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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 2♨️ 🌼
My stomach starts to growl because we’re stuck in the middle of the cafeteria and we’re about to be exposed.

🚺 Oh My God, we’re so sorry…

“Shhhh.” my mom cut the girl off, held my shoulder as we moved backwards slowly and we immediately ran out of the cafeteria and hide in a nearby janitor closet.

Then we begin to glow brightly as we’re breathing heavily from the running.

“Phew! That was a close one.” mom painted heavily.

“No kidding.” I replied.

Few minutes later, our skin went back to normal and we left the closet and went back to the empty class.

I checked the timetable, I should be ready for chemistry and art class.

I sighed “Mom, why can’t I be in art class instead?” I asked my mom.

“Because science class are for brilliant and intelligent people.” mom replied.

“What about art class?” I asked.

Mom shrugged “Art class are for people like… You don’t wanna be those people.” mom said and giggled.

I rolled my eyes as I walked out of the class and went to my new locker and took my chemistry textbook.

I closed the locker and I accidentally bumped into someone and my book fell.

I cringed sheepishly “Oh no, I’m so… You again?” I frowned at Nate.

“What’s your problem?” He complained.

“You’re the one who bump into me!” I retorted.

“Just stay away from my locker area.” he said as he opened the locker next to mine.

“Seriously? My locker is next to your stupid locker?” I complained.

He frowned at me “What?”

“Urrgghh! This isn’t fair.” I groaned feeling pissed off.

“I know, it’s worst than living behind a pig pen!” Nate groaned and walked away rudely.

Seriously? That’s offensive! I didn’t get to say that.

“Jerk!” I yelled feeling grumpy.

My mom approached me with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.

“Not now mom.” I said as I walked away.

These 2 kids look so good together. I am the reason why their lockers are next to each other. I spoke to the principal to make it happen.

I know what I’m doing is weird but I can feel the connection between the both of them.

I saw Megan’s class teacher, Mrs Harriet.

I need to ask her about a private maths tutor for Megan, the school teaching isn’t enough.

I mean this is the first time my 17 years old baby is entering a school so I think I need to help her more.

“Um Mrs Harriet.” I called as I cat walked towards her to discuss.

I walked into the lab and sighted Tony sitting alone.

OMG, he’s so cute and stylish. I hate to admit but Nate is more cuter.

Urrrggghh!!!! I have to stop thinking about that lowlife offensive jerk and focus oy crush.

I have to talk to him today, I approached and sat beside him.

He sighted me and frowned “Hi?”

I smiled and my heart started beating fast fast, I don’t know what to say.

Megan! Say something! Say ‘Hi! Say something!

“Um, can’t you find another seat?” he said.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly “Uhh no, I.. I think they’re filled up.” I said nervously.

Tony sighed feeling disturbed “Whatever, I gotta find another…”

“Hey!” I heard the mean girls voice. Gina with her two backup b*tches.

“Why are you sitting beside my boyfriend?” she asked.

What? Boyfriend?

“I… Uhh…”

“Even though you’re new here doesn’t mean you can sit where ever you want get it? So get up before I lose it!” she yelled and Tony snickered.

Everyone was starring and gossiping about me, I felt a little embarrassed.

I sighted Nate minding his his business like nothing happened. Idiot! He can’t even stand up for me.

I set my glasses and stood up as Gina and her friends are glaring at me. I tried to walk away but Gina pushed me as I fell on the floor.

Everyone begin to laugh like I’m a clown, including Tony.

I stood up trying to hold my tears so I won’t be exposed. I ran out of the lab and entered the janitor’s closet as I begin to shed tears.

My body begin to glow and the tears were turning into tiny diamonds.

It’s not because Gina bullied me but because my own crush has a girlfriend and he’s making fun of me.

I don’t know what to do.

After talking to Mrs Harriet, I know the person I’m going to hire, I hope my daughter doesn’t hate me for this.

I went back to the lab and Meggie ran out of the lab wanting to cry and everyone is laughing.

Seriously? Bullying a princess? My own daughter? Hell no.

I knew it’s that blonde spoilt brat. I think she’s the daughter of the proprietor. I called the proprietor and told him to come and see his daughter.

I can access to a lot of phone calls in this town without asking for their numbers. I have my ways.

I walked into the lab angrily and pushed her to the ground.

“Ow! What’s wrong with you? Old lady!” she replied rudely.

I smirked “You need to watch your dirty mouth young lady, because you don’t know who you are talking to.”

Blondie stood up and scoffed “Who are you? Probably some worthless lady marrying a rich politician and acting like the queen of this city.”

Well I am the Queen of this Queendom, and the rightful heir of my father’s royalty. But I can’t tell anyone.

“What? Cat got your tongue old lady?” Gina said and everyone laughed.


“What are you gonna do? Call my parents? By the way, my father is the owner of this school so tell your foolish and nerdy daughter to stay away from my boyfriend.” Blondie said and everyone gasped.

I scoffed “Wow, you are such a brave kid talking to woman old enough to be your mother.”

“My mother is more richer and prettier than you, old lady.”

I raised my eye brows “Wow.”

Blondie smirked “That’s right.”

A blonde woman walked towards her Blondie. I guess that’s the mom.

That’s my plan for this spoilt kid.

Insulting the nerd’s proud mom is totally worth it.

It makes me feel inferior to older people. No one takes my boyfriend away from me.

“Gina!” I heard my mom’s voice as she pulled me and landed a big slap on my cheek.


“How can you insult a grown up woman like that?” she said.

I scoffed “Mom, she’s following her daughter like a pet, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here because I wanted to give you this your new car keys of the Porsche you always wanted but I guess you didn’t deserve it.” mom said.

My eyes went wide “What? Mom please…”

“You’re grounded, young lady!” mom said and walked away.

“Mom! Wait! Please!” I cried as she left angrily and everyone’s laughing at me.

I noticed the wicked woman’s gone, I wish I can deal with that b*tch but luckily, her useless daughter is here.

I sat at beside Tony and lay my head on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, babe. Everything will be fine.” he said as he kissed my head.

I can’t believe I lose my Porsche because of those two stupid mother and daughter.

My mom went home early because the mayor and government wanted to have meeting with her.

My driver, Will drove me home with the limousine.

I was in the car thinking about what happened earlier. I packed all the diamonds tears and kept them in my backpack.

I can’t believe Tony has a girlfriend, not just a girlfriend, some cheap bully.

Even though I’m new in everything about school, I won’t let that girl or any other bully take advantage of me.

Megan’s mom offered me a job that I should be giving her stubborn and annoying daughter maths tutorial.

I wanted to decline the offer but when she said, she’ll pay me US$10,000 monthly.I accepted immediately.

I need money to help my family and fulfill my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I know my family are middle class, sometimes we didn’t have money to do big things..I even won a full-time scholarship to Bravely High.

I just want my family to be proud of me.

I guess I can deal with that annoying beautiful girl.

Her mom even gave me a free Uber ride to her house.

I arrived at the house and whoa! The house is extremely big, large, golden, beautiful… No more words. Even than a president house. It’s like a palace.

What is this place? Am I in the right house?

I came out of the car feeling super nervous. I don’t know Megan is this rich.

One of the butler approached me with a smile “Good afternoon sir, Her majesty ordered me to direct you to the conference room.” he said in a fancy British tone.

Her majesty? Like a queen?

I frowned “Okay?” I’m confused.

“This way sir.” he said as he directed my into the giant palace.

I’m scared. Why did he just say her majesty? Is Megan’s mom a queen? I don’t understand.

I mean ever since the king died, no one has seen the queen or her daughter. I wonder why. Does that mean? Uh-oh!!!

The great Hall is totally large and beautiful, full of beautiful ancient designs, we entered the conference room.

Man! The board table is extremely long and big. So amazing.

I saw Megan’s mom… I mean the Queen wearing glasses, sitting at the boss chair reading a romantic novel called ‘Stuck With The Bad Boy.’ by the famous Authoress Tolu. That’s my favourite book.

“Your majesty, your visitor.” the butler bowed and walked away.

Megan’s mom smiled at me as she closed her novel.

I was playing with my fingers nervously “Your… Your majesty.” I bowed awkwardly.

“No no no son, you do not need to bow, just sit and call me Mrs Reagan not your majesty, that’s an order.” she said.

I nodded as I sat on one of the chairs, so comfortable.

“So.. Um, you called me here for a job interview…” I shrugged.

“Oh no need for job interview, you’re hired.”

“But… We just met… I don’t even know your daughter. Why did you hire me?”

“It’s okay, I’ve hired a lot of tutors and none of them can tolerate my daughter.” Mrs Reagan said.

“Not surprised.” I murmured.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, I’m sorry your…” I skipped nervously.

“Anyway, I need you to give my daughter the best tutorial and make sure she’s totally focused but be friendly with her sometimes.” she said.

I nodded “Okay…”

I arrived at the palace, came out of the limousine and walked into the palace.

Maids and guards were bowing to me as I was walking into the palace and they were greeting me. “Welcome home your Highness. Welcome home your Highness. Welcome home your Highness.”

It’s mom’s idea. I don’t feel like them greeting me like this. It’s too much.

I had a feeling that my mom’s in the board room with someone special.

I walked into the conference room and my jaw dropped in shock as I saw Nate discussion with my mom.

“Umm, What are doing here?.” I yelled.

“Oh baby, how’s school?” she asked.

“Good, Gina went home after she was humiliated in front of everyone, to bad I missed it.” I said.

Mom smirked “Yeah.”

I gave mom a suspicious look “What did you do mom?”

“Oh look, your new maths tutor.” mom changed the subject.

“What? Mom I’m already going to school, why did you hire some weirdo to be my maths tutor?” I asked.

“Because sometimes you’re a dummy and I want to enlighten your brain.” mom said.

I gave mom an offensive look “Mom!”

Nate snickered and I glared at him.

This is gonna be hard.


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