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I leave the school with Nate immediately he fainted. I got to the palace.

Wash the ketchup off my body, wore a sky blue long sleeve mini summer dress.

Mom and I were pacing around the bedroom feeling worried that Nate has found out about my secret.

“How did you let this happened?” mom asked feeling pissed off.

“I don’t know, Tony and Gina pranked me with ketchup and and ran to the boys bathroom to cry and Nate found me glowing. I’ve explained this for the 5th times right now.” I yelled feeling worried.

My mom frowned “They pranked you? They’re gonna…”

“Mom! What are gonna do with him?” I asked as I pointed to the unconscious Nate lying on my bed.

I called my driver to pick us up, he was the one that carried Nate to our palace. I don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out.

“Can we erase his memories?” mom asked.

I frowned in shock “What? No, even though we can, I won’t let you erase his memories.” I protested.

“What if he tells everyone?” mom asked.

“I don’t know, I’m f*cking confused.” I said as I sat on the bed beside Nate.

Nate groaned inwardly, I think he’s waking up. Now I’m doomed.

He’s so cute without his glasses and when he’s sleeping, his flawless skin, his cute curly fringed hair are irresistible, let’s not talk about his hot and cute lips lips strawberries.

“Argh!” I yelped as he immediately grabbed my hand and sat upright.

“Mom, I had a crazy dream that my cute annoying classmate was glowing in the boys bathroom.” he cried.

Mom? Cute? Annoying? Ouch. I don’t think he has woken up totally.

He noticed me and his jaw dropped “Oh sweet Jesus of Nazareth, it’s not a dream.” he said.

“I’m gonna leave you two alone.” mom said as she walked out of the bedroom.

I smiled awkwardly at Nate “Um… Nate… I just…”

“I won’t tell anyone Dumbo.” he said.

I grinned “Wait… Really?”

He nodded “I promise, no wonder you and your mom were hiding your faces from the world.”

“Promise you won’t say a word about it?” I asked.

“Dumbo, I knew that you’re the princess of Ragan and I didn’t say a word, trust me on this too.” he said with a smile.

I smiled “Okay.”

“So where am I, Dumbo?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes “We’re in my bedroom and Goofy, stopped calling me Dumbo.”

Goofy shrugged “Okay Dumbo. No wonder the room is so pink.”

I groaned mentally “Can you be less annoying for a minute?” I asked.

Nate chuckled “Yeah right.”

Megan’s so beautiful, I hate to say her black long hair are like magnet, her smooth flawless skin like a doll, her body shape is totally perfect.

I can’t wait to enter her… What the f*ck are you thinking about Nate?

She’s just my classmate and the weirdo I’m tutoring. I’m a little scared of her because of her glowing thingy but sometimes she’s annoying.

“So the glowing stuff, is it genetic?” I asked.

“No, I mean I don’t know, my mom has it but my grandparents doesn’t have it. Not even my great grandparents.” Megan said.

“Have you try to discover the source of the power?” I asked.

“Can we please stop talking about this?” Megan said feeling sad.

I noticed the cute Dumbo is sad and depressed inside “What’s wrong Dumbo?” I asked.

She glared at me and sighed “It’s just… I’ve been crushing on Tony even before I got into Bravely High but he didn’t notice me, today I decided to tell him how I feel about him and when I did, Gina poured ketchup on me and Tony made fun of me…” she stopped as she begin to shed tears.

I became a little frightened as she begin to glow and her tears are turning into tiny diamonds. What the…?

What type of human being is this? She’s freaking me out.

I need to calm down and console her. I must let the freaking glowy thing disturb me.

I held her hand “Sorry that happened, that’s Tony and Gina for you, they treat other people who tries to flirt with them like trash. Few weeks ago, I also tried to flirt with Gina then I caught them having sex with each other and they still made fun of me. I was totally humiliated.” I explained sadly.

“Wow, sorry about that.” I said truthfully.

Nate shrugged “Nah, it’s okay, I just decided to move on with my lonely life, that’s what you should do too.”

I frowned in confusion “Lonely life? Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

Nate bent his head sadly “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

I giggled “Let me guess, you have an ex-girlfriend, I know there’re a lot of reasons but what’s the main reason she dumped you?” I asked.

“I… I… Don’t have any ex-girlfriend!” Nate vented.


“I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’ve never date before, I’ve never had a first kiss.” he cried.

My eyes went wide, “What?” I exclaimed.

How can a cute guy like him never ever had a first kiss at 18 years? What the f*cking fudge!!!

I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments but this is the worst. Telling an annoying princess my deepest secrets.

Thank God she didn’t laugh because this is not funny at all.

“Hahaha!!!” Megan burst into crazy laughter.

“Stop laughing!” I said.

“You? Never had a first kiss? You’re so lame and Goofy, you’re such a dork.” Megan laughed.


She bursts into louder laughter.


She laughed louder which made me totally pissed off and embarrassed. That’s it.

I stood up from the bed and walk out of the bedroom.

“Nate! Wait! I’m sorry!” Megan yelled but I didn’t reply.

“Nate! Come on! I said I’m sorry!” she yelled but I didn’t reply as I slammed the door angrily.

I met Queen Athena on the way outside “Nate wait, maths tutorial will start in 10 minutes.”

“Hire another maths.” I said angrily and walked out of the palace.


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