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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 3♨️ 🌼
I woke up hungry because I didn’t eat last night. I was kinda annoyed that my mom still hired a maths tutor even though I’ve started schooling.

I can’t believe she even hired Nate, of all people Nate. Although he’s super smart but he’s so annoying.

I stood up, went to the bathroom and took my bath. I went back to my closet and wore a pink tank top, white denim ripped jeans and a white leather jacket. I fixed my hair in ponytail.

I wore my pink boots, wore my black Dior backpack and my nerd glasses. Then I left the room and went to the dining room.

My mom was done with her breakfast already, it’s strawberry pancakes and apple juice.

“Morning mom.” I greeted as I kissed her head.

“Morning sweetie, I’m surprised you’re not angry with me anymore.”mom said proudly.

Yeah, that’s because I kinda like the idea of Nate being my tutor. Did I said that out loud?

I sat down and started devouring on those delicious pancakes.

“Easy with the pancakes honey, you’re gonna choke.” mom said.

“I’m fine mom.” I said with food in my mouth.

“Manners young lady.” mom scolded.

I decided to look good today like a cool guy not a nerd, I wore a black shirt, black skinny jeans and a white jacket. I still wear my glasses because I can’t see without them.

I hope Megan like my outfit, I mean the queen. I dressed like this because I know that I’m heading straight to the palace after school.

Not because I wanna impress Megan but because I’m going to a fancy and Royal place.

I walked into the school hallway and noticed girls are starring at me.

🚺 OMG, is that Nate Bennett?

🚺 As in Nate the dork?

🚺 He’s super cute today, I’m falling for him.

🚺 He’s so hot.

🚺 I like him already.

I chuckled lightly because this is the first time girls are kinda falling for me.

I bumped into someone… Oh, it’s Tony.

“Whoa bro, watch where you’re going. It’s not like you’re date those girls.” Tony and his boys laughed.

I smiled trying to walk away but the boys blocked me.

“You look good today buddy.” Tony said sarcastically.

I sighted Megan starring at me feeling worried. Why?

“Thanks man, can I reach my locker?” I asked trying to mind my business.

“Lemme just help with your outfit.” He said as he poured ink on my head which stained my white jacket.

Everyone gasped and begin to laugh at me. I clenched my fist feeling furious.

I know I’m used to this bullying but I was use this but not when Megan’s here.

“Next time, stay away from my girlfriend, dork.” Tony said as he was laughing with his boys.

I gritted my teeth as I punched Tony in his stomach.

He whined as he held his stomach. Everyone gasped in shock.

Is Nate always bullied like this? By my crush?

I can’t watch Nate like this, I have to do something.

The boys, Mark and Zeke grabbed Nate’s arms. Tony wanted to fight him back.

Without thinking twice, I ran towards them.

“Wait!” I yelled“Please don’t hurt him.” I pleaded.

Tony smirked “Well, if it isn’t the new girl. Where’s your mom?”

I fold my arms and rolled my eyes.

I sighed “She didn’t come with me today but please don’t hurt him, I know sometimes he’s weird and annoying…”

“Shut up b*tch, let me handle this idiot.” Tony yelled.

I became sad and shocked as he yelled at me. This hurts sometimes.

Tony grabbed Nate’s collar and wanted to punch him.

“You can’t.” I said.

Tony glared at me “What!”

“We’re gonna get in trouble if you guys fight.” I said.

Tony moved closer to me with a smirk “Your nerd girlfriend saved you.”

He pushed Nate and he and his friends walked away.

Nate gave me a awkward look “Um… Thanks for saving me.”

I smiled “You’re welcome, you look cute.” I complimented.

“Thank you…” he glared at me “Haha, you’re making fun of me because of the ink.” he said.

“What? No… It’s just…” I paused feeling speechless.

I’m not making fun of him, even with the ink, he’s still super cute. Especially in his cute outfit.

There was an awkward moment between us and I wanted to say something.

“I’ll see you in class.” Nate said and walked away.

I frowned with a pout “What an idiot.” I muttered and walked away as the bell rang.

I went to the class and sat down. He’s totally ignoring me, solving equations as usual.

“So um… What are doing?” I asked awkwardly.

Why did I ask that when I know what he’s doing?

“Feeding a goat, what does it look like I’m doing?” Nate replied.

I rolled my eyes “You know, you’re a goofball, people should call you goofy.” I grinned “That’s my new nickname for you. Goofy.”

“Don’t call me that.” Nate muttered.

“Goofy.” I teased.


“Goof goof, goofy.”

“Stop it.”


“Morning students.” our maths teacher walked in and everyone went to their various seats.

“Good morning Mr Cam.” we replied.

“Okay, according to the topic we treated yesterday, Statistics, can any of solve this problem?” Mr Cam said as he wrote a maths question on the board.

“Why can’t you solve your personal problem instead of maths problem?” Tony said and people laughed.

Oh he’s so funny sometimes. I still like Tony. Guys change when they’re with the right girl. I wish the right girl is me not Gina.

“Mr Talker, mind your words or you’ll be in detention.” Mr Cam said. “So can any of you solve this equation?”he asked but no one answered

I don’t even know that question, so hard. My home school teachers didn’t teach me well. Or I didn’t even pay attention to them. My bad.

“Can anyone?” Mr Cam asked again but no one replied.

Gina raised her hand up.

“Gina!” Mr Cam smiled.

“Um sir, why can’t our new girl solve this equation for us? I’m sure it’s gonna be easy because she intelligent, right?’ Gina said as she grinned at me.

I glared at her feeling annoyed and scared, oh could she?

“Mrs Reagan, please solve this equation.”

I scoffed nervously “But sir, I…”

“Come out and solve this.” Mr Cam ordered.

I sighed as I stood up and went to the white board, took a maker and was starring at the question like a dummy.

I don’t even understand this question. What topic is this again?

“Miss Reagan? Solve it.” Mr Cam said.

I bit my lip nervously, not knowing what to do.

I yelped mentally as a textbook fell but Mr Cam didn’t care, he was glaring at me.

The class were whispering and laughing at me making me to feel so embarrassed. I feel like the ground should swallow me up.

“Mr Cam.” I called.


“I… I can’t answer the equation.” I stammered and everyone laughed.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone so stupid because I used this equation as an example yesterday and you just just resumed yesterday.” Mr Cam complained.

I bent my head feeling humiliated because Tony’s also laughing at me like a clown.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“That’s it, detention.” Mr Cam declared.

“Awwww, the poor new girl going to detention and it’s her second day.” Gina said and everyone said.

“Um sir.” Nate called as he stood up.

“Yes Nate, my smartest student, you want to solve the equation?” Mr Cam asked.

“Yeah, um… Why can’t you give Megan another equation to solve, if she answer it correctly, you can let her free but if she didn’t, you can get her in detention.” Nate explained.

Seriously? Another humiliation? I shouldn’t have help him earlier. I rather stay in detention.

“Good idea Mr Bennett. But first solve this equation.” Mr Cam said.

Nate came out and collected the maker from me and secretly gave me a piece of paper.

I went back to my seat and opened it, it’s a solved maths question and he wrote study this quickly.

Okay? I shrugged as I start studying.

Nate was done with the question and few of the class applauded for him.

“Well done Mr Bennett. That’s why you’re my favourite student.” Mr Cam said and everyone groaned.

“Miss Reagan, solve this equation.” Mr Cam said as he wrote the exact same question that Nate solved for me on the board.

Thank you Nate.

I stood up feeling a little scared as I collected the maker from Nate and he winked at me.

I blushed a little, I don’t know why.

I solved the maths question without hesitant and everyone was shocked that it’s correct.

“Wow, Miss Reagan, I didn’t expect this from you. Well done and keep it up.” Mr Cam said and I grinned happily because I’m safe.

I went back to my seat, Gina’s glaring at me… Wait, how did Nate know the question maths teacher wanted to give me!

I really felt bad for Megan as Mr Cam is embarrassing her in front of the whole class.

I had to help her but, I can’t disappoint Mr Cam. I took a look at the book that fell. I think that’s where Mr Cam got the question.

Good thing I have eagle eyes with my glasses, I copied the next question and solved it so that I can help Megan and return the favour.

“I never knew Megan is so dump.” Sophie said as we’re walking down the hallway pasting flyers on the wall.

It’s about cheer tryouts, I need one more girl to join our cheer leading team (Bears). Also I want to watch a funny show of stupid girls that can’t dance.

Sophie and Tess are my backup minions or friends whatever. They’re my co-captains since they’re the best dancers and bullies.

“But she got the second answer correctly.” Tess said.

I scoffed “Thanks to her geek boyfriend.” I said as I paste a flyer on the notice board.

“I hate that girl.” Tess said.

“Me too.” Sophie groaned.

“I’m gonna deal with her… Hey!” I grinned happily as I hug my sweetheart.

“Hey babe, watcha doing?” Tony said.

I shrugged “Just looking for a girl to join our team then see you.”

“You’re lucky that you see me.” he said seductively and we connected our lips, kissing each other like there’s no tomorrow.

We pulled away and all of us went to the football field.

I came out of the classroom and went to my locker, Nate was sitting on the floor in front of his locker, solving maths and listening to music on his headphones.

I smiled as I sat beside him “Hey.” I tap him.

He smiled at me “Hey.”

“Uh thanks for helping me earlier.” I said.

Nate shrugged “Nah, I just save you from exposing your stupid self.”

I frowned “Excuse me? I’m not stupid.”

“Yeah you’re not, you’re a Dumbo.” he said and smiled “That’s my new nickname for you. Dumbo.”

“Don’t call me that.” he laughed.

“Stop, you’re super annoying Goofy.” I retorted.




“Stop calling me that.” I cried as he laughed, stood up and walk away.

“Dumbo!” he exclaimed as he left.

“Ugggghhh!! I hate that guy!” I groaned mentally.

I stood up and saw some flyers pasted on the walls. Bears cheer team wants new girl to join their team.

I smirked having an idea, I’ll go for the tryouts but I’m not joining the team. God Forbid.

I went to the field and took a pompom, waiting for one of the girls to dance and go away.

“5, 6,7,8!” The girl chanted, jumped and split with her legs.

So easy and dump.

Tess and Sophie clapped but I glared at them and they stopped.

I smiled at the girl feeling anticipated “Okay Valerie, we’ll get back to you. Next!” I said and the girl walk away.

“We’re so letting that girl in our team.” Tess said.

I cringed “No way, that girl dance moves are too easy and so last year.” I said.

“You’ve said that to 10 girls that are impressive, when are we going to choose the perfect girl?” Sophie said.

“I know what I’m doing, those girls are not upto my taste. Next.” I said.

Megan stood in front of us with our pink and white pom poms. Don’t tell me she’s here for the tryouts.

“Hi, I’m here for the tryouts.” Megan said.

“No!” Tess exclaimed.

“Go away!” Sophie added.

“Calm down girls, this might probably be the last tryouts she’ll ever participate in her life.” I said and the girls snickered.

I took my mp3 play box and played ‘WAP’ by Carbi b and Megan Thee Stallion.

I begin to show my impressive dance moves making the cheer b*tches to be in shock.

Other football players including Tony was falling for me because of the cheer dances moves.

The rounding up, I turned around, do a backhand spring,

“Ow!” and throw the pom poms at Gina making her the cry because I put a stone in the pom poms.

I flipped my hair on the girls, took my mp3 and walk away majestically.

Good thing I got that on video, it will be fun to watch every day, more better, Tony is falling for me.

“My nose is bleeding!” I cried as the girls were panicking.

I can’t believe that b*tch would injure me like this. She’ll pay for this.

I sighted Tony starring at her or drooling. That idiot didn’t help me and still falling for another girl?

F*ck you Tony!

I approached him “Tony! You saw Megan hurting me and you didn’t do anything, I can’t believe you’re falling for that nerd!” I cried and walked away.

“Gina! Wait! I’m sorry!” Tony said as he’s following me but I didn’t answer.

I arrived at the palace by the taxi. I came out and entered the palace.

I greeted all the butlers, maids, guards that I came across. I went inside the conference room and I met Megan and her mom discussing and laughing.

“Good afternoon your majesty.” I greeted as I bowed my head.

Queen Athena frowned “Mr Bennett, what did I tell you about…?”

“Right, I’m sorry Mrs Reagan.” I giggled nervously like a girl.

The mother and daughter gave me a weird look and I felt embarrassed. I giggle when I’m nervous.

“My daughter told me that you stood up for her in school today.” Queen Athena said.

“Mom!” Dumbo exclaimed.

I shrugged and giggled nervously again.

“You deserve a reward” Mrs Reagan said.

I scoffed nervously “No I don’t…”

“What’s the reward mom?” Dumbo asked.

“Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll see.” Mrs Reagan smiled.

I don’t feel so good.

Few minutes later
Dumbo and I were in the Royal library which is so big and amazing. Like my dream place.

We sat down together at a table, I brought out my maths textbook with my calculator and a pen, with a notebook then and placed them on the table.

I sighed “Okay Dumbo, let’s…”

I frowned as I noticed Megan holding her iPhone.

“We don’t need phone.” I said.

“But I need this for calculator.” Megan said.

I smiled “Again, we don’t need phone, we have a calculator.” I said as I wanted to collect the phone but Megan didn’t allow me.

“Calm down dude, I’m just using it for calculator.” Megan said rudely.

I shrugged “Fine, as long as you don’t use it for distraction.”

“Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh.” Megan mimicked.



30 minutes later
I was explaining the maths equation to Megan which is fun for me but kinda stressful because my mouth is totally dry. I need water to drink but I must finish my tutoring.

“So the area of the isosceles triangle is to A=BHb/2, which means we should calculate the value of…”

I frowned as I noticed Megan pressing her phone and giggling “Um Megan.”

“Huh? What’s up Goofy” she answered.

I shrugged in confusion “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, I’m listening to whatever you’re teaching.” she said.

I kept my pen on the table “Okay, so what’s the area of the isosceles triangle?” I asked.

Megan raised her eyebrows thinking “Ummmm…. A+B=C.” she grinned sheepishly.

I groaned mentally “Ugghh Dumbo, you need to pay attention, you need all this tutorials.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve keep my phone now I’m listening.” she said as she put her phone on the table and was starring at the book shelves.

“You need to look at me.” I said.

She cringed at me “Why?”

“So that you can pay full attention, I can’t just be saving you from Mr Cam all the time.” I said.

Dumbo sighed “Fine whatever.”

“Okay.” I smiled as we continue to tutorial.

Few minutes later
I sighed “And that’s you solve the problem of the right angle…”

Dumbo phone beeped, she took it immediately as wanted to check the message.

I was annoyed so I snatched the phone from her hand.

“Hey!” she exclaimed “Give it back!”

“No!” I replied.

“I’m gonna make my mom fire you.” Megan said.

“Do it and you won’t be able to find another teacher then you’ll be a Dumbo forever.” I retorted with a smirk.

Dumbo rolled her eyes feeling frustrated.

“Fine, Goofy and please, stop calling me Dumbo.” she said.

“I will if you stop calling me goofy.” I said.

“No I won’t Goofy.” she scoffed.

“Then I won’t stop calling you Dumbo. Dumbo!” I replied “Now let’s get back to the maths torturing.” I said we continued the teaching.

❤ By Authoress Tolu ❤

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