Episodes of love stories

There was no turning back for me. Being with her was all I have been looking forward to. I had not felt so much in love before. Even the love I had for my first wife was not as compared to what I was feeling right at that moment.
I had fallen in love with Stella and I was ready to give her all the love I was feeling without any reservations.
My mother was happy to hear my words and she encouraged me to settle down with her. She had told me how nice and a humble person Stella was. to
” however, my son, that lady kind of uneasy and rather sad. It’s like she holds a lot inside her that is hurting her so much. Try to uncover that before you decide to make her your wife ” my mother had mentioned.
I would agree with her on that. I didn’t want to push her so much. They say Patience pays but I had to show her how serious I was by letting her meet my mother. For me my heart had chosen and there was no going back.
I intended to make her mine whenever she would give me the chance without force or deception.
I sat outside the pool taking in the view of my beautiful but lonely home. Thinking about how I was going to be happy when she finally joined me, then I heard some hooting outside the gate.
” Mwale!” I called out to the security guard, ” can you check and ask who is outside” I shouted and took the glass of lemonade sipping it and sighing reluctantly.
” Boss, there is a man outside, he said he wants to see you ” Mwale informed me squatting besides me.

” didn’t he say his name?” I asked trying to figure out who would come to my house at that hour. I didn’t have any appointments as far as I could remember.
” okey tell the man to come in” I shrugged
I watched as Mwale walked away and kept my eyes his direction to see who it was that had come.
I saw a tall dark guy with a stern face walk towards me and I sat up ready to welcome him.
” Helo, good afternoon, I greeted the man extending my hand as i stood shorter than him.
” Hey!” He sighed looking down at me a sense of sarcasm in his voice I felt my heart skip. “Whatever that man is here for will have some bad news to it” I thought to myself.
” please take a sit” I indicated, showing him the chair besides me.


He looked around the pool and the house after sitting and back at me. ” am Mike” he let a small smile.
” nice to meet you Mike, what brings you to my home?” I asked not giving him the pleasure of knowing my name yet. I thought if he had come to my house then he should know who I was already. Plus i didn’t like the trouble look on his face. One thing I never liked was to be intimated by a fellow man especially in my own house.

” I came here because of Stella.” He started and I gazed at him without a word. From his look I thought he was expecting me to be surprised or scared, I couldnt clearly tell but I stayed calm and looked at him to go on.
” you know Stella and I come a long way, she was my first love and I hers. Oh the story goes deeper I can’t afford to mention the details. ” I kept quite again. I was not one to act on impulse. In fact I had a trend to never say anything if I wasn’t sure of what I was talking about. So I watched him in silence.
” okey” I nodded my head casually.
” am here to tell you to stop parading yourself around her because she belongs to me and I will not let another man take her away again. ” he went on now seemingly getting upset.
I was silent trying to understand him. As far as I knew Stella was old enough to know what she wanted. So I wondered why a guy like him would go so low trying to scare every other man in stella’s life. The ‘again’ in his sentence was a clear indication that Stella had left him once for someone else and I clearly understood he was here to bossy me and scare me away from her.
I cleared my throat and calmly spoke up.
” oh I see, so you are her ex boyfriend ” I sighed.
” I don’t like the word ex because she will always be mine ” he responded loudly.
” Good, I sat back. I heard you” I said looking at him.
” What? That’s all you are going to say you stupid fool after what I told you. Am warning you to stay away from Stella or else…”
” you know What? I stood up, if its in your nature to scare people because of whatever reason you think of yourself, then am sorry to disappoint you because this is neither the place or person for your kind. Stella is old enough to make her choices. And I can’t blame her for not wanting to to be with you. You carry yourself like a street fighter. Don’t think you can threaten any person you meet.” I paused seriously looking at him as he stood up as well.


” if you are done with your threats , now leave my house and next time you decide to bully someone, take your time to analyse your target. I will not accept this kind of street manners in my home” I added and sat back.
” you damn fool, just because you have money you think you can just get what you want? I will teach you a lesson and by the time am done with you you will know better than to mess with me. And next time you meet Stella ask her why she is leaving her husband to seek comfort from you, lets see if you will be as calm as you are right now!” He shouted angrily.
” you know your way out or if you are lost ask the guard to show you the way . Show your face here again and you will be sorry” I told him off and lay back taking the news paper besides me.
I moved my head away as I saw him walking and cursing. The security guard walking behind him.
” what kind of man is this fool?” I asked myself .
” well I have to sort this out before it’s too late. I thought it was obvious the man lied about Stella being married to push me away. I vowed not to give him that satisfaction.
” hey Swity, can you come home please I need to see you it’s urgent” I called Stella a few minutes later.
” but I was there yesterday Lucas, you miss me already?” She asked

” I know, but if it weren’t important I couldn’t have asked especially that it’s a working day. Will you come after work?” I asked her again.

” okey, I will see you then let me see if I can knock off early. You sound worried ” she sighed.
” Thank you” I responded and cut the line.
An hour later, I sat in front of the TV in the TV room when I heard the gate open and a car drive in. I needed not to check who it was, obviously it was her.
” Hey!” She called out giving me a hug and placing her hand bag on the couch.
” how was your day?” I asked her.
” it was good, a bit tiring, there was this long meeting were I had to be present taking minutes” she sighed looking tired.


I noticed she looked rather bothered I was sure she was wondering what was going on.
” how is your husband?” I asked unexpectedly and watched as she started figiting.
She was silent for some minutes and i knew there was some truth in what Mike had told me.
The fear of finding out the truth hitting me badly as I felt my heart beat increasing. I was honestly not ready to be heart broken. I started figuring out the way to take her words the moment she confirmed to that fact.

” how can you play with my feelings Stella. These past weeks I was here thinking you probably have some other issues to sort out, the least i expected is that you would lie to me about your marriage.

Do you have any idea what sort of plans I had for You?” I spoke out trying to sound as calm as possible. I was actually heating up inside and if I was a loud person I could have been shouting my voice out. Her facial expression and guilty just confirmed my suspicions.
She stood up and started crying. Am sorry Lucas, I knew this day would come but I thought I will have to tell you myself, i couldn’t find the courage to do so and I grew fond of you. ”

” will you answer my question Stella. Tell me that man who came here claiming to be your boyfriend or whatever, did not lie about You?” I questioned her looking away. My heart was not taking it anymore.
” Mike! ” she sighed sitting back down.
I watched her as she cried softly and passionately. She was deeply sad I could see it. She sobbed and I felt so bad for her. Whatever it was going on in the person before me was hurting her so much.
I recalled how my mother always told me never to judge people for anything so I went closer to her.
“Let it out” i whispered embracing her.
“I have all the time to hear your side of the story and I want you to cry your pain out if that is what it takes” I squized her gently and she now was sobbing loudly the tears falling freely from her face.
Trying to add some more to the pain she was going through wasn’t going to help matters. All I had to do as much as I was hurting is to stand for her at that moment and make her feel she could trust me.

Story continues…