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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 13♨️ 🌼
I stormed into my bedroom, carried my laptop from my bed and threw out of the window angrily.

I flipped my makeup table upside down and all my makeup and cosmetics were scattered and destroyed.

I scattered my whole bedroom and fell on the floor crying loudly remembering how Tony dumped me yesterday.

I can’t believe he would dump me totally.

“5! 6!7! 8!” I cheered and my cheerleaders begin to chant as we’re practicing on the field.

Tony and his team were doing their football practices.

I kept blushing at him feeling happy because today is our anniversary, the day when he became my boyfriend for the first time when we were in 8th grade.

I’ve already prepared a very special present for him. An expensive golden chain in shape of a football player.

He’s gonna love it. Can’t wait to see the expensive gift he bought for me.

We were done with our practices at the same time and we approached each other.

“Hey baby.” I hugged him tightly “I’ve missed you, especially your lips.” I said wanted to kiss him but he moved his face away.

I wanted to be annoyed but I don’t want to spoil my mood on our anniversary.

“Soooo do you remember today?” I asked, grinning happily.

Tony nodded “Our anniversary.”

I grin more happily “Great, so…” I gave him my pink wrapped up gift “Here’s your gift.”

He smiled as he collected it and opened it. He scoffed feeling happy “Wow, you gave me the golden football necklace.”

I nodded happily “Yes!”

“Thanks Gina.”

I frowned “Did you just call me Gina?”


“You used to call me babe or baby.” I said.

“Calm down, here’s your gift.” he gave me an enveloped card. It’s probably a anniversary card with sweet words or money or credit card. Can’t wait to see it.

I collected the envelope and opened it. It’s like a anniversary card.

I smiled “Awww baby.”

“Read it.” he said.

I nodded as I opened the card and read:

❤Dear Gina, you’re an amazing girlfriend, you’re so caring and clingy, you’re beautiful and so precious. Any guy will be so lucky enough to date you. I can’t do this anymore. It’s over between us forever and ever. I think we should be better off as friends. Love Tony ❤

I frowned with a scoff trying not to believe what I just read.

I frowned at Tony who’s still smiling. Seriously, this is not true.

I scoffed again “Tony, what’s the meaning of this?”

“The truth, it’s over between the both of us. We can’t be together.” he said.

“What? Stop it Tony. You know if we break up we’ll still come back together again.” I said, still trying not to believe.

“Not this time again. I’m sorry Gina, it’s over.” Tony said as he turned to leave.

I held his arm “No! You can’t leave me. You can’t leave without me.” I cried.

“Gina, leave my arm.” Tony warned.

I shook my head negatively “No! I won’t leave you! You’re nothing without me please don’t do this to me!” I cried loudly as my makeup begin to smudge. This attracts people’s attention.

Tony yanked his arm “Gina please…”

“Why did you want to break up with me?” I asked.

Tony didn’t reply me, I scoffed “Because of Megan? She’s brainwashing you. She’s just a useless nerd.”

“She’s not a useless nerd, she’s better than you and please, because you always bully others and you’re always mean to my friends.” Tony said.

“Since when did you ever care about me bullying and mean? You’re always like that too.” I said.

“I’ve changed, I wanna be nice to others and I feel like you’re a bad influence. I’m sorry. Just know it’s over between us forever and ever and ever.” Tony said as he walked away feeling no emotion.

I noticed everyone is starring at me and gossiping. Making me feel more angry and sad.

“What are you looking at??!!!” I cried “Go away!!!” I screamed as I ran away.

Then later that day, I saw him hugging Megan. No wonder he dumped me. Because of that stupid Megan. She’s such a threat.


I must do something terrible to that Megan. She must pay for this.

She took away my happiness, and I will take away her own happiness.

I can feel she’s hiding something and I must find out and expose her in front of the whole world.

I smiled feeling scared and brave, wanted to express my feelings to Megan.

I wore my white adidas sweatshirt with my black jeans. I checked my mirror and smiled.

I sprayed my mouth with my mouth perfume, cleared my throat and added lip balm on my lips.

I took a deep breath and practiced what I’m going to say to Megan.

“Megan, I like you, I really like you, like ‘like’ like, in fact I love you.” I said softly.

I shook my head “No that’s stupid Nate, she even hates you, just be cool.” I said to myself and took a deep breath.

“Megan, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Even than diamonds. The real one. Like your tears.” I huffed “Nate, that’s so dark! Think of a better one.”

“Nate… Calm down, be brave, you got this.” I said as I took another deep breath.

I carried the Megan’s favourite flower, daisy bouquet and I left my bedroom and headed down stairs.

I reached the door entrance, I opened the door and frowned as I see Megan standing I’m front of me, looking sad and messy.

Her eyes are red, dark and swollen. Like she cried because they’re dry tears on her face, I noticed she holding her pink luggage. What’s going on?

“Megan are you okay?” I asked as I kept the flowers on the nearby table and held her hand softly.

Megan hugged me tightly for few seconds and disengaged.

She sniffed and smiled at me.

I caress her face “Megan, is everything alrighty? What…?”

“Nate, who’s that?” mom called as she approached us. She gasped she saw us.

“Who’s she?” mom whispered to me.

“Not now mom.” I replied.

The twins came out “Nate!” “Is she your girlfriend?”

I rolled my eyes “Guys not now, please!”

“She’s so pretty.” Gwen said.

“Stupid guy has finally had a girlfriend.” Quin said.

“Stop she’s not my girl… Just give us some space.” I said as I held her shoulder and helped her carried her luggage. And the flowers.

“Nate, is that your girlfriend?” Carl asked as he came out with his laptop.

“Stop it guys!” I exclaimed as I took Megan inside my bedroom and locked the door.

I made her sit on my bed and put her luggage near my wardrobe. I sat beside her and held her arm.

“Are you okay? What happened?” I asked.

She looked at me with her tearful eyes, she lay her head on my shoulder.

“Why did you leave home? What’s with the luggage?” I asked.

“If you keep asking questions, I’ll cry diamonds and glow.” she said.

“I’m sorry for the questions and my family.” I apologized.

“It’s okay, your family are adorable.” she smiled.

“So is it the right time to tell me what happened?” I asked.

I can’t tell Nate what happened, he’s gonna persuade me to go back home.

“My mom says I should have one week sleepover with you.” I lied.

“Then why were you crying?” he asked.

“Because… My favourite and most expensive purse was stolen.” I lied again.

I know she’s lying but I won’t ask any further questions.

I nodded acting like I believe.

There was awkward silence between us for some seconds.

Megan carried the daisy bouquet “Thanks for the flowers, how did you know daisies are my favourite?” she asked.

I shrugged “Because I noticed all your notebooks have daisy pictures on them, also there’s also pictures of daisies and daisy flowers in your bedroom.” I replied.

“Oh, you’re so smart and annoying, Goofy.” she said and we both chuckled

I sighed “Okay, you should freshen up…”

I noticed someone hit my door and I’m hearing whispers. My family are spying on me again.

I sighed as I stood up and gave Megan my yellow towel and red robe.

“Thanks.” she smiled as she went into the bathroom to take her bath.

I went and opened my door, dad, Carl, Gwen and Quin fell on the floor because they were leaning on the door and I caught them.

“Seriously guy?”

Dad- We’re so sorry son, we won’t spy on you again.

Carl- Congratulations lil bro.

Gwen- Stupid guy!

Quin- She’s pretty.

Mom- Megan is such a beautiful name.

They said as they left.

I sighed as I closed my door. I have a crazy family.

“Lock the door!” Sugar baby whispered excitedly.

“I will.” I said as I locked Nate’s room door.

“This is gonna be fun.” Carl squealed.

“I’m sure she gonna gets pregnant.” Quin said.

“Nate is too innocent to think like that.” I scoffed.

“Stupid guy!” Gwen yelled as we leave the place with the key.

This family ehh… Hmmm

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