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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 8♨️ 🌼
I can’t believe I really enjoyed the kiss with Nate. Do I like him? But I like Tony. Am losing feelings for him? I don’t understand anymore.

I didn’t think twice but to run away from the class. I kept walking not knowing where I’m heading.

“Megan wait!” I heard a deep voice.

I stopped and turned, it’s Tony walking towards me. Why am I not excited because he just noticed me? I don’t even know my feelings anymore.

I fake smiled “Hey Tony, what’s up?”

I’m not even nervous like before.

He approached me “We need to talk.”

I shrugged “We’re already talking.”

He scoffed “Okay, so… Um…” he’s rubbing his neck.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Are you really dating him? Or you’re just doing this to make me jealous.” Tony asked.

Uh oh! What if Tony knows? He’ll make fun of me and humiliate me. I don’t want that but I still like him. I think.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, I’m really dating Nate okay, I like him and he likes me, by the way, why did you care?” I said feeling annoyed.

“Because… I’m the most popular guy in school and I have the right to know.” Tony said.

“Okay Mr Popular, now you know.” I said and was about to walk away but he pulled me back.

“If you like Nate, then why did you tell me that you like me yesterday?” he asked.

I sighed “I did that because I used to like you but since you don’t like me back, I decided to move on with Nate because he likes me.”

“But Megan…”

“Don’t call my name, what did you want?” I asked angrily.

“Look, I’m sorry if I’m being weird.” He said.

I nodded “Apology accepted.”

“Do you wanna go to Dunkin donuts with me after school?” He asked.

I shrugged with a smile “Sure, like a date?” I asked mistakenly.

Tony shrugged “Like a yes.” we both chuckled.

I kinda like this guy back but not as I like you know who…

If I try to remember his name, I’ll feel guilty. I need this moment.

He is very smart, the plan is working.

“So when should I pick you up? Can I have your number?” He asked.

I nodded happily “Yes it’s 0342-1…”

“Hey!” I heard Nate’s voice.

He approached us looking angry “What’s going on?”

“I’m trying to have a private conversation with her so leave.” Tony replied rudely.

Nate scoffed “She’s my girlfriend. So I have the right to know about your private conversation. So what are we talking about?”

I signalled Nate to stop acting stupid ‘Stop, the plan is working.’

“Dude leave, before I lose it.” Tony said.

“Lose it for who? Cmon babe, let’s go.” Nate held my hand.

“No, I’m going out with Tony to Dunkin donuts.” I said adamantly.

I just feel like killing this son of a b*tch. I know it’s wrong to ask another girl out especially when she has a boyfriend but I just wanna spend time with her.

“Just go you motherf*cker.” I snarled.

Nate scoffed “Fine, I’ll go, but Megan is coming with me.” he pulled Megan’s hand and they left.

I clenched my fist feeling like beating Nate mercilessly. So that nerd has the guts to do whatever he wants because he has a girlfriend. We’ll see about that.

Nate dragged my hand to a class and stopped and yanked my hand angrily, glaring at Nate.

“What?” He asked.

“What? Seriously? Our f*cking plan is working already, why did you ruin everything again?” I asked.

Nate scoffed “Because, Tony is gonna think you’re so cheap if you agreed easily, he’ll take you for granted and not regret what he did to you yesterday. Do you want that?”

I blinked my eyes repeatedly, realizing what Nate just said.

“Wow, I guess I didn’t think that through. I’m such an idiot.” I said bitterly.

Nate shrugged “It’s not your fault that you’re born to be a Dumbo.”

I glared at Nate “Goofy.” I flickered his for head.

“Ow! Not cool.” Nate winced as I chuckled.

All of us are in the football field, the football🏈 players were on their own side, while we cheerleaders are on our own spot practicing our cheer routines.

“5, 6,7,8,!” I yelled and we begin to chant and dance.

I sighted Tony sitting tiredly on the bench. Awww my baby is tired from the sport.

“Okay guys, let’s take five.” I said and the cheerleaders sat on the floor tiredly.

I smiled as I approached my sweetheart “Hey babe, how’s football practice?”

Tony smiled at me “It was okay, I just miss you.”

I pouted “Awww, I miss you too baby.” I sat beside him and wanted to kiss him but moved his head away.

I frowned “What’s wrong babe?”

“I just want to go home, I’m f*cking tired.” Tony said.


“Babe, don’t worry, we’ll kiss each other next time, I’m just not in a good mood.” he said as he carried his sport bag, stood up and walk away.

What’s wrong with him? He had been acting weird since lunch time, did someone upset him.

I groaned feeling pissed off, I stood up and went back to cheer practice.

I was sitting on the stairs outside the school for 1 hour waiting for my driver to pick me up.

Where is that man? I’ve been waiting for an hour.

I groaned mentally feeling tired of waiting. I’ve dialled his number and my mom’s number but no one answered.

I dialled her number again and she finally answered “Mom, I’ve been waiting for an hour, where are you, where’s Will?”

“Sorry sweetie, mommy and the driver went to the Mayor’s house for a meeting, we’ll be back by 9:00.” mom said.

“But how am I going home? I can’t wait in school till 9:00. Are you kidding me?” I complained.

Mom sighed “Sorry baby, I will book an Uber… I’m sorry sweetie, I need to go back to my meeting. Bye.”

“But mom…” I skipped as she hung up.

I groaned angrily as I kept my phone in my pocket. I’m tired.

I can’t believe my mom. She’s so annoying.

I took a deep breath as I stood up and walked around the school. I stood at the school gate.

I frowned as a red Ferrari stopped in front of me, the window glass was slid down. Tony.

“Hey Meg, are we still going to the Dunkin Donuts?” he asked.

“Umm… I don’t know…” I scoffed.

“No problem, need a ride home?” he asked.

I shrugged with a smile “Yeah sure, but I’m dropping at…”

“Yo! Yo! Yo!” Nate interrupted us again as he approached me and put his arm around me.

I rolled my eyes “What now Nate? Where were you?”

“Dude, do you mind?” Tony added.

“Yes I do mind, Megan is my girlfriend and doesn’t have the right to be going out with a bottom feeder like you.” Nate retorted.

Tony came out of the car angrily “Excuse me?” he grabbed Nate’s collar.

“Tony let go of him!” I sneered as I pushed them apart.

Tony’s glaring at Nate whose smirking.

“I’m sorry Tony.” I apologized and glared at Nate “Let’s go Goof.” I grabbed Nate’s hand and walk away leaving the annoyed Tony.

I entered my car and slammed the door and drove off angrily.

I swear I can kill that nerd, what’s his problem?

I know Megan is very pretty and I don’t know what type of weird feeling I have for her, I’ve never had that feeling for Gina.

I only liked Gina because she’s pretty and popular and she’s the only person that have time for me, besides Mark and Zeke.

I held my bag strap tightly, feeling furious after watching my boyfriend and some nerd fighting for that ruthless nerd, Megan.

I’m gonna teach that stupid Megan and her useless boyfriend a lesson. I just hope Tony won’t break up with me or else.

I breathe trying to calm down and I walked away angrily.

Nate and I reached the side of the school and I pushed him feeling annoyed.

“Nate, what is your problem? You’re the one who brought up with the stupid plan this morning and you can’t even let me go out with Tony.” I yelled.

“Because I love…” Nate paused and I gave him a weird look.

“You love what?” I asked.

Nate chuckled “I love the way I annoy you everytime and let’s hurt Tony the more so that he can fall madly in love with you.”

I rolled my eyes “If he actually knows that I can dress prettier and can dance, he’ll fall for me not snubbing him and my fake boyfriend bothering us.”

Nate smirked and moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, making me to feel uncomfortable and kinda nice.

“Fake boyfriend?” he asked.

What’s this jerk talking about? He’s so weird and annoying.

I pushed him away “Move! I’m ordering an Uber to go home.”

“Nah that’s stupid.” He muttered.

I gave him a offensive look “Excuse me?”

“Let’s just trek to the palace.” Nate said.

My eyes went wide “What? The palace is like 100 miles away from here.”

“That’s what makes it funny and awesome.” Nate laughed.

“Also exhausting and painful.” I added.

“Are you ready to run all the way from school to the palace?” Nate asked.

I frowned “Run? No way, I’ll just order…”

“On your mark.” Nate bent getting ready.

“Nate don’t do this.” I shook my head.

“Get set,”

“Nate, you’re getting me hyped up.”


I threw my bag away “I’m gonna beat you!!”


I raise our legs and ran as fast as we can and I can’t believe Nate’s at the front. This is why I hate being short.

Thank God, I was 3 times winner of track race competition.

I can run faster than anyone, I knew Megan can resist the pressure I put in her.

Good thing I didn’t complete that I love word, I don’t know where it comes from.

I’m the best runner.

“Loser!!!” I heard Megan yelling as she ran past me.

I shrieked in shock as I fell into a bush. “Ow!”

I stood up panting heavily with a glare “Megan can never beat me!” I grumbled as I continue with the running.

We finally reached the palace gate and I fell on the ground, panting heavily feeling extremely tired.

“Yay, I’m the winner!” I cheered, feeling weak.

I’ve never been this tired or run like this before in my whole life, even when tiger chased me around the zoo when I was 5 years old.

I can’t believe Nate made me run all the way from school to my home. I just hate to lose in any competition, lame one or not lame.

“I can’t believe you one!” Nate cried as he ran towards me and fell on the ground beside me. Sweating like he just bath.

“I’m a winner and you’re a loser.” I laughed.

Nate glared at me but was shocked as he saw me “You have to go inside fast.”

I shrugged “Why?”

“You’re glowing because of your sweat!” Nate said.

“What?” I exclaimed as I stood up, panicking.

His right, I’m glowing, I ran inside the palace and Nate followed me.

Good thing, no one sees us, but why do I feel I’ve been watched?


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