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He stared at me like I was a piece of sh*t, the disgust so evident I felt like turning around and heading back home to my woman and kid.

” so what were the results?” Mike finally asked looking straight at me. I sighed calmly taking my time as I enjoyed the feeling I had inside. If only he knew how happy and excited I was feeling, he could have had second thoughts trying to intimidate me.
Mike through his parents had kept on insisting the baby was his and after some weeks of trying to convince Stella who had clearly made her stand.
” Swity, I don’t care what Mike or anyone thinks, Lucy is your child and am not going to prove anything by subjecting my baby to any DNA testing. Let them go to hell for all I care” she snapped and looked away avoiding my pleading gaze.
” listen Swity, I know the child is ours and even if it were otherwise, I couldn’t have allowed them to take her away. He raped you and am sure the law could have supported us on keeping the child. So don’t worry yourself so much. Let’s just do this and prove them wrong so that they can rest easy” I convinced her..
She still didn’t look happy about it but eventually she gave in.
Mike’s father went to get strands of hair from Mike and we took Lucy’s hair in their presence taking it to the Doctor for testing.
The weeks that we waited for the DNA to come out were seemingly not exciting as Stella’s mood wasn’t so good.
I could see her cling to the baby like she was scared someone would take her away. I had to keep on assuring her. ” my worry is not that she s his child Lucas, I don’t like the intimidation that these people are making me go through its like re-living the pain that I have so much wanted to forget” she cried.
I held her and told her things will be okey soon until the day the results came out.

Now here I was facing Mike to give him the news which his father had got already. The moment the Doctor told us the baby was mine, I saw a sad look on his father’s face and I wondered why he so much wanted the baby to be his son’s when Mike had kids with another woman already.
I believed the news my lawyer friend told me that they wanted to make money out of me for trying to adopt a child which wasn’t mine without legal permission.
I cleared my throat my eyes on Mike who was practically hissing in anger. ” you will stay here and pay for your crimes, and when you finally come out, I should warn you before hand to stay away from my family. From today onwards forget about my woman Stella, forget about my baby cause this here” I said lifting the DNA results, ” is evident that you have nothing to tie you to Stella. The baby is mine. In case am not being clear” I paused unfolding the paper and placing it in front of him on the table separating us.
” Lucy is not your child. The DNA which I personally had to spend money on because you and your dramatic family had no coin to carry out one, shows that you are far from being her father. ” I announced and pushed the paper towards him which he stared at without touching it.

” you bas***d!” He screamed climbing the table to come chock me but I dodged his hand and the warder ran to push him back.
” you will pay for stealing my woman and for this humiliation ” he shouted angrily.
” the last time I checked, you are the one paying for your madness and if you are not careful, I have enough money to make you stay here longer than 6 years.” I threatened him and I saw his face grow red in Anger.
” have a good sentence and see you never!” I stood before him and threw the test results on him.

” am done here officer!” I raised my hand and the warder opened the door to let me out.
I looked back as they locked back the door and saw Mike tearing the piece of paper like a mad person shouting some things out.
Shaking my head I squized the keys in my hands and walked out.
He stood outside by the pool after driving in I wondered what was now bothering him. My heart raced a bit as I walked to him handing the baby to be bathed by the maid.
” Lucas,!” I called him in a low tone like i was scared to face him.” What if the test was showing he wasn’t the father?” I asked myself with each step i took towards him.
He turned his face towards me and opened his arms for me to hug him as he smiled widely making me sigh in relief.

” so?” I asked as he rubbed my back not breaking the embrace.
” I told you this is over. Am just from the prison to inform your ex boyfriend that he should never come near my family again. Lucy is my own blood and no one will ever cross me or say anything otherwise” he smiled gently stroking my hair.
I stepped back looking at him. ” it’s finally over!” I exclaimed happily.

” yes it is!” He nodded his head placing my head in his palms.
I sighed as i went back burrying my head in his chest.
” thank God! I just hope this will make him stay away from us for good. ” I whispered.
Lucas assured me he would. Telling me by the time he walked out of Prison Mike surely would have thought through his mistakes if he was a normal man.
” I talked to his father at lengthy and he seemed to understand my concern of his son. He told me he would try talk to him and see how he would help him. ” Since Mike has kids already, he has no option but to try change and raise the kids as he should. ” Lucas explained Mike’s father’s words.

” it even seems the family sat together and the wife has agreed to take him back when he will be finally released” Lucas added as he held me to sit down with him.
” that’s good news, at least things sound promising” I responded
26 months later….
Chris was realesed from Prison as his sentence had come to an end.
His sister who had not stopped contacting me told me so and unfortunately told me Chris was no longer the same.

I asked what was wrong with him and she told me he was very sick and wanted to see me.

” go and see him” Lucas, told me after I was done explaining what Chri’s sister told me.
” but swity, for what? That man has ….”
” I know, he hurt you a lot” Lucas cut me,
” just go and hear what he has to say he won’t bite you or something. Fulfil a dying man’s wish” he had teased kissing my forehead as he lifted his brief case to go for work.
Just let them wash the car for you since you complained it’s dirty and you can see him later in the day” he added and walked out leaving me staring at him.
I took my time preparing not really intrested in seeing Chris. Until after 14 hours, I decided to finally go to UTH and pay him a visit.

I walked into the hospital with his sister who had waited for me by the entrance.
I would admit seeing Chris so weak and pale made me feel pity for him. He smiled a faint smile when I sat next to his bed.
” you came!” He whispered weakly his mouth dry.

” yes, how are you Chris?” I asked him trying to smile at his sad face.
” am dying Stella” he sighed sitting up revealing his very weak and now small body I swallowed hard to avoid crying.
” you are going to be okey Chris,” I tried to comfort him but he shook his head.
I asked what was wrong with him and he narrated the story of how Mwenya had taken away all his things and ruined his business over the years he was in Prison. He told me she hired someone from inside the Prison to be feeding him small portions of some deadly drugs so that he would die.
Asked how he knew about all that, he went on to explain how the same prison warder was charged with another case where he was accused and found guilty of poisoning the Prisoners on request from people outside.
During his trial he even revealed the drugs he was adding to Chris’ food and revealed that Mwenya paid him to do that.
I couldn’t help but shed tears. ” how can someone be so cruel?” I whispered tears in my face as I looked at Chris now crying too.

” I regret what I did to you, you loved me genuinely and did all you could to make me a better man but I failed you” he cried.
” I wish I could turn back the hands of time to make things right but I guess its too late now. The effect of the drug is so emmerse it has destroy my liver and kidneys, its just a matter of time and am gone. So I wanted to see you and apologise trully for all the pain I have ever caused you” Chris held my hand and talked sincerely.

I stood up and held him tight in a hug as he cried in my chest. ” am so sorry Stella forgive me!”
” its okey Chris. It’s all in the past and I don’t hold anything against you. You are right we can’t change the hands of time but we both learnt our lessons. God willing you will survive this and am sure you will become a better man” I comforted him with a smile.

I sat besides him for another 30 minutes as we talked about a lot other things.
I told him about Lucas and he smiled.
” that idiot won after all” he teased with a laugh.
” yeah” I laughed shaking my head.

” Go and marry him. He’s the one for you. Some of us were just for a passing period and now I believe God was preparing you to be happy with him” he smiled looking at me.
” thank you for your kind words Chris and I wish you well too. I hope the police will find Mwenya and make her pay for what she did to you” i added as i stood to go.

” It doesn’t matter anymore. I lost everything already and now I await my day” he said calmly and sadly.
I walked away feeling my heart heavy with pity. I had not anticipated feeling that sad about seeing Chris suffering. Even when all the time I had talked about him paying, now I wished I didn’t say the words.
” oh God” I sighed as I opened the door to the Toyota NAVARA that Lucas got for me. ” please heal him if you would” I prayed sighing and wiping my eyes.

Lucas and I planned our wedding after I finally agreed to marry him. His mother who had practiaclly moved in with us after Lucy was born, helped me to organise what she called a wedding of the year.
My friend Linda as always supported me and Made a lot of things easy for me. She was too married to her pastor lover.
A month later, I walked to the aisle with my father holding my hand, our daughter Lucy sprinkling fresh petals on the red carpet displayed down our feet.

The bells rang as everyone in the church stood up and turned their heads to the door. My UK imported wedding dress with a long tail trailing behind me as I slowly walked forward.

The look on Lucas’ stunning face as he stood facing us in a blue well fitting tuxedo making him look like a billionaire from one of the magazines and making me feel so proud.
He smiled revealing his white teeth as my father handed me to him.
In all honesty, I had not seen that day coming. I had fallen in love with Lucas i felt like my whole life depended on him. He was my heaven sent and through out the vows i made them with a pure and sincere heart.
He kept on smiling and whispering ‘ I love you’ every time he got a chance and I felt it.
He found me and I was going to have a happy life besides him that I was sure of.

We left for our honey moon abroad the following morning , leaving Lucy with her grand mother.

” I love you ” he kissed me after some turns of making love.
“I love you too father of two” i smiled making him sit up surprised.
” yes” I nodded my head.
” what! Oh my God he shouted standing and lifting me up . ” since when?” He asked after kissing my face.
” 2 months ” I whispered making him jump in excitement.
He couldn’t stop talking about how happy he was and I got tired of hearing his plans for our family.
” am proud of you” he sighed honestly as he rubbed my back and so was I.. …
……..The end……….

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