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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 16♨️ 🌼
I can’t believe my worst enemy/bully is my neighbor. Tony and his girlfriend bullies me a lot, mostly because I’m a nerd. I decided to start hiding from him.

One day, in 9th grade, he asked me to a night party in his friend’s house, I was happy because I used to have crush on him, I followed him to the party then I found out that I’ve started my period. My clothes are totally stained. Like it’s obvious.

I told him maybe he might get me a sanitary pad, instead he told his new girlfriend, Gina. Both of them dragged me to the crowd with my stained clothes. And told everyone I’m menstruating. Everyone started throwing their pads and tampons on me. Making video of me till its went viral.

Since that day, he can’t stop bullying me, humiliating me in front of everyone. I’ll never forget that day and I’ll never forgive him. Even though I’m still scared of himself.

“What are you doing here?” Tony yelled in disgust.

I bent my head feeling scared “I… I’m your… Bye!” I snapped as I tried to run away.

“Doris!” he called.

I stopped. I noticed he’s walking closer. He’s gonna bully me again. I don’t want that. I’m always happy at home. I don’t want to spoil my mood.

I panicked and ran away to my penthouse. Locked the door and entered my bedroom feeling scared.

Why is he here? Especially when there’s no one with me? My family are in Aderya. They don’t know about it because I ran away to know the truth about my powers.

Great! I don’t wanna be alone, the last thing left for me to have a neighbor and she’s scared of me because I bully her.

I sighed sadly as I went back to the penthouse.

I woke up feeling a bit comfortable from the bed because I’m getting used to it.

I slept in Nate’s bedroom as usual but Nate slept in the guestroom. He’s being avoiding me since yesterday after confessing that he loves me. And we’re about to have sex but I’m just not ready.

I wanna graduate, be a queen (which might not happen) and wait till 25 or our wedding night. Is it too much to ask?

I stood up, went to the bathroom and took my bath, came out and applied some lotions.

I wore my navy blue tank top with my ripped skinny jeans and a black and brown crochet scarf and my glasses. I also wore my black flat shoes and my pink Gucci backpack and left the bedroom.

I headed straight to the dining room but I didn’t see any food. No maids to cook and I can’t cook.

But I’m hungry!!! I can’t do without eating breakfast before going anywhere.

“Good morning babe… I mean Dumbo.” Nate smiled as he approached me which made me feel nervous inside.

He looks so cute in his grey t-shirt, black ripped jeans and his adorable glasses, his fringed curly hair, his sweet soft lips like a baby.

“Good… Mo.. Morning.” I stammered.

Wait… Did he just called me babe? I’m a babe? Oh Em Gee!!!

“So… Shall we?” he said.

“Can’t we eat something before going to school?” I asked.

“Nah, but you gotta hydrate before going anywhere, in case you don’t get thirsty.” Nate said.

“But I need to eat something.” I whined.

Nate groaned “Urrgghh!!! Fine, you want something to eat?” he asked as he opened the fridge “How about this leftover macaroni and cheese.” He said as he brought out an iron bowl of frozen Mac and cheese.

“Ew, I don’t eat leftovers.” I cringed.

Nate shrugged as he returned bowl to the fridge.

My stomach growled of hunger, calling that leftovers. I’m a princess, I eat newly cooked food.

But my stomach keep saying ‘I want that macaroni and cheese.’

I groaned loudly “Bring that macaroni leftovers.” I brought out the frozen food.

Nate thought me how to warm the food, we ate the food and left the house. The trek to school. Entwining our hands.

We finally reached the school and it’s not far from Nate’s home like my home.

I wonder how my mom’s doing. Oh well.

We entered the school hallway and everyone begin to gossip as usual. Gina’s glaring at us especially me.

I wonder what’s that girl’s problem. Tony’s not with Gina but he’s starring at me. Which makes me uncomfortable.

Nate and I went to our various lockers, I wanted to open my locker but I noticed Nate’s starring at me.

I frowned “What?”

Nate shook his head “Nothing, just opened your locker.”

I scoffed as I opened my locker.

Suddenly “Argh!” I screamed as a glittered bomb popped out of my locker.

“What the…?” I checked my locker, it’s decorated with pink cards, ribbons, glitters and flowers. It’s totally beautiful.

“Nate… Did you do this?” I asked feeling emotional.

Nate nodded nervously “Check the teddy card.”

I took the pink card with love teddy drawing on it. I opened it and read:

💌 You’re super annoying, crazy, beautiful, and amazing. Megan. Can you please make this fake relationship real? Will you be my real and first girlfriend? 💌

My eyes are soaked with of joy. I must not cry or else I’ll glow. I felt speechless and my heart beats faster than ever. I noticed people were starring at us but I don’t care.

Oh no! Now she’s crying. Looking at me with her tearful eyes. She must not cry or she’ll be exposed.

I held her hand and took her to the empty janitors closet so that no one will see her.

She begin to shed tears of diamonds, and glows pink. What the f…?
I wiped her tears and covered my her cheeks with my palm “Hey, stop crying. I’m sorry I don’t expect this to happen. Stop crying.” I said softly.

She sniffed “It’s just…” sniffed again “No one has never said anything annoying and beautiful to me before. Do you really mean that?””

I removed my glasses and look into her eyes “Yes, I really mean that, I want you to be my girlfriend. I don’t really know how to write all this love letters but…”

“Yes.” Megan smiled as her glowing body went back to normal.

I smiled “What?”

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” she replied.

I grinned happily as I hugged her tightly.

“I’m so happy, Dumbo.” I laughed happily.

“I know!! Me too!!” Megan laughed.

We were all in the cafeteria but I didn’t even bother to touch my food. I can’t believe Nate and Megan were faking a relationship.

If I had known, I would have used that opportunity to be with Megan but now they’re dating. It’s kinda too late.

Gina kept bothering me to come back to her but refused. I’m madly in love with Megan but she doesn’t feel the same anymore.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you this days? Eat your food!” Zeke snapped.

I don’t have the appetite, I can’t stop starring at Megan and Nate actually having good times together. Laughing and smiling at each other. So annoying.

I just hate that Nate with passion. He might not remember but I won’t forget what he did to me years ago. I can’t forgive him. Especially when he’s dating someone I love.

“Dude!” Zeke snapped me out of my thoughts.

“You’ve been acting weird, even dumped Gina, what’s up? You don’t even bully anymore.” Mark said.

“I just… Let’s just not talk about all this shit.” I said feeling annoyed.

“Hey, check out that suit nerd” Zeke nudged my arm, showing me a helpless red haired nerd sitting alone. Wearing blue suit.

Mark laughed “I have an idea, let’s pour some hot sauce on his head and call him. Angry bird.” all of us laughed.

“What did you think, Tony?” Zeke asked.

I wanted to agree bullying that nerd but I sighted Doris stealing glance from us. I think she’s listening to our conversation.

I also saw Megan glaring at me. Why? She’s far away from us. How did she hear what we’re saying?

“I’m so happy that we’re now, actually dating now.” Nate smiled.

I smiled back “Me too. So what do we wanna do now?”

“How about going on our first date?” Nate said.

I shrugged “Sounds great.”

“So where do you wanna go?” he asked.

I wanted to talk but my phone beeped. It’s Doris.

✉️Hey cousin, looks like Tony is about to bully Charles. They’re planning on pouring some hot sauce on him.✉️

Urgh! That stupid Tony will never change. Seriously bullying an Innocent nerd? I know this isn’t my business but I just hate to see other people in vain.

“Dumbo!” Nate snapped me out of my thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what are we talking about?” I asked.

“Our first date?” he scoffed “Fine, if you don’t wanna go on a first date, don’t worry. We can just chill.” Nate said as his smile fade away.

I can feel he’s not happy with the way I look at Tony. I just hate the way he behaves to other nerds.

“I have to go to the restroom.” Nate said as he stood up and left before I say anything.

I feel bad. Nates mad at me for looking at I noticed Mark and Zeke trying to bully that boy.

I stood up wanted to stand up for the nerd. But Doris already did.


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