Episodes of love stories

8 months later..
I took a walk out the yard my hand on my now large berry. Everyday I saw my Tammy grow bigger and Lucas stayed closer to me than ever.

Sometimes I couldn’t help thinking of the possibility of the child being Mike’s. Everytime I felt the child kick I swear it didn’t feel like it was his.
The gentleness of the child in me really didn’t feel like it came from him. Lucas always reminded me that there was a 50 50 chance of the baby being his. But my mind kept on telling me otherwise.
My parents had scolded me for getting pregnant for a man who was not my husband but my mother’s voice of joy was evident as she spoke to me..
She called me alone telling me how relieved she was that I was not barren as people had been saying it. ” take care of that man and child my daughter. It might be your chance to live a happy life that you have been longing for all the days of your life” she told me with a soft laugh.
I felt a smile on my face as the baby kicked. ” feeling tired too?” I whispered rubbing my berry as I turned heading back home.
I was getting to to the gate when I felt the contractions. Standing up straight I pushed myself inside walking slowly and steadily .
An hour later I started feeling the contractions coming on again and this time getting closer to each other.
” oh baby you have to wait for you father” I sighed holding my back with one hand another on in the kitchen cabinet.
The maid walked to me concerned.” You should really consider going to the hospital now, it’s your first child and it’s good you go early ” she held my hand.

” I want him to be there” I chuckled rubbing my berry. ” he told me he’s coming back today and I got to hold on a bit” I told her.
She looked at me and shook her head.” You and the boss are really in love I envy you” she smiled.
I walked back to the room looked through the small bag I had placed the baby’s clothes and smiled to myself. Lucas and I had been arguing about the sex of the baby and I was for a boy whilst he insisted on me going to have a girl. We didn’t bother having a scan to see the sex as we both agreed to see who wins the bet.
” Swity are okey,” Lucas asked when I answered his call.
” I got to go to the hospital Lucas I have been trying to hold on but the baby can’t wait anymore. ” I scoffed walking around the room as I talked.
” oh my God am an hour away from home. I will be there to take you soon okey?” He responded.
” I can’t wait for that long. I will have to get to the hospital. ” i winced painfully as the contractions came stronger again.

” the company driver is closer so am calling him to drive you to the hospital and will meet you there soon okey. Am almost getting into Lusaka ” he shouted back.

An hour later I was admitted in the high cost merternity ward in UTH when Lucas came running.
” am so sorry love, I was caught up in traffic when coming in from coperbelt.” He panted holding my hand as i tried to stay calm..
” stop talking! I screamed at him and he smiled gently clearly understanding my pain.
” am here now” he sighed rubbing my head.
” I held on to his hand as the pain got worse and he squized my hand gently. ” you are going to be okey Swity” he whispered.
” leave now you cannot be here ” I shouted when the baby was almost coming out I could feel it.
He sighed and shook his head. ” am not leaving you like this am going to be here” he answered calmly.

” I don’t want you to see me open up so that you loose your appetite for me you silly!” I screamed making the mid wife laugh.
He smiled at me and slowly walked out I could see his worried face as he closed the door.
An hour later I succesfully gave birth and the mid wife announced.. ” congratulations you have a baby girl ” she smiled handing the tiny being to me to hold her.

The first sight of her made my heart leap with joy. ” she looks like him!” I smiled tears in my eyes.
The nurse quickly cleaned me up and dressed her before calling in Lucas who came on running almost immediately.
” oh my God she’s so beautiful” he whispered touching her tiny hands.
” she’s your baby Lucas ” i smiled at him and he looked up at my face surprised.
” of course she s mine” he shrugged excitedly.

” I mean it” I repeated seeing he didnt get my point.
” what? ” he asked looking at the baby.
” you mean?…”
” yes! I laughed teary. Just look at her. You don’t need a DNA test to know that’s your face there! ” I said happily and I saw him open his mouth amazed.
I slowly handed him the baby and he struggled to hold her. .” Hey baby! Am your father!” He smiled walking around as i smiled at them looking so perfect all the pain I was feeling was gone.

I shed some tears of joy realising I actually gave birth to Lucas’ child.
A month later we were both playing with the baby in her cort when the security guard came to tell us someone was outside the gate.
” who could it me?” I asked Lucas who kept his face on the baby
” I have no idea, let them come in” he told the guard without looking away from the baby we had named ‘ Lucy’ after Lucas’ mother.
I was puzzled minutes later to see Mike’s parents walk into the house both of them looking around as they were led to were we sat.

” what are they doing Here?” I whispered looking at them making Lucas look the same direction too.
” What? You know them?” He asked me.
” yes swity! They are my parent’s neighbours, Mike’s parents ” I sighed standing up puzzled.
” aunty, uncle! ” I sighed standing to welcome them. ” what a surprise !” I smiled indicating to for them to sit down on the couch.

Lucas too stood up carrying the baby in his hands and greeted them both.

I looked at them and they kept on staring at the baby in his hands.
I cleared my throat as I smiled looking at them
” hope all is well, I had no idea you would show up here all the way from Luanshya ” I spoke up not liking the suspense around. Lucas looked as calm as ever and played with Lucy’s hands.
” am sure you must be wondering why we are here” Mike’s father spoke up.
” yes so much in fact. The last time we had contact with your son things didn’t go well ” Lucas responded this time but his voice was stern and steady.
They both looked at him and back at me.
” we went to see our son yesterday at the prison and he told us something that drew our attention” Mike’s mother spoke this time.

” what did he say?” I asked hating her cutting the story instead of going to the point.

She cleared her throat and sighed before mentioning it.

” he said you were carrying his child and now we can see you even gave birth ” she went on looking at me.
I was almost bursting out laughing at their stupidity. I wondered how they could even listen to their lunatic son for such a story.
I stood up and looked at them for a minute before I shouted.
” i have known you my whole life and if not for the respect that I give to you like I do my parents, I swear to God I could have pulled you both out of this house. Is this some kind of a joke?” I asked with a slight laugh.

” no actually it’s not. Someone told Mike you were pregnant and counting the months according to him, you were with him before he went to prison. He claims the child is his and we believe him” his father spoke up serious and I lost it.
” get out! ” I shouted angrily

” i said out of my house” I raised my voice.
Lucas put the baby back in the cort and came holding me.
” calm down Swity, don’t stress over this let me handle it” he rubbed my back.

I breathed heavily as i refused to sit down. I felt the anger of whatever Mike made me go through rushing out my veins the two of them seemed like Mike himself before me.
” now, am sorry, my swity here is just upset this was unexpected ” Lucas leaned forward as he faced them both.

” am sure you are here because you believed your son. But one thing is for sure your son is in no condition to say or do the right things lately.”

” so you are saying our son is mad ? Do you know how much he has lost and is suffering because of this woman here!” His mother answered sarcastically.
” no, your son is getting what he derseves mam am sorry but a sane man can’t do what he did and you know that. Coming to the issue of that child laying there” Lucas paused looking at Lucy now in my arms and back at them.

” go and tell him that the child is not his. She s my baby and he knows I was with Stella way before he raped her. There is no need for all this drama. Everything is straight forward and stop wasting your money and time coming here ” he told them seriously and calmly.
They went on arguing that a man knows when he had has gotten a woman pregnant and so their son was sure the child was his. They said whoever told them about the baby didn’t lie and the time matched.
I sat down next to Lucas looking at them.
” did Mike tell you that he raped me? ” I asked straight up.
” what kind of a man does that to a person and you support that he’s not sick in the head” I snapped.
” it doesnt matter how the child was conceived . What matters is a child was born and it’s his blood.” His mother answered casually I felt like slapping her in the face.

” it’s not his child mam that baby doesn’t even look anything like him. Go tell him to rest easy and forget about my woman and my baby. This is my family here and am not going to tolerate any more drama.” Lucas told them off.

” now if you could please leave my house and never think of returning here.” He sighed steadily as he called the guard to show them the way out.
” this is not over! Our own son is suffering and the only crime he committed was falling in love with you” his mother shouted as she followed her husband outside.
I shook my head not believing them as Lucas hugged us together with the baby.
” can you believe that nonsense? ” I asked sighing angrily.
” calm down Swity, no one will ever get close to you and our baby I swear I will protect you both with my life. He kissed my forehead.
I knew he meant it and I was so proud of him. He was my dream man and I knew I was blessed to have him on my side.
Story continues…
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