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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 12♨️ 🌼
I parked my car in the garage, came out and locked the car and left the garage.

I hate my life, I wonder why my dad called me to come back home this weekend.

He doesn’t use to have my time, not even my mom or my elder brother and sister.

I took a deep breath feeling sad as I entered the mansion to the living room.

My parents are sitting on the couch, operating their laptops doing their business like they’re just growing it. For God sake, we’re rich and successful.

Red and Ginny are busy talking to their college friends and college stuffs.

At least we need family time together. But no.

I smiled “Hey guys, I’m home.”

No response. I knew it, this goes on every day.

I sighed as I approached my dad “What? Fred.” I said rudely.

My dad glared at me “Did you just call me by my name?”

“Why did you call me home?” I asked

That woman called mom didn’t even asked me where I went, not even my dad, he just called me to come home.

“People have been gossiping about us that we’re neglecting our son.” dad said.

Aren’t you?

“By letting our son go to parties, staying in his girlfriend house for a month like he doesn’t have a family.” mom added.

I shrugged not caring “So?”

“So we want you to stay home for a month and focus on your studies.” dad suggested.

I scoffed “I’ll stop if we spend time together.”

My mom sighed “Look son, we’re very busy with work, your older brother and sister and busy with college…”

“But they’re on holiday, what the f*ck are they doing all day because of college?” I asked feeling annoyed.

“They’re trying to take lessons before next semester which is what you should be doing? You’ve never done anything to make this family proud except going to parties, sleeping with girls and sleeping in friends house and bringing bad name to this family!” Dad scolded.

I laughed feeling surprised “Bringing bad name, are you kidding me?! I’ll be right back.”

I stormed out of the living room and headed straight to my bedroom then carried all my school report cards and awards then went down stairs where they are.

I dropped them on the table where they’re working.

“Look at all my report cards!” I said.

“Not now son, we’re busy.” mom and dad said.

I collected their laptops disrespectfully.

Dad became furious “Son!! You…”

“Look at them!” I showed them my report cards.

“You said I’ve never done anything to make this family proud? All my life I’ve always aced my tests and exams just to make my family proud. Look at all the A plus and extra credits I’ve got.” I said.


“See all these awards and trophies I got from race competitions, football games and spelling bees. Isn’t that enough?” I asked bitterly.

“That doesn’t bring any money son, I’m trying to make this family successful.” dad said.

“We’re already successful. Can’t we just enjoy a family vacation for at least one week?” I said.

“No time for vacation son, work and money is the best thing in life.” dad said.

“Just go to your room, you’re disturbing us.” Ginny said.

“Yeah, we don’t even need you.” Red added.

I scoffed bitterly “It’s useless talking to you people.” I said and went inside my bedroom.

I begin to break my laptop and mirror, scattered my bed and everything in the room.

I just hate my life. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide but what’s the point? I’ll end up in hell if I do.

Ever since I was born, everyone always busy with their company, school, college and career.

I don’t know why I’m different, I just want a good life. I know I’m rich, I have a girlfriend but I’m not happy deep down.

I always feel left out in the family, they make my life miserable if I tried to get their attention.

That’s why I leave the house and stay with Zeke, so that I won’t be alone.

I don’t want to see anybody expect Megan.

That’s why I’m a cheating monster and a player, sometimes I feel guilty about it. I don’t want to be like this before but I’m just tired of being alone all the time, I just need love and attention.

I glanced at my broken photo frame, the picture of my ex-bestfriend when we were 5 years old.

I don’t know why I still keep this sh*t, he’s so annoying for my liking, he’s having a good life but I don’t.

Family who have him attention, girlfriend, good friends and everything but I don’t. I’m just a rich worthless and lonely guy. I just don’t show it in front of people but Gina.

But she doesn’t care, she’s just a gold digger. All she cares about is money and fame.

We were in the dining room eating lunch together, steaks and pineapple juice. Well mom’s eating but I’m not. I don’t have appetite.

I kept quiet and glaring at my mom since the day I find out that she has been hiding the history stuffs from me.

Mom stopped eating as she noticed me “Meggie, why aren’t you eating your breakfast? You’ve been acting weird since Thursday.”

“Is there anything you want me to know?” I asked.

Mom act confused “What are you talking about Meggie?”

“Maybe something you’re hiding from me… Are you hiding something?” I asked.

Mom became nervous “What are you talking? Eat your lunch.”

“Not until you tell me what you know.” I said.

Mom scoffed acting confused again.

“About the glowing magic.” I completed.


Oh no, does she knows the truth about the magic? No, it can’t be.

If she finds out, things will change and it’s not good.

“Sweetie, don’t you have homework?” I asked.

“Don’t change the subject mom.” Megan cut me off.

I wanted to ignore her “Where is Nate?”

“Mom!” Megan snapped. “I know everything. I snuck into the palace’s basement which is in your bedroom.”

I frowned at her “You sneak into my bedroom without my permission? How could you?”

“It doesn’t matter mom.” Megan stood up bitterly. “I know I how got our magic by Queen Ragani. But why are you hiding this from me? What’s in your mind? You lied to me, you said that you don’t know anything about the magic.”

I guess she deserves to know now. I can’t hide this anymore.

I took a deep breath “Megan, There is a big reason I do not want you to know about this.”

“What is it?”

I stood up “Come with me.” I said as I walk away.

What’s the big reason? I followed her to her bedroom.

I stood, fold my arms and wait for her as she climbed her bed, held the handle of her upper golden wardrobe and used a key to open it.

She brought out some old ancient papers out and jump down.

She sat on the bed and I sat beside her.

I shrugged “So, what’s the big reason?”

Mom sighed “After the glowing powers has become a very common thing in every family from Ragani. We’re so many that Queen Elizabeth, the grand daughter of Queen Ragani had to build a magical school, where they’ll teach you how to use your powers totally.” she explained as she showed me an old drawing picture of the school.

I shook my head bitterly “Then why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“Because…” mom sniffed. I think she wants to cry. “Because if you get into that school, they’ll train you. Totally but… There’s always a competition after you graduate from that school. If you win, you’ll be a great Queen and if you like, you can flaunt your powers in your kingdom but…”

I shrugged in confusion “But what? I’ve not know any reason why you lied to me.”

Mom wiped her tears and sniffed (she begins to glow) “But… The competition is like between life and death. You’ll be stuck there forever if you didn’t win and I don’t want to lose my baby.” mom wept.

I begin to shed tears as I glow brightly and give her a disbelief look “So that’s why you lied to me my whole life.”

Mom bent her head crying “Because you think I’ll lose the competition.” I said.

Mom shook her head negatively “That’s not what I said…”

“But that’s what you mean!” I cried as I stood up angrily.

“You always think I’m a loser, you never believe in me.” I said bitterly.

“Sweetie, it’s not like that, I believe in you in everything.” mom said.

I laughed bitterly “Really? Then why did you hired bodyguards to watch me anytime I to any amusement park?”

We’re still glowing.

Mom stood up “Because you were 10 years old, you don’t know the meaning of your powers, you can get exposed anytime.” she answered.

“Then why did you put me in high school? Because you believe I’m not smart.” I said.

“Yes that’s why, you’re always distracted by any single thing.” she answered.

“Why were you watching me on the first day at school?” I asked.

“Because you can’t do anything right and you might get exposed, look at you glowing.” mom replied.

I nodded as she’s answering my question without realizing she’s saying the truth.

“What about you glowing, since I can’t do anything right, what do you think about me ruling this kingdom?” I asked.

Mom became quiet, not knowing what to say. We’re still glowing as we’re arguing.

I nodded with a bitter smile “That’s what I thought. You never believe in me, you don’t think I can make you proud that’s why you don’t want me to be in the competition.”

Mom covered my cheeks with her palms “Meggie I love you and I don’t want to lose you, you can be stuck in that world forever.”

I shook my head in disbelief “I can’t believe my own mother can have full doubts about me.”

Mom sat on her bed crying the more “Meggie I’m sorry.”

I sniffed “Good luck finding the new Queen of this kingdom.” I said and walked out of the bedroom.

“What? Megan!” mom called but I ignored her, shedding more tears.

What’s Megan talking about? ‘Good luck finding a new Queen of this kingdom.’

I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

“Megan wait!” I stood up as I followed Megan to her bedroom.

I saw packing her stuffs into her pink luggage.

I approached her “What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving this house, I’m not worth to be the right Queen so what’s the point of staying here?” she snarled without giving me a glance.

“Megan, I’m trying to protect you. I am your mother.” I said.

“Are you even my real mother?” She cried.

“Yes, I’m your mother, I gave birth to you.” I answered truthfully.

“What type of mother are you? You can’t even have a little hope on your own daughter. I would have become the Queen of my own kingdom last year. But I can’t.” Megan sobbed.

“Because you’re still a teenager.” I said.

“Really?” Megan fold her arms “how old were you when you were crowned Queen of Ragan?”

“Fifteen?” I muttered.

“Oh My God!” Megan laughed.

“I was qualified to be the Queen.” I answered.

“But I’m not?” she asked.

I noticed the maids, servants and guards were staring at us. But I didn’t care.

Megan closed and zipped up her luggage and wanted to leave her bedroom.

I became adamant as I held her luggage wanted to collect it but we’re dragging it.

“Mom, let go of the luggage!” Megan yelled.

“Never! You’re not going anywhere!” I retorted.

“Leave me alone.”

“Where are you gonna live? You can’t even survive on your own.”

“Here we go again. You’ll never change.” Megan scoffed.

“Just stay.”

“Mom, leave me alone!” Megan pushed me to the bed and left the room with her luggage.

I begin to cry bitterly because my daughter is leaving me. I can’t believe this.

My maids sat beside me, hugged and consoled me.

I’m such a terrible mother, I couldn’t even believe in my own daughter. I’m still glowing.

I kept crying bitterly as I’m glowing and leaving my mom, my home but what’s the point of staying here?

I left the palace and stood at the main road waiting for my Uber.

“Your Highness!” Stacy called as she ran after me.

She stopped in front of me breathing heavily “Your Highness, you can’t leave, this is your kingdom, your home, your mother.”

“My own mom has never believed in me ever since I was born. I’m like a useless thing she has to take care of.” I said.

“But your Highness…”

“Stacy, just tell mom that I’m gonna miss her, that I love her because I’m not coming back. She should look for another girl to be the Queen.” I said.

My Uber arrived and I smiled at Stacy then hugged her. “I’m going to miss you too.” I disengaged and entered the car and he drove off.

Hmmm, wahala be like wetin…

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