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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 11♨️ 🌼
“Let’s read this sh*t and learn how to use our powers.” Doris said and I agreed.

We opened a scroll and read:
📜 Long ago during the time of BCE, The city of Carran was a peaceful and beautiful town, full of good and civilized people. But one night, the Vikings came and invaded the city, burn a lot of houses, killed so many people.

Most people were killed and couldn’t escape, Leonard, a 27 years old soldier instructed some people to follow him so that they can escape. Leonard saved those people out of the destructive city of Carran successfully and they ended up in a very large fruitful and beautiful land of Amaron.

The people praised God and Leonard for saving them, they begin to serve Leonard and they made him the first king of Amaron.

The kingdom of Amaron grew more and more. King Leonard had three sons, Arthur, Matthew and Ross.

King Leonard died and Arthur became king, when he had four children, he was disappointed that all were girls,

So when the youngest daughter Sarah was the first child that had a son Triton.

King Triton became King. The ruler of Amaron despite his carelessness. He’s the one who made a stupid rule that no women should do any professional work except being in the kitchen.

King Triton died and allowed his second son to rule the kingdom even though he has the first daughter who’s willing to sacrifice her life for the kingdom.

If a King couldn’t bore a son but only daughters, he’s going to make make a princess marry some random man (mostly princes) to become King.

King Edward even had to adopt a boy to be the king.

All this hundreds of Kings has never ever allowed any woman to become the ruler or anything, not even a tailor or chef.

The men only rules have been going on since BCE but it has to stop in the Medieval age. I decided to change the story and be the new ruler of Amaron.

Hi, I’m Ragani Aurora Reagan, but you can call me Ragan. I’m a 17 years old princess and the only daughter of my parents. I’m half India, half British.

I know India and Amaron had big issues with each other so my dad fell in love with my mom, Roshni. But she hate him mostly because the British were invading her country and we’re like them, so he kidnapped her and marry her and they had me.

I know, not cool and not nice but mom later loved him because he’s not one of those wicked Britishers.

I’ve always wanted to be the ruler and a knight, since when I was 5 years old. But my dad didn’t allow. He doesn’t even allow me to go to knight school because it’s for boys.

Although I saw a blonde boy training there and he’s really cute.

Anyway, my personal servant, Tracy realized how much I loved knights so she decided to build a glass room were I can secretly be trained.

The training knights can’t see me at all from the outside but I can see them from the inside.

I made a sword and training costume and I wore them and hide myself in the mirror (Soundproof) room to be training myself. No one knows about this not even my mom and dad.

This has been going for years till I reached 17 years and I became an expert and Tracy’s best friend.

My dad noticed our friendship and doesn’t like it because I’m a princess, she’s a servant. I also stole my crush’s training clothes.

It was few days, the knights were preparing for a great battle between England and Amaron.

England is very powerful. No one has never defeat England and once the kingdom is defeated, England will take over everything and enslave everyone even the Royalty.

I decided to I steal a knight armor to join the soldiers but it was not easy, in fact, almost impossible.

The secret knight training had been great until I got caught by my dad and his guards when they managed to find me fighting in the secret room.

That day, I woke up, took my bath and wore my training clothes then wore a blue turtleneck long gown with long sleeves on top of the training outfit and my golden tiara on my head.

I left my bedroom and was going down the stairs to escape from my parents till I bump into my mom.

“Oh Ragani, are you okay Betee (child)?” she asked as she caress my face.

I held her hand “I’m fine mommy, I have to go play with my friends. Alavida (bye)” I lied walking down the stairs.

Mommy laughed which made to stop walking.

“You and your friends are so inseparable, maybe I should come with you because I’ve never seen them.” mommy said.

My eyes went wide at her “What? Mommy, Nehi (no) you don’t have to come.” I laughed nervously.

Mommy held my hand “Don’t worry Betee, I won’t be embarrassing, I’m a queen by the way.”

“But mommy, if you come, I won’t feel confident.” I said.

“It’s okay Ragani…”

“It’s Ragan.” I corrected.

“I’m your mother and I can call you your full name, so let’s go.” she said.

“But mom…”

“Ragani, I want to see your friends, being embarrassed of your parents especially your mom is very wrong.” mom said feeling serious.

Oh no, here comes India people lectures.

“A child who’s always ashamed of her mother can have a lot of consequences, like eternal regrets, lack of love, sadness. And I don’t want that for my daughter. Nehi Betee, nehi!” mom speaks her language.

“Bas mommy!! (Stop mom!)” I yelled at my mom the first time.

Mommy looked totally hurt and offended for yelling at her.

“I’m sorry mommy but I need to go and I don’t want you to come please.” I said and walked away feeling guilty.

I just don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing for the past 12 years. I’m sorry mommy but I need to prepare.

My eyes was so soaked with tears, I can’t believe my own daughter would yell at me for the first time.

I watched her reaching down stairs to the great Hall and left the palace.

I sat on the stairs weeping bitterly, does my child hates me? What did I do wrong? I’m just trying to be a good mother.

“Roshni?” my King called as he sat beside me.

I stood and wiped off my tears and bowed my head “My King.”

“Why are you crying?” he asked as he stood up.

I burst into more tears and hugged him tightly.

“My daughter just yell at me for the first time. I just want to follow her to see her friends and she yell at me, am I a bad mother?” I cried.

“No you’re not Roshni, don’t worry. I’ll deal with her. Guards.” Oscar shouted and the guards assembled in front of us.

“Make sure all of you find my daughter, I’ll assist you.” Oscar ordered.

“Please be easy on our Betee.” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry honey.” Oscar kissed my forehead and they all left the palace.

God the Father, please protect our Ragani. I was worshipping Lord Krishna until I married Oscar who’s worshipping God in heaven.

I was in the glass room in my training clothes learning some impressive skills with my wooden sword.

I back flipped, was doing the one handed sword skills, did a backflip kick and a front flip kick and did a finish pose.

I giggled feeling proud that I’m going to be a great fighter, also fight in the greatest battle.

This should be fun, my dream will finally come true.

I couldn’t stop starring at the cute blonde guy, Ronald. He’s so cute with he’s cute skin, pink lips, sweet smile and amazing skills. I really wish he noticed me but I can’t introduce myself.

I yelped mentally as the door was opened.

“Ragan!” my dad yelled as he entered.

Oh no! “Dad, it’s not what you think!” I pleaded.

“Destroy the this glass nonsense!!!” Dad commanded the guards.

The guards begin to break the glasses which expose me ttrainin, everyone was watching me even Ronald.

“Dad! Please stop! I love this! This is my dream dad!” I cried.

“You useless disobedient! I told you that no girl is allowed to be a knight or anything, you’re the princess and supposed to be a good example. I’m so disappointed.” dad gritted his teeth and grabbed my hand.

“From now on, you and other princesses should no longer go out of the palace!” Dad commanded.

Ronald gave me a sad look. My dad pulled my arm and we left the training halls.

He looked me inside the room and decided to get me married to someone I’ve never met, he said that my betrothed will come from the Russia.

I’m so angry and sad that I couldn’t talk to anyone especially my mother, Tracy was banished from the kingdom for helping me. I can’t believe dad made a stupid rule.

I fell on my bed, cry bitterly and loudly for an hour, my mom kept knocking my door but I didn’t reply till she’s tired of knocking.

At midnight, I checked my window and I saw knights preparing to go to the war,including Ronald. I can see them in the Catholic church praying for victory.

I have a feeling that this battle will be a disaster, everyone will be defeated. I must go with them. I won’t let anyone even my dad stop me.

This kingdom means so much to me and I must protect it, I decided to disguise myself and follow them.

I used sword to cut my hair into lowcut, I put a fake beard on my face, I reshaped my eyebrows and wore the stolen training clothes with a black cloak to cover my face.

I took my red India bag made by my mom and I packed some food and stuffs I need into it.

I climbed out of my window, checked the ground which is extremely high from my bedroom.

I took a deep breath “You can do this.” I whispered as I begin to climb down the castle till I finally reached the ground successfully.

I smiled feeling impressed by myself. Ran out of the castle compound dealing with the annoying guards.

I went to the Royal stable and picked a brown horse and dressed it up with it’s saddle.

I went to the Catholic Church and saw all the men kneeling down praying.

I went at the back seat and knelt down, put my hands together and closed my eyes and prayed.

🙏 Yahweh, my Father. I know disguising myself, sneaking out of the castle and disrespecting my mother are sins, Have mercy on me. Help me hide my identity.

And please, continue to protect this kingdom forever and let us win this great battle, give me the power of an angel so that I can help my kingdom to win this battle. Amen🙏

After praying, all of the men including me stood up and went to the altar, lined up to collect anointing oil.

The priest was put one drop on the men’s head and says “Jehovah give you strength.”

I became nervous because Ronald’s behind me, also it’s almost my turn to receive anointing oil.

I took a deep breath when it’s almost my turn. I became scared as I opened my cloak.

The priest gave me a suspicious look. Does he know I’m a girl? I’m scared.

He smiled “Jehovah give you strength.” he said as he put two drops of anointing oil on my head and still draw a cross on my head.

“Phew!” I sighed as I left the altar and was about to leave the church.

“Hey!” Ronald ran towards me and smiled.

I blushed “Hi…. I mean ahem” I cleared my throat “Hey, what’s up?” I said with a manly voice.

“I haven’t seen your face, are you a student of the knight school because you look familiar.” He said.

I shrugged trying to talk but cat got my tongue. I begin to stammer. “Uh… Um… Ummm I’m Ra… Ranger.”

“Ranger, nice. I’m Ronald.” he said offering a handshake.

“Soldiers! It’s time to leave!” The commander said and I ran out of the church.

I climbed and sat on my horse then followed the soldiers to the battlefield.

Then we decided encamped at that site for two days. Good thing we all have our personal tents.

The next day, I woke up and wore my training clothes… I mean Ronald’s. I went to the river to bath but I found so many men bathing and doing disgusting stuffs there.

I gulped as I turned to walk away.

“Guys, there’s snakes in the river!” Ronald screamed and all the men panicked and ran away.

I wanted to run away.

“Ranger, wait!” Ronald called, still in the river. “I tricked everyone so that you can have the river all to yourself.”

I smiled “Thanks bro.” I replied with a deep voice.

“Now come on, in.” he said.

I thought he said I can have the river all to myself, why hasn’t he left? He do realize I’m gonna bathe naked. Oh wait, he thinks I’m a man.

“Um… Can you give me some privacy?” I asked with manly voice.

“Wait? We’re boys,take off your clothes and let’s bathe together, naked.” Ronald laughed.

I laughed nervously “That’s not a good idea.”

“There’s a squirrel on your shoulder.” he said.

I scoffed manly “I’m not falling for that.”

“Seriously.” he said.

I noticed something’s on my shoulder, Squirrel!!!

“Argh!” I screamed in panic and fell into the river.

Ronald laughed and swam towards me, smirking. He wrapped around my waist and look me in the eyes.

“I know you’re not a guy.” he whispered.

I scoffed in a manly voice “I am a guy, I smell my smelly armpits as perfume and pick my nose.”

“Gross! But I know that’s not true, Princess Ragan.” he said.

“I am not a princess, I’m a warrior, I’m a man, I’m Ranger.” I said in a manly voice.

“Okay, if you’re a man, why would I do this?” he said smashed his lips on mine. My first kiss!

I hugged his neck enjoying the moment because I love this moment, making out in the river with my childhood crush. We pulled away.

“How… How did you know it’s me?” I asked.

“Because you’re pretty sneaky, ever since when we’re little kids, I’ve been watching you from the glass, sometimes I leave training and secretly watch you like a movie, but you didn’t notice. I noticed my clothes are stolen so I searched and searched till I found it in your bedroom. I laughed and just left it for you. That’s why I was making you nervous.” he explained.

I laughed “Seriously, why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Because I like to watch women fight for their rights.” Ronald said.

“Ragan… I love you, ever since I caught you secretly training with us, I liked you since then but I was scared to admit my feelings for you because I’m poor and just a knight.” he scoffed.

“And that’s what makes you stronger. I love you too but scared to show myself because of my…”

“I understand.” he said and we went back to our make out session.

“Agh!!! Gays!!!! Oh my gosh!!!” A soldier yelled and ran away and we pulled away.

We laughed because I noticed I’m still disguised as a man.

A day later, Ronald and I became closer, training together and having fun together that everyone thinks we’re gays but we didn’t care.

The commander was angry that we’re gays ✌ and was saying gay is a sin but we still didn’t care. He can’t expel us because we’re very far away from home.

During the night, for some dangerous reason we all prepared for the war, we wore our war armors, took our weapons like swords, guns, daggers and so on. and bombs and canons and so on.

We all gathered in the battle field watching the British Army from afar.

I don’t know why the British people decided to fight wore at night.

We were scared, anticipated and confident that Jehovah will protect us. I took a deep breath as the British Army begin to run towards us ready to fight.

Some have already set up their bombs and ready to blow.

Some of our soldiers begin to run towards them to fight but bombs begin to blow some places and killing some of our soldiers.

We begin to blow our own bombs as it kills some soldiers. The Britishers were beating us and I don’t know what to do.

Ronald and I held our hands together tightly hoping us to be safe.

We noticed the British people are out of bombs but were shooting with their guns.

And our set begin to run as we shout “Argh!!!”

I begin to stab most of the soldiers with my sword, Ronald also killed huge amount of people.

But still some of our soldiers are killed, I don’t know how this is happening. We have many weapons as the England. What’s up?

I noticed some soldiers are wearing black goggles, what’s that…? Wait… They’re having night vision with the glass that’s why they decided to fight war in the night.

So that they can defeat us and we won’t be able to see anything. Smart.

I begin to shed teats as I’m watching my people killed. If the British win, Amaron will be gone forever.

Yahweh please answer my prayers, give me the power to defeat my enemies.

“Argh!” Ronald cried as a British soldier shot him in his stomach and fell on his horse.

“RONALD NOO!!!” I cried loudly as a soldier stabbed me in the stomach and I fell.

“RAGAN!!!” Ronald screamed feeling weak.

Is this it? My end unfairly? My kingdom defeated? No! I won’t let that happen.

I must save my people, my kingdom. “Jehovah give me the power.” I whispered.

I clenched my fist angrily, gritted my teeth as I stood up trying to feel strong due to my injury.

I watched some Britishers coming towards us with guns and swords.

“Jehovah give me the power!” I said again gripping my sword the more.

“Argh!!!” the Britishers came closer as rain begin to fall heavily.

“JEHOVAH GIVE ME THE POWER!!!!!!!” I screamed angrily and I begin shine brightly like the sun, which blinded the soldiers eyes and our soldiers begin to defeat the Britishers.

I smirked evilly as I begin to join our army and fight for my kingdom.

Finally we won the battle, I went home and thanked Jehovah for saving me and my people.

When I went to the castle my parents were extremely worried and mad at me for breaking the law and leaving them in worries.

“Mommy, I’m so sorry for shouting on you. I swear it won’t repeat itself.” I apologized to my mother.

Mommy smiled “I forgive you betee. I’m just glad you’re safe. God answered my prayers.” she hugged me and we disengaged.

My father approached me feeling annoyed for disobeying him. I still didn’t regret what I did. All I can do is say sorry right?

“I’m sorry dad.” I said.

Dad glared at me but he hugged me unexpectedly “I’m so proud of you Ragani.”

“You’re just like your mother, a fighter and full of love and respect. I’m so lucky to a daughter like you.” he smiled.

I shedded tears of joy because I’m surprised that my dad supported me for the first time.

I hugged my dad “Thanks dad, I love you.”

“I love you too my beta(son).” he said.

Mommy snickered as we disengaged “’Beta’ is son, ‘Betee’ is daughter.”

Dad laughed “Oh sorry. My betee.” he said and we all laughed happily.

Dad later changed the rule and made all women in the kingdom do whatever they want.

He changed the plan of getting me betrothed to a man and made me the new Ruler of Amaron, not just that he changed the name of the kingdom into my name ‘Ragan’.

Everyone was totally amazed with my new powers given by God.

About Ronald, we got married and had two children together, Bethany and Charles.

Bethany my first child, inherited the glowing powers from me. And she became the next Queen of Amaron… I mean Ragan.

Bethany’s children inherited the powers and the children’s children inherited the powers and that’s how it will always be genetic forever and ever till rapture comes.

“Phew! I’m so tired!” Doris groaned.

“Wow, that’s how we found our powers. Ragani and Ronald have the cutest relationship.”

“Don’t you mean Ragan? She hates it when she’s called Ragani.” Doris said.

“Whatever, can we get out of here, Ragan’s dead body odour is making me sick. No Offence Ragan.” I said.

Doris shrugged “Sure let’s…”

“Your Highness?” Stacy called.

“Stacy!” I panicked as Doris and I stood up feeling scared because we just get caught. “We’re just…”

“Your Highness, you’re not supposed to be here, your mom will be angry with you.” Stacy said.


Wait, so mom knows about this? Why is she hiding this from me? What is she hiding?


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