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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 6♨️ 🌼
“What? You can’t quit, why would you quit?” I asked feeling confused.

“Why can’t you asked your little princess?” Nate said and left the palace.

““Megan!” I gritted my teeth as I stormed off to Megan’s bedroom.

I was lying on the bed playing games on my tablet.

I felt guilty making fun of Nate for not having a first kiss. I mean what type guy is that?

He’s 18 years old and didn’t have any girlfriend. I know I’ve never had a first kiss but I’m a girl right? It doesn’t matter.

But as a guy, it’s kinda stupid. I know he’s angry but he’ll get over the stupid anger.

Mom barged in and slammed the door angrily.

“Mom, that door is expensive, don’t break it.” I groaned.

As if I care if she breaks the door, we’re rich, another expensive door is not a problem for us.

“What did you do?” mom asked.

I frowned in confusion “Nothing, why?”

“He just quit his job, now how am I gonna find a good and better maths tutor?” mom said.

I stood up in shock “What? Nate quit?”

My mom nodded “Yes! You Dummy.”

Uh oh, that’s not good, I don’t expect Nate to be this annoyed.

I have to apologize to him.

I wore my red flower slippers and walked out of my room.

“Megan, where are you going?” mom asked.

“Nate!” I replied.

I left the mansion and ran after Nate whose walking in the street feeling sad.

“Nate!” I called as I managed to catch up with him and hold his hand, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered.

He scratched his ear playfully “I’m sorry what did you say?”

“I said I’m sorry! Urgh! You’re so annoying!” I groaned with my eyes rolled.

I sighed still holding grudges “I would have accept your apology but that secret is so embarrassing and I want you to just give me some mo…”

Megan smashed her lips on mine making me to feel surprised, shocks and sparks.

Her lips are amazing, cute and soft like bunny, sweet little candy, pink like strawberries.

I don’t know what came into me, I just kissed his sweet and soft lips.

My very first kiss, I can’t believe my first kiss is from my annoying maths tutor. What have I done? Is this how kisses feels like?

Why do I feel sparks and butterflies in my stomach? Am I falling in love with that because of my first kiss?

We pulled away feeling awkward and nervous.

I bent my head and blushed nervously “I’m sorry…” I said and ran back to the palace.

What has gotten into me? Why did I kiss Nate? I was saving my first kiss for Tony but I give Nate instead.

What the f*ck? Why would Megan do that and ran away just like that?

I don’t even know what to do, I’m totally speechless. My first kiss with a Dumbo.

This is crazy, but I love it, I think I’m falling in love with that thing running away.

I chuckled trying not to believe that I like Megan but I can’t unbelieve it. So weird.

Why do I have a feeling we’re being watched?

I was driving my Ferrari around just for fun, I reached the Ragan palace, so huge and amazing.

I hate to say but it’s bigger than my father’s mansion.

Is there anyone in the palace? Because it’s being more than 10 years since the whole town have heard of the Queen and princess ever since King Terrence passed away.

No one has seen their faces and I wonder why? Are they still alive? The Queen should be alive because she’s still ruling the kingdom which is wrong.

At least she should have married another man to rule the kingdom, no woman should be in charge of anything except kitchen. Just saying.

I drove passed the palace to a random street. I stopped the car as I saw 2 familiar people kissing each other.

Wait… Is that Megan and Nate? Why the f*ck are they kissing? I thought Megan said that she liked me earlier.

She lied? I don’t think so, every girl are in love with me, most even throw them selves on me and it annoys Gina.

I can’t believe Megan is kissing Nate, she’s a total jerk, why am I even angry as if I’m jealous.

I watched them till they finished kissing and Megan ran away. I came out of the car and approached Nate.

“Hey bro.” I smiled.

Nate glared at me “What did you want?”

I scoffed “What’s with the attitude? Come on show some love for your classmate.” I said as I wanted to embrace him.

“Dude just leave me alone and were you watching us?” he asked.

“So?” I shrugged.

Nate smirked “Are you jealous?”

I clenched my fist and fake smiled “Jealous? Of some weird nerdy couple? Gross.”

Yeah, he’s jealous. I have to tease him to make him know what pain is.

I smirked “You know, that kiss is one in a million, Gina can never kiss you like that, maybe that’s why you’re jealous.”

Tony rolled his eyes “What a stupid kiss, you shouldn’t even be allowed to date any girl.”

“Says the guy who always cheats on his girlfriend and still that girl always forgives him because of his so popular and handsome.” I said last word sarcastically.

“Shut up Nate.” he snarled as he gave me a death glare.

I scoffed “Whatever.” I was about to walk away when Tony pulled my arm and punched my face.

I fell to the ground and noticed a bruise on my face. I gave Tony a confused look “Why?!”

“Behave your f*cking self next time.” He said and walked away angrily.

I stood up with a wince feeling huge pain in my bruise. What’s that guy f*cking problem?

I carried my backpack on the floor and stormed off feeling pissed off.

I was in my bedroom working on my maths homework but I couldn’t concentrate because of the kiss.

Is it my first kiss that gave me a funny feeling? Or it’s special or that’s how kisses are like? I don’t understand.

Someone opened the door “Sorry honey, but I…” my mom frowned as she saw me.

I shrugged “What is it?”

She smiled “Something is different about you today.”

I blushed “What?”

“Why are you blushing?” she asked.

I scoffed “Nothing.”

Mom gasped “OMG! My son has finally has a girlfriend!” mom squealed loudly.

I stood up feeling frightened “Shhhh, mom you’re screaming.”

“Who cares? Sugar baby! Carl! Quin and Gwen! Come quick! Nate has a girlfriend!” mom yelled.

“What??!!!” everyone yelled back and they begin to run faster, the ground feels like earthquake.

I sat and covered my face due to the embarrassment I’m gonna face.

My dad, which mom is calling ‘Sugar baby’, my elder brother, Carl (21 years old) who just started college, he’s home for their holiday, and my 10 years old little twin sisters, Quin and Gwen, already in middle school.

All of us in the house are using glasses.

They all pilled up into my bedroom and was grinning at me weirdly. I have a super weird family. No wonder I’m a nerd.

Mom-Who is she?

Gwen- Is she cute?

Carl- Is she rich? From your school?

Quin- When are we going to meet her?

Dad- Is she a decent girl?

Gwen- Does she have blue eyes?

Quin- Is she prettier than I think?

Carl- Is she nerdy?

Mom- Tell us!!!

“Guys!!!” I stood up and cut them off and they were calm “I don’t have a girlfriend yet.” I said and everyone groaned loudly.

Carl- Urrggghh! Why are you so nerdy?

Gwen- I’m not surprised.

Quin- When are you gonna have a girlfriend?

Dad- I threw my Mac and cheese in the trash for nothing?

Gwen- Stupid guy!!

They kept groaning till they all leave the room expect my mom.

I sighed and sat on my bed feeling weird and confused.

Mom smiled and sat beside me “I’m sorry I called everyone, I thought you actually have a girlfriend and I was super excited…”

“Mom, it’s not your fault.” I said.

“Then why were you blushing?”

I chuckled nervously “Because… A girl kissed me.” I muttered.

Mom gasped and wanted to scream again.

“Mom no!” I covered her mouth for a second and let her go.

Mom grinned happily “That’s amazing! My son finally had his first kiss…” she frowned “What’s that on your face?” she asked as she touched my bruise.

I winced “Ouch! It’s nothing, it’s just…”

“Did you get into a fight again?” mom asked.

“No? I fell and it my face on a rock.” I lied.

“That made you feel so stupid.” Gwen teased as she peeping from the door.

Is she eavesdropping again?

“Gwen, go to your room it’s bedtime.” mom said as she sent Gwen away.

“Okay honey, make sure you treat your wound from the first aid box before you sleep alright?” mom said.

I nodded “Yes mom, Good night.”

“Good night sweetie, I can’t wait to know who your first kiss is.” mom said as she left the room.

I stood up immediately and locked the door and took a deep breath. What a crazy family.

I changed into my blue and yellow pyjamas and lie on the bed, covered myself with my blue blanket and switched off the light and closed my eyes to sleep.

But I can’t sleep, I still can’t stop thinking about Megan. She’s so cute and annoying. Her lips are soft and sweet.

I touched my lip and scoffed nervously.

I closed my eyes, changing positions on the bed still not asleep.

The stupid first kiss is giving me sleepless night. It’s like we’re beside each other.

I don’t know what to do next. I’m super nervous.

I was running around a beautiful garden wearing a big blue ball gown. I was smiling enjoying the atmosphere while running, playing with myself.

I tripped and almost fell but someone catch me, it was Nate in a prince outfit. He looks so handsome.

“I’m sorry for making fun of you earlier.” I said.

Nate scoffed “I can’t believe we’re each other’s first kiss, by the way I would have accept your apology but that secret is so embarrassing and I want you to just give me some mo…”

I pouted my mouth to kiss his lips but someone slapped my mouth and I woke up from the weird dream.

“Ow, who did that?” I complained.

“Who the hell are you kissing in your dream?” mom asked, sitting beside me.

“Mom did you hit me in my mouth?” I asked.

“Yes, now who were you kissing that made your mouth look like a monkey?” mom asked.

I sighed feeling shy “No one.”

Mom gasped “Is it Nate? Oh my Goodness!!” she squealed.


“No!” I exclaimed.

“Oh shut up, princess Cupid, I know it’s Nate.” mom squealed “Oh, can’t wait to see you two dating each other, Argh!!!” she squealed out of the bedroom.

I sighed as I stood up, went to the bathroom and took my bath and I begin to glow.

Nate’s right, I have to figure out the source of my glowing powers. Speaking of Nate.

Yesterday was magical, my very first kiss. But by some weird maths freak nerd.

Why do I feel that kiss will change my life forever? What’s Nate up to?

Mad oo

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