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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 15♨️ 🌼
“What did you mean?” Nate asked.

It’s so romantic for us? 😁😁

“I… I mean the dining table is amazing.” I giggled nervously.

Nate nodded “Oh so…”

“So what are we going do?” I asked.

“I’m gonna eat this decision food, I don’t care what you do.” I scoffed as I took a white plate and pack some cookies and muffins.

I took a bite of the cookie and was amazed “Yummy! This is so delicious!”

“That’s my mom for you.” Nate smiled.

“Mhm, if only you can cook like her.” I said as I ate another cookie.

“Excuse me? I’m not a spoilt princess like you, who can’t cook anything.” Nate said.

My jaw dropped feeling offended, starring at Nate.

“How dare you?!” I gritted my teeth as I took a slice of cake and threw on Nate’s pyjamas.

“Hey! My mom just bought this pyjamas last week!” Nate blurted.

I pouted “Oh sorry, mama’s boy.”

Nate made his face grumpy “That’s it!”

He carried a bowl of chocolate pudding and glared at me.

I raised my eyebrows “Hey, Whoa! Whoa! I command you to drop that pudding… I… Argh!” I screamed as he poured the pudding all over me.

I groaned feeling super annoyed and Nate laughed.

I scoffed “Oh, it’s on! Baby boy!” I said as I carried another cake and cookies and threw them on him.

He retaliated and so we’re having food fight which was annoying but it turns into fun. We were laughing and still fighting till we got tired and we collided on the side of the table and laughed.

“I’m from a rich and Royal Family, but I’ve never wasted such food expensive food like this.” I laugh feeling tired.

“Me too. You’re a bad influence, Dumbo.” Nate laughed and I laughed along.

“You too Goofy.” I retorted and we kept laughing till we stopped and sighed.

After some awkward moments, we stood up and I wanted to leave.

“Where are you going?” Nate asked.

“To take a shower.” I replied.

“No, no, no, no. We’re going to clean this place up before you take a shower.” Nate said.

I scoffed “Yeah right, I’m not cleaning anything.”

“We both caused a food fight and mess this place up. You’re the one who started it.” Nate said.

“I’m not cleaning anything. I’m a princess. Princesses don’t do any chores.” I said.

“But you are. I’ll get the brooms and mops.” he said and leave the dining table before I could say anything.

I scoffed feeling annoyed, I don’t know how to clean anything. Not even wash a spoon. My maids have been doing everything for me. I’m so lazy.

Nate came with the brooms, mops and vacuum cleaner. Then we begin to clean the place up.

First time doing a house chores and it’s really exhausting and annoying.

After arranging the dining room and kitchen, and had our breakfast.

We went out to the backyard and threw away the trash. I sat on the floor in front of the door feeling tired.

“Urgh!!! I’m so tired.” I cried.

Nate rolled his eyes “Lazy Dumbo.”

I pulled his leg and he collapsed “Ow!”

“Whose lazy now?” I laughed, Nate laughed back.

“Let’s see.” he said as he begin to tickle me and I laughed.

“Haaaa!!! Stop it Nate! Stop! Ha! Ha! Ha! Stop! I’m gonna pee!” I cried and laughed.

He finally stopped tickling me and he laid down and took a deep breath. “I’m also tired.”

“See? We’re both tired, Goofy.” I said.

There was an awkward silence between us. We both stood up.

I dusted my body and wanted to go inside but Nate held my hand.

“Dumbo… I mean Megan Reagan?” Nate called.

“Yes?” I answered.

“I… I… I… I like you.” He stammered nervously.

My heart begins to beat faster “What?”

“It’s not that I like you… But I love you. For the past few weeks, when we started fake dating. It’s feels like we’re actually dating. It hurts me any time you talk about Tony or feels any jealous” He admitted.

I don’t know what to say. Nate loves me? Seriously? My heart beats faster and faster. I’m totally speechless.


“I know what you’ll say…” Nate snapped. “That you don’t like me back, you are already dating Tony and you don’t…”

“Wait, wait, wait. What makes you think I’m dating Tony?” she asked.

It’s very hard to explain. I hate to talk about it. It hurts my feelings.

I sighed sadly “Because I saw you hugging him tightly. That day I wanted to confess to you but…”

“Tony and I aren’t dating.” Megan corrected.

I frowned feeling confused “What?”

“That day you saw me and Tony hugging. He hugged me and said that he broke up with Gina and he said that I should be his girlfriend.” she explained.

I smiled feeling happy. So they’re not dating? What a relief.

I just hope she didn’t say any ‘but’. Because I know she might not like me.


“I knew it.” I snapped as I walked away from her feeling bitter inside.

Megan ran to me “Nate wait! I love you too!” she yelled.

I stopped walking as I heard that word. ‘I love you’? Someone loves me? And it’s not my family but a girl?

I turned to her “What did you say?” I asked as I moved closer to her, caressed her face.

Her face begin to turn red, looking shy and nervous.

She begins to stammer “I… I… I…”

I cut her off by smashing my lips on her lips. She hugged my waist as we’re making out.

Her lips are so soft and sweet like strawberries. Our tongues really touching each other.

I sat on the dining chair and Megan sat on my lap, still kissing each other passionately.

I moaned while making out with Nate, his lips are so attractive and sweet. I don’t want to stop. I can feel he’s getting hard.

He slowly tried to open my top and was romancing my naked back. Pressing me to him tightly which is giving me a weird feeling.

He begin to kiss my neck passionately and I moaned.

Is this it? Am I going to lose my virginity now? But we’re not dating yet. No. Not now.

I pulled away and stood up feeling weird.

There was an awkward silence between the both of us.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” he apologized.

“For what? I’m sorry. I’m just not ready.” I said.

“Me too. I just got carried away.” he said as he stood up and went inside.

I bent my head feeling shy and uncomfortable. What the heck just happened?

Nate’s in love with me? And I’m in love with him?

After taking my bath, I wore my black and white Dior T-shirt, my blue denim ripped jeans and it’s jacket with my white Gucci sneakers.

I came out and went to the living room. My parents and siblings are busy as usual.

I rolled my eyes as I was about to leave the house.

“Hey son!” my dad called and I stopped and glared at him.

“What?” I answered rudely.

“Where are you heading to?” he asked.

“Somewhere away from you people.” I replied.

Dad stood up feeling angry “Son, you better show some respect. Where are your manners?”

“You were too busy to give me one.” I replied.

“Tony, respect your father.” mom said.

“Why did you care?” I asked.

“Tony, you’re a punk for talking to your parents like that.” Red said.

“Yeah, Be careful of what you’re saying. Bozo.” Ginny added.

“Tony, go back inside and study. You’re not going anywhere till next month.” Dad said.

I rolled my eyes trying to disobey his stupid orders. “No!”

“If you don’t go inside, you’ll never step foot in this mansion ever again.” dad said and everyone gasped.

Wow, he’s serious. His my dad, this is my home, my family. Well I have no choice.

I sighed as I went inside.

I sighed as I sat on the couch and went back to work.

That boy is such a pain in the back. Why is he different from us? We Talkers are born to work hard and be successful but I’ve never seen such a fool in my family before.

Bringing bad name into my family and still disrespect us, and still want us to do vacation. What a stupid boy.

“Don’t worry baby, at least he obeyed you.” Yvonne snapped me put of my thoughts.

I smiled “Let’s get back to work.” I said and we were using our laptops.

“Bye family!” We heard his voice and I saw he’s carrying his luggages and backpack.

I dropped my laptop angrily and stood up “Son, what the heck?”

“You said that I should never step foot in this house, why didn’t I think of that?” he scoffed.

“Tony!!!” I yelled.

“Tony, have you lost your mind?” Ginny added.

“Dude, go inside and unpack your stuffs!” Red ordered.

“Tony, let’s go inside and talk.” Yvonne said to her son.

“No! I’ve had enough of you idiots.” He said disrespectfully and walked out of the house.

“Tony! Wait! Don’t go!” Yvonne cried.

I clenched my fists, trying to control my anger. ““It’s good that he leaves. No more annoyance.”

Yvonne glared at me “What? This is all your fault. All you care about is…”

“Shut up Yvonne! Let’s get to work!” I said and we went back to your businesses.

I drove my car recklessly feeling very furious. I just hate my life. Why am I even born?

My family doesn’t care that I just leave them. I vowed to myself that I will never forgive them, I will never help them and they will regret all what’s they’ve done to me.

I packed my car in front of a skyscraper full of penthouses. Thank God, I’ve already bought a penthouse months ago.

I was planning on leaving the house that time but my dad called me for the first time in history and I rushed there, thinking that we want to spend time together but they actually want me to help them to work and study.

Now I have full hatred for them, they’re no longer my family. They’re now my enemies.

I went inside straight to my penthouse which is totally furnished and decorated.

I can’t believe I’m going to be living all alone in my new house. How I wish Megan’s living with me.

Why do I feel she’s doesn’t like me again? I hope not because I love her. I seriously regret bullying her. I hope she forgives me.

I was arranging my clothes in the wardrobe when I heard a doorbell.

I just moved here? I’m not expecting someone. Who would that be?

I stopped what I’m doing and went to the door and opened it and was shocked to see who it was.

“Good afternoon new neigh… Oh My God!” She skipped feeling shocked also as she accidentally smashed the glass of cookies on the floor.

What the fuck!!!!


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