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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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I woke up, went to the bathroom, took my bath, came out and wore a sleeveless red Floral dress, black leather jacket with black high boots.

I fixed my hair in ponytail and wore my black Dior backpack.

I ate breakfast and left the palace as the driver drove off to school.

It’s being two weeks since I started going to school and Nate being my maths tutor.

Because of his teaching, I started answering class equations correctly, I pass most of my pop-quiz and people no longer make fun of me even Gina.

But she still wants to bully me for no reason but I didn’t give her a chance.

But I think I’m getting loved by everyone in the school and its just 2 weeks and I’m a nerd.

Mom says because the Royal spirit is in me, even though people don’t know about me. I’m still going to be the head. But I’m still scared about this.

My glowing powers secret is still safe, I’m trying my very best to hide it even though it’s not easy.

I had to wait till after school till I get home before I pee and sometimes in the car. I don’t make it. I don’t drink water or any juice even though I’m very thirsty.

I just don’t know why I have this powers. I don’t think my mom knows either.

Tony didn’t even want to talk to me but bully me for no reason and it’s breaks my heart especially when he’s making out with Gina in front of everyone.

But for some reason, he likes to stare at me if Gina’s not around. Sometimes he winks at me and that made me blush.

Nate tutorial is going great it still frustrates me because I’m not able to use my phone and he wants me to look at his cute irresistible face anytime he’s teaching. Like I can’t even breathe properly.

That’s why we’re not friends till today. We hate each other.

My backup minions and I walked into the school hallway as everyone set all their eyes on me, admiring me as usual.

🚺 OMG Gina is so cute.

🚺 She’s so hot in her cheer leading uniform.

🚹 I wish I can marry her.

🚺 She’s amazing.

🚹 I love her hair and body.

🚹 She’s the hottest girl in Bravely high.

🚺 Not as hot as Megan.

🚺 She’s a nerd.

🚹 She might be a nerd but she’s beautiful, smart and cute.

🚹 But I still love Gina, she’s beautiful and sexy.

I went to my locker and opened it but someone closed it. Tony.

“Hey baby.” I smiled.

“I’ve missed your hot lips.” he smirked.

“Not as much as I missed yours.” I said and we connected our lips passionately and touching each other.

People begin wooed and chant happily. Tony pulled away and was starring at that stupid b*tch, Megan walked in acting scared.
🚺 She’s so hot, I like her outfit.

🚹 She looks like a Princess.

🚹 I love her, she’s beautiful without her glasses.

🚺 She’s more prettier than Gina.

🚺 I love her hair and outfit.

Urgh! I hate that Megan is taking my spot as the most popular girl. I’m so pissed off about it.

For the past two weeks, People admire Megan almost than me. What’s wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

I’m the most popular and beautiful girl, I’m the captain of the cheer leading team, my dad is the owner of this school. What’s missing?

I frowned as I noticed Tony starring at Megan like how he stares at me when we first met. I hope Tony is not falling in love with Megan. I won’t make that happen.

I must do something.

I was a little heartbroken when I saw Tony making out with Gina. How am I supposed to express my feelings to Tony?

I know I have to do it even though I’m not supposed to but at least it won’t bother me.

I was in the cafeteria, sitting with Mark and Zeke. Gina is laughing with her friends but anytime our eyes meet. I wink at her and she let out her cute blush.

We might have broke up many times but we can’t get over each other. I don’t the type of feelings I have for Megan.

Despite being a f*cking nerd, she’s so hot, sexy, and cute. Gina must not know that I have tiny feelings for Megan.

I can’t talk to Megan because her presence sometimes annoys me especially when she’s with that lowlife Nate.

I took a deep breath as I sighted Tony sitting with his boys.

I have to do this, Megan calm down.

I smiled as I approached Tony “Hey, Tony Talker.”

The three boys stares at me.

“I like you, it’s not that I just like you but I ‘like’ like you, I’ve being crushing on you even before I enter this school. I know we can’t be together but I just want at least a date from you if you don’t mind. I promise no kissing, no smooching.” I blurted.

Was that to much?

Everyone in the cafeteria was totally quiet, starring at me like a dog, Tony sighed as he stood up and walked closer to me.

“Megan, I like your confidence. You just say whatever you want without thinking about the consequences.” he said.

I frowned “What consequences? Argh!” I cried as someone poured a sticky liquid on my body.

Everyone begin to laugh very loudly.

“Do you really a super cool and popular guy will date an ugly nerd like you?” Tony laughed like I’m a clown.

It’s Gina holding a empty bowl of the liquid. I think it’s ketchup.

I have to get out of here before people sees me. I was about to run away but Gina held my grip and slapped me. “Ow!”

“Don’t you ever talk to my boyfriend or you’ll regret it.” she said.

I wanted to run but she didn’t want to let go “I’m not done with you b*tch… Ow!”

I gave her a big punch in the face as she fell. I ran away out of the cafeteria and entered the nearby toilet and I begin to glow bright immediately.

I locked the door, leaned on it and slid to the ground feeling heartbroken.

Tony called me ugly, doesn’t have any feelings for me, I’ve been humiliated again. Can this day get any worse.

One of the bathroom stall water closet was flushed and a guy came out of the stall. I think I’m in a boys bathroom.

“Oh my Goodness God!” I heard Nate’s high pitched voice.

Oh No! I’m still glowing, this is not good. Nate knows about my secret powers.

I stood up feeling scared “Nate, please don’t tell anyone about this.” I pleaded.

“What are you?” he asked.

“I don’t know, please don’t tell anyone, I’m begging you.” I begged as I went on my knees, pleading to him.

Nate was speeches or frozen up. He became dizzy as he fell and fainted.

Oh no, this is not good.


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