion and pleasure increased making as both pant and breath like we were just from running several kilometres on a hot summer day, I made a loud scream of pleasure and vibrated right in his arms. He followed suit and we were motionless for minutes with him leaning on me still inside as I placed my back on the flower base closing my eyes and striking his back on top of his shirt.
” tell me you will never threaten to leave me again.” He spoke up not getting himself away.
” But Lucas, I.. ….”
” promise you will stay please. I love you, is it not enough?” He asked rubbing his head on my chest as I slowly and steadily wagged my leg as the warmth of his body kept on soothing my inside.
” with you this close to me, I can’t think properly ” I giggled honestly kissing his frontal lobe.
” if it means me not getting out of you to make you say it then am ready to stay in here” he whispered pushing himself in and out again making me close back my eyes feeling turned on again.
I lifted his head and looked at his face.
The well trimmed moustache round his face curving into a genuine smile.
” I don’t want to make some mistake that will make us both miserable in the future” I told him honestly.
” you won’t, i know what I feel and I am the one asking you. You are not forcing me to do anything here. ” he shrugged putting his hands on my two items on my chest slowly and gently twisting the pointed top skin as he spoke.
” but not marriage for now” I shook my head trying to concentrate on the conversation.
” as long as you are with me I don’t care about signing papers and taking some vows.” He smiled widely.
” so it’s a deal, we tell everyone this baby here” he put one hand on my stomac, ” is mine and the two of us will raise him or her together .” He added
I nodded my head smiling. I looked up the ceiling taking in the light shining from the chandeliers wondering if it was the moment God was shining his blessings upon me and bestowing the joy and happiness in my heart.
I felt him getting hard again and I looked down at his head which was moving about as his mouth grabbed my nipples.
Hours later we drove out , he told me we had been closed in for a long time and needed some fresh air.
I knew he loved seeing me in long shaping dresses so I put on a Gray one with gladiator sandals on my feet matching the black small bag I carried in my hand.
He without hesitation held my waist as we moved along the corridors of levy park mall.
I could see his pride as he walked head high I wondered how he could be so proud of a woman like me.
” Stella!” I heard someone call out just to see James waving at me to stop as he walked quickly towards us.
” hey!” I greeted surprised to see him.
” long time, I have been looking forward to meeting you again” he smiled widely.
My heart skipped a bit recalling how I had left James after using his 15 thousand and telling him to get back to his wife. bag
” oh yeah” i sighed hoping the guy had not come with his own drama.
“Swity this is an old Friend James ” I smiled looking at Lucas who was still holding me.
” nice to meet you” he extended his hand to James who smiled and shook it back.
” the pleasure is mine” he smiled.
” your husband? ” he asked looking at me.
” yes actually,” i nodded my head carefully as I looked at Lucas for approval.
” wonderful! Am happy for you dear. I just wanted to appreciate you for what you did for me last year. My home is now in order I guess I needed a push to realise what I was doing ” James chuckled making me sigh in relief.
Here I was worrying some more drama was coming. .” Oh that’s wonderful!” I exclaimed,
” am glad you are okey and I wish you all the best” i smiled at him.
” yeah sure you are a good person. My wife has just gone inside there they are buying some clothings. I thought of saying hi to you” he shrugged and I smiled at him.
” I appreciate it so much. Please have a good day” i smiled shaking his hand.
” what was that?, Lucas asked as we walked away.
” oh my, let’s call it a good past” i winced at him and he shrugged smiling.
” a good past it is” he laughed tickling me.
” stop we are in public ” I let a laugh and he pulled me closer.
” exactly the point” he laughed making me step forward away from him as I laughed.
I felt good and honestly at peace as he drove us back home after having our dinner out.
” I hope tommorow will be as good as today” I smiled and spoke in my heart as we drove into the yard.

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