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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 17♨️ 🌼
The boys stood up to bully the nerd. “Let’s go n*gga!” Mark laughed.

“Yeah!” Zeke added as he carried a bottle of hot sauce.

I don’t want to do this anymore. I’ve hurt a lot of people even my new neighbor. I’m a monster. I must stop them.

I stood up to the bullying “Guys, stop…”

“Don’t even touch that boy” Doris stood up to block us.

“Hey, Nerdy b*tch! Get out of the way!” Zeke ordered.

“Or should we say Bloody Dorry!” the boys laughed and everyone laughed along.

This is so annoying. What’s funny in this sh*t? I really feel bad for Doris. I can see the pain of humiliation in her eyes. Thanks to me.

I sighed “That’s it! Guys…”

“You don’t get tired of hurting people, do you?” Doris asked “You don’t care who you hurt or bully as long as you get satisfy.”

“Doris, it’s…”

“What? You want to bully me too? I don’t care, just leave that boy alone. It’s not like you even have a heart.” Doris snarled and walked away.

I ran after her to the empty hallway, but she’s gone all of a sudden. Did she disappear?

I ran out of the cafeteria and hide myself in the Lost and Found box so that Tony won’t see me crying.

I begin to shed diamond tears and glow in the big box. Remembering how Tony tricked and bullied me. It is so embarrassing.

Thank God, he didn’t see me.

I took a deep breath after using the toilet and flushed. That macaroni and cheese I ate this morning went to the wrong place of my body.

🤮I don’t want to talk about it. Again. That’s why I act as if I was sad in the cafeteria. My stomach was growling like sh*t. Literally! The rest is history.

I came out of the bathroom stall and went to the basin and was washing my hands.

The bathroom door was opened and someone walked in. I don’t care about who the person is.

I’m just happy that my stomach doesn’t hurts again. It would be very embarrassing if Megan knows what’s actually wrong with me.

I’m also nervous about the first date that’s why I agreed with Megan not to go the first date.

“Hey Natty.” I heard Gina’s voice.

I frowned at her who’s smiling at me and walking towards me which is making me uncomfortable.

She looks like a dirty sl*t with her black tight jumpsuit, black sandal heels and her blonde messy ponytail.

“H.. Hey Gina, what’s up?” I greeted.

She shrugged “I just want to you know that you’re looking good today.” she smirked as she held my hand.

I removed my hand, cringing “I’m sorry what? I thought you said I’m an ugly dork.”

“Forget about the past.” She wrapped her hands around my neck “Let’s focus on the future.” she whispered seductively and tried to kiss me.

But I pulled away “Are you okay? Are you high or something?” I asked feeling confused.

Gina scoffed “No, not at all. I mean I’m high a little but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“I think you don’t know. By the way, I have a girlfriend.” I said.

“You mean that useless nerd? Nate, she’s not as hot and romantic as me. Just kiss me.” She smirked as she wanted to hug me again.

I pushed her angrily “Stay away from me. Are you insane?” I said.

“Whatever, let’s just get out of here. It stinks in this boys bathroom.” Gina cringed as she covered her nose.

That’s me! My bad.

“Bye Gina. Go back to your boyfriend.” I said and wanted to leave but she held my hand.

“My boyfriend dumped me for your stupid girlfriend!” She cried “Please don’t leave me like he left me!”

“You’re a mad woman!” I yelled as I pulled my hand from her and left the bathroom.

What’s wrong with Gina today? Is it because of the weed? Why do I feel she’s planning something evil?

I must tell Megan about this.

That stupid nerd. What did he even see in Megan and he didn’t see in me? That girl is ugly and stupid.

I must find a way to ruin their relationship and expose Megan. No one can stop me.

I still don’t like Nate, I just want to make Megan hate him so that they’ll break up and make Tony jealous and crawl back to me.

Tony is mine and mine alone forever and ever.

“Nate!” I called as I was searching for him.

I hope he’s not still mad at me, I just want to stand for those innocent nerds. He misunderstood everything.

I saw Tyler studying in the hallway “Hey Tyler, have you seen Nate?”

“I thought he’s in the bathroom.” he replied.

“Oh, I didn’t check there.” I said “Thanks.” I walked away and headed straight to the boys bathroom.

I wanted to open the door but it opened itself and Gina came out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing here?” She asked feeling irritated.

I frowned “What are you doing in the boys bathroom?”

Gina scoffed and wanted to talk.

“You know what? I don’t care, is Nate in there?” I asked.

Gina smirked “Actually, he just left.”

“So he was in there with you?” I asked feeling suspicious.

Gina nodded “Yeah, um… Don’t get mad, it’s just some time alone. Nothing weird.”

“What did you mean?”

She shrugged “I mean Nate is amazing and fun to be with, we’re just talking and laughing and…”

“Oh don’t get me all wrong babe.” she laughed as she held my sshoulder

I pushed her hands away “Don’t touch me.”

“Calm down babe. I just don’t want you to misunderstand anything. But lemme just give you a relationship advice. Because I know this is your first boyfriend.” Gina said.

I scoffed “I don’t need any…”

“Shhhh, Don’t trust any guy. Whether he’s a playboy or a nerd, especially a nerd. Those nerds are silent killer, when they’re novice, they easily get carried away. But Nate’s not like that. You know?” She said.

Megan is so dumb, she’ll believe this crazy advice I give her.

I expect her to feel sad and heartbroken then she’ll confront Nate and break up with him. I still have more plans for her humiliation.

Instead, she smirked as she stepped closer to me “Do you think I’m stupid?”

I frowned “What? I’m just trying to…”

“Just because Tony dumped you because you’re sl*tty doesn’t mean you should try to ruin my healthy relationship with Nate. So don’t talk rubbish about me and Nate.” she confronted me and walked away angrily.

I clenched my fist. I feel like grabbing her ugly hair and remove it.

How dare she? Calling me sl*tty! I swear I won’t give up. I must ruin her.

I fell on my couch feeling tired and frustrated of what happened in school today.

I just hate the way Tony is my new neighbor. I don’t know how to live my life again.

I know, I’ll just ignore him till I move out of this apartment. Thank God it’s not in the same penthouse.

I can’t go back to Aderya, I haven’t find out the whole truth about my powers. What’s aunt Athena hiding? Why did Megan leave the palace?

Megan and I are cousins/friends now. She tells me a lot of stuffs. I even told her the reason why I ran away from home.

My parents want to get me betrothed to a prince from another kingdom but I don’t want that. So on the day they want to introduce me to him. I ran away from home to my hometown so that I can also find the truth about my powers.

This place is much better as long as Tony doesn’t bully me at home too. I must be careful.

My doorbell was rang. I took a deep breath as I stood up and went to the door.

“Who is it?” I asked.

No one answered. I frowned as I opened the door.

My eyes went wide as I saw Tony. “Oh No.”

I wanted to close the door but he held the door tightly.

“Can we just talk? Please.” he pleaded.

“Look I know you want to prank me again. Why can’t you just leave me alone? What’s your problem? What did you want from me?” I cried.

“I’m sorry.” Tony apologized.

“What?” I’m confused.

“I know I’ve treated you badly since 9th grade, especially with my ex-girlfriend. I’m such a monster. Please forgive me. I don’t wanna be alone. I just want us to be good neighbors and friends.” he pleaded.

I scoffed bitterly “You’re sorry? Do you really think that some apology can make me forgive you and forget all what you’ve done to me? That day I was expecting you to at least help me. Instead you ruined my life in front of everyone. I don’t think you deserve any good neighbor.”

I snarled and slammed the door on him. I begin to shed tears because that wasn’t the only humiliation he gave me.

Last year, he apologized to me for bullying him. I believed him and he drugged me and undressed me, took my pics and post my nude pics on social media. He seriously ruined my life and he’s expecting me to fall for that.

I felt something broken inside as she slammed the door on me. I really damaged her and doesn’t believe me again.

I can’t believe I’m a total monster. I don’t know how to make it up to Doris. She totally hates me and I seriously need company.

I hate my life. I just hate my life, I feel like committing suicide.

I sighed as I went back to my penthouse.


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