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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 10♨️ 🌼
I was walking home for school, I’m kinda used to it mostly because of yesterday that I ran home from school thanks to Nate.

I wonder why he has been ignoring me since morning, I checked my phone and dialled his number for the 10th time. He didn’t answer.

I even texted him for 11 times but he didn’t even respond. I wonder what’s actually wrong with him. He’s not supposed to be this mad.

A car drove pass me and splashed some mud on me. “Argh!”

“Not cool, man!” I yelled at the driver and ran into a bush.

10 seconds had pass and I begin to glow. I took a deep breath and wait to the glowing went off.

“Oh!” I heard the same girly voice.

I saw the Barbie as she wanted to run away.

I stood up “Hey! Stop!” I commanded and she stopped.

She sighed and turned to me with a smile “Alright you caught me Your Highness.”

I frowned, did she just call me ‘Your Highness’?

“Why are you spying on me since last week? What are you up to? How did you know I’m royal? Who are you?” I asked feeling angry.

“Calm down your Highness. I’m Doris. I’m also a princess.” she said as she offered me a hand shake.

I accepted the handshake “Okay? So why are you spying on me and didn’t even tell anyone about my magic even though you know?”

Doris sighed as she pulled me to an empty alley.

“The truth is I’m exactly like you.” she said.

I frowned feeling confused “What?”

Doris sighed as she brought out a water bottle and poured the water on her head and she begin to glow.

Whoa! What the f*ck? I thought…

“See?” she said.

I begin to stutter “I… I… I thought the magic is genetic and it’s one of a…”

“Let me introduce myself completely, I’m 17 years old, I’m Doris Reagan, the daughter of King Paul and Queen Lisa of Aderya, the granddaughter of King George Reagan, our grandfather, the descendant of our ancient father, King Leonard, also the descendant of our ancient mother Ragan, Who gave us the magic powers but I don’t know how. I came to Ragan city to know the full history of our powers.” Doris said proudly.

My eyes went wide, she knows a lot about our family history, I don’t even know anything about my family history. So we’re cousins? I have no idea.

Queen Lisa is my mom’s older sister, she got married to royalty and never heard from her again.

I can’t believe this…. Wait… Ragan? Magic? Gave us?

“What?!” I exclaimed. “Queen Ragan gave us this power? How? When? Who’s Ragan?” I asked.

“Calm down, cousin. I have no idea. That’s why I come here to know how to use my powers.” Doris said.

“I don’t get this anymore, why did you come here to find answers? There’s nothing in this kingdom. I think.” I said.

“Yes, there is. This kingdom is where our ancestors grew up, so there’re supposed to be answers.” Doris said.

“Okay, so where are gonna get the answers?” I asked.

“The palace, dummy. No wonder Nate calls you a Dumbo.” Doris retorted.

“Wait, you know Nate?” I asked.

“Yes, he’s my book club mate.” she grinned.

I scoffed “Okay, so where in the palace should we find…?”

“Stop asking questions. By the way, don’t tell anyone I’m a princess.” she said.

“I know, that’s why I’m hiding mine.” I scoffed.

We smiled and was about to walk away when our Royal Porsche parked in front of us.

The window glass slid down and it reveals Will, my driver “Your Highness, the queen have been searching for and she is not happy.”

I rolled my eyes with a sigh “Just let’s go.”

“Who’s she?” Will asked.

“My…. ” I wanted to say my cousin but she shook her head signalling me not to say ‘my cousin’.

“Um… My classmate.” I lied. “We’re trying to study for tomorrow’s test at my home so…”

“Okay, let’s your Highness.” he said and we entered the car and he drove off to the palace.

I was lying on my bed, throwing a bouncing small ball on the wall as it bounces back and I catch it. I feel jobless that’s why.

I want to study but I can’t concentrate because of Megan.

She really hurt my feelings, I can’t believe my useless plan worked for the girl I love and that stupid freak called Tony.

My room door was knocked “Nate.” my mom walked in.

“Hey mom.” I sat up right on my bed.

My mom sat beside “Are you okay? You came home early. Didn’t you go to your tutoring place?”

She don’t know about me tutoring a princess. I only tell her I’m teaching a my classmate, who I had my first kiss with.

“Yeah, I’m just tired.” I lied.

“I know you’re lying, you can’t leave studying or tutoring even though there’s a personal problem against it.” mom said.

She’s right. I love studying, especially maths.

I sighed “Well…”

“Nathan, I know that you are in love with that girl and you just don’t know how to express your feelings so you started avoiding her.” mom explained.

“No.” I denied “Yeah.”

Mom sighed “Well, that’s a stupid reason to be avoiding a girl you like.”

“But mom, I saw a guy that I really hate, hugged her tightly like they’re dating.” I said.

“Nathan, that’s a stupid excuse, have you even talk to me girl to know what happened?” mom asked.


“Stop being such a dummy and meet her, tell her how you feel.” mom advised.

I smiled feeling enlightened “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks mom.” I hugged her.

“You’re welcome sweetie.”

“I’ll go meet her right now.” I said feeling excited as I stood up.

“First, you have to do all the house chores you’re supposed to do yesterday and today and don’t miss dinner, sugar baby’s cooking.” mom ordered.

“But mom.” I whined.

Mom glared at me.

I sighed “Fine, I guess I’ll go tomorrow.” I said as I was about to leave.

“Wait!” mom stopped me.

“Yes mom?”

“What’s the name of the girl and how did you meet her?” mom asked.

I chuckled “I guess you’ll have to find out.” I said as I leave the bedroom.

I sighed as my son leaves the room.

“Come out guys, I guess we’re not gonna know how he did his meet cute.” I said.

All my children and my husband came out from their hiding spot and groaned.

Sugar baby- Urrgghh, that boy.

Gwen- He’s so annoying.

Quin- Stupid guy.

Carl- I’m so curious about his meet cute.

I shrugged “Sorry I tried to set him up but he’s too smart.”

“That’s my son.” Sugar baby said proudly.

After being confronted by my mom when I got home, I lied to her that Doris is my classmate.

Mom believed but leaves the palace with Will and some servants to the President of America’s house.

I gave Doris a house tour and I finally brought her to my bedroom “And this is my bedroom.”

“Nice.” Doris smiled.

“I can’t believe this is where my ancestors was raised and you didn’t know anything. You’re so dump.” Doris laughed.

I glared at her “Not funny.”

“So let’s look for some clues.” Doris said and we started searching for historical stuffs all around the palace but we can’t find anything.

We checked the Royal library, pantries, great Hall, the large hallway, guest rooms but we can’t find anything.

We went back to the library and fell on the floor feeling exhausted.

“I’m so tired.” Doris groaned.

“I told you there’s nothing here.” I said.

“There must be something, this is where Ragan grew.” Doris said.

“Who’s Ragan?”

“I don’t know!” Doris cried.

“This is bullsh*t!” I banged on of the shelves angrily.

“Ow!” I cried as some books fell on us.

“Nice work Dumbo.” Doris said.

I glared at her “Don’t you ever call me that. Ever!” I threatened her and Doris kept quiet.

Only one person has the right to call me that. I don’t wanna remember his name.

“Let’s arrange this books.” I said as we stood and was packing the books and arranging them back to the shelves.

I frowned as I found a super old dirty brown paper on the floor. I took it and cringed a little.

“What is this?” I asked.

“That must be a clue for the answer.” Doris said as she collected the paper and read:

📜 Even though I’m Royal, my life was a mess until my God of Catholic grant my my greatest wish of being an half angel to win the greatest battle of all time.📜

“Who wrote this?” Doris asked.

“Check the back of the paper, something’s written there.” I said and we read:

📜Written by the legendary rebellious Queen, Ragani Aurora Reagan, shirt form is Ragan.📜

I scoffed “Ragani, worst name ever.”

Doris gave me a look “You know her ghost can haunt you for making fun of her name.”

“Sorry.” I said.

“But this isn’t complete, what battle? Why is she rebellious? I don’t get it.” Doris said.

I checked the paper very well and noticed some unclear handwriting. I think I can read it.

“There’s something written here and I don’t know what.” I said and checked very well.

📜My… full… Stoooory… Story. Issss…. In… The deeper basement 📜

“We have a basement?” I asked.

“Let’s go.” Doris said as we leave the library and was looking around the palace searching the basement entrance.

“We’ve searched everywhere, where is this so-called basement?” Doris asked.

I shrugged “I don’t know.”

“But there’s one place we’ve not check.” Doris said referring to my mom’s bedroom.

I scoffed “We can’t go there, my mom doesn’t even allow me to enter her bedroom without her permission.”

“That means there must be something, let’s check.” Doris said and wanted to enter the room.

“Doris wait.” I held her arm.

Doris sighed “Look, if we found the answers, we’ll know how to control our powers even though water splashed on us, we’ll know how to make good use of the magic and be happy. Unless you want to be hiding your powers and act like a weirdo who hates water and don’t even know your powers.”

I bent my head sadly feeling scared “Let’s go.”

“Yes! Let’s go.” she said and we entered my mom’s bedroom.

“Whoa! It’s bigger and beautiful than my parents bedroom.” Doris gasped.

“Let’s just look for the clues.” I said.

“Wait first, I need to jump on the bed.” Doris squealed as she climbed mom’s bed.
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“Doris, no! Get down!” I said while Doris is jumping on the large bed and squealing.

“Yay! It feels like a cozy trampoline!” she squealed.

“Okay Dorry, that’s enough, let’s go!” I said pulling her skirt. Doris is so quirky.

“Weeee!!!” she squealed as she jumped to the floor…

“Whoa!” “Argh!” We screamed as the ground opens and we fell into it and we’re crying loudly and falling down the stairs till we reached the ground.

“Ow! It hurts” Doris and I cried.

“Where are we?”

We stood up and gasped as we saw where we are.

It’s like 100 years old museum, so many ancient stuffs, big and small stuffs like statues, swords, armors, crowns, robes, creepy statue faces and more creepier.

There’re larger tombs of the dead kings and queens in this basement. With their pictures like:

King Leonard- Born- 351BC, Died- 255BC. The first king of Amaron (Which used to be the name of Ragan kingdom)

King Arthur- (GrandSon of King Leonard) Born- 255BC, Died- 105BC, the second king of Amaron.

King Triton- (Son-in-law of King Arthur) Born- 105BC, Died- 11th centuries. The third king of Amaron.

King Joshua- (Second son of King Triton) Born- 11th centuries (1001-1098)

King Edward- (Son-in-law of king Joshua) 1098-1159

King Isle- (Adopted son of king Edward) 1159-1182.

King blah…






All this rulers, all this rulers are kings, no queens.

“Something’s not right.” I said.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Doris asked.

“Only the Royal sons have the right to rule the kingdom.” I said.

Doris agreed “Even though there’re only daughters, they must get married or adopted to some random men so that they can be King. No women has ever become ruler of Amaron.”

“My mom is the ruler.” I said.

“But in those days.” she said.

“Let’s check.” I said and we leave the 11th centuries and checked the 13th century (medieval age)

Queen Ragani- (Daughter of King Oscar of Amaron and Queen Roshni from Haihayas) 1311-1388 (13th century) First Queen of Amaron which changes into Ragan because of her rebellious and heroic act.

Queen Bethany- (Daughter of Ragan, second Queen of Ragan) 13th century to the 14th century.

Queen Elizabeth…

“Megan!” Doris called. “I found some old scrolls.”

“Okay, let’s see.” Doris said.

“It’s the old stories of ur ancestors.” I grinned happily.

Yea, finally we’ll find the answers but wait, we found this basement in my mom’s bedroom.

Why is it in mom’s bedroom? How? Did mom knows about this?


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