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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 9♨️ 🌼
I woke up, stood up from my bed and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

The lukewarm water begin to pour on my body like rain.

It’s being a week since Nate and I have been fake dating and Tony is extremely jealous and freaking out.

Gina hates me than ever and always tries to bully me but I must surely give her a payback. By mistake or intentional.

I don’t feel comfortable about my powers, I think someone’s watching me, I hope not, if anyone knows about my powers, I’ll be exposed.

I came out and applied lotions on my skin.

Then I wore my white sleeveless turtleneck flare pleated dress, diamond lace flat sandals, with my diamond necklace with it’s earrings, and I applied some light makeup. Then I wore my glasses.

I straightened up my hair, I wore my white Gucci backpack.

I checked the mirror with a smile and I left my bedroom and went down stairs to the dining table.

I greeted my mom, ate my breakfast, left the palace and went to garage.

I smiled as I saw Nate approaching me “Hey Goofy.”

“Sup Dumbo.” He smiled as he hugged me and I punched him in the stomach.

“Ow!” he winced.

Nate and I are friends now but annoying friends.

“That’s nice.” I grinned “Here.” I threw my backpack on his chest.

“Dude.” I snapped feeling confused.

“You’re supposed to carry my bag till the deal is over.” she said.

I groaned mentally “Urgh! Why did I even accept the stupid deal?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll stop till our fake relationship is over.” Megan said.

That kinda hurts my feelings, she still thinks it’s just a fake relationship, I don’t think she feels anything for me. But I kinda do.

“Come on, let’s go.” she said as we entered the Porsche and the driver drove off.

Fine, I’ll admit it, I like Megan, in fact I love her. For the past one week, I really enjoy the so-called fake relationship.

I just hope she also feels how I feel for her. I’ve never have this type of feeling before in my life.

I blushed a little when I noticed Nate’s starring at me, I just can’t maintain the eye contact.

Fine, I like Nate but what’s the reason for this fake relationship? What about the people we want to hurt?

I’m just confused about my feelings. This feelings I have for Nate is different from the one I have for Tony.

The only feeling I have for Tony is just a crush but Nate… I don’t understand.

Anytime we kiss in front of people is just… I don’t know, I just don’t know.

About the magic, I didn’t find anything, I was seriously tired because of the race so I forgot yesterday night.

I promise to discover the truth, after school as long as nothing crazy happens.

We finally arrived at school, Nate and I came out of the car and held our hands together and walked into the school hallway.

I somehow wish this isn’t a fake relationship.

I noticed Tony and Gina together but it didn’t really bother me like before. I wonder why.

I smiled at them as I’m walking with Nate, I hugged his arm feeling good but Tony’s glaring at us.

“What’s that about?” Nate asked.


“Why did you hug my arm?” he asked.

I shrugged “Nothing, because we’re dating.” I said.

“Or you just making Tony and Gina jealous.” Nate said feeling a bit angry.

I felt a bit annoyed when he said that, I didn’t even care about Tony and Gina for now, I don’t even know why I hug host arms.

“Yeah.” I lied and smiled.

I groaned silently, trying to make those useless people jealous is bullsh*t. Those people don’t give a damn about you.

“Here’s your backpack.” I gave Megan her backpack.

I removed my arm feeling annoyed as I walk away from Megan angrily.

She frowned in confusion “Nate what’s…?”

I ignored her till I walk into the school library and meet my book club mates.

“Hey guys!” I greeted.



“What’s up?”


They replied.

“Shhhh, no noise in the library.” the librarian whispered.

We grinned sheepishly “Sorry.”

Tyler- A 9th grader, the international geek and the smartest student in his class.

Doris- The quirky but creepiest girl among us. She’s smart but annoying to be with.

Lola- Also in 9th grader, the Asian among us, Tyler’s girlfriend, she’s also a super geek.

Quincy- The best teaser, immediately she knows about a secret relationship, she’ll tease the person till death, she’s also nice and smart.

We’re book club members, we study our next tests and talk about novels together everytime we decided to miss class.

The principal says we’re allowed to do it as long as we have our special lanyards.

“Dude, what’s going on? We haven’t seen you in our meeting for the past one week.” Tyler said.

I didn’t attend the book club mostly because of Megan but since she’s busy using me to make Tony jealous. It’s my fault, it’s my stupid idea.

I shrugged “Nothing, I’m sorry, I won’t miss it again.”

“Is it because of your new girlfriend?” Quincy teased.

“No.” I scoffed nervously.


“Just admit it and we’ll forgive you for missing book club.” Tyler said.

“When are you gonna go on your date?” Quincy asked.

“Dude, I…”

“Oh, are you gonna wear your fanciest pants?” Doris grinned.

I signed “Look, I…”

“Doris, you want water?” Lola asked.

“No, I don’t need water, take that away from me!” She let out a light yelp.

“What’s up with you? Why don’t you like water?” Lola asked.

“Yeah, I’ve not even see you drinking water or using the bathroom.” Tyler said.

Doris became scared. Uh oh.

“Guys! Let’s get to the reading!” I cut them off.

“Shhhh! What’s wrong with all of you today.” the librarian whispered, scolding.

“We’re sorry.” we whispered back.

I sat and started studying with my crew. The bell rang we didn’t even bother to go to class, since we’re studying.

“Sorry, I forgot my book in the class, I have to go get it.” Doris said and left the library.

Is she allergic to water? Or I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

I sighed sadly as I’m watching to the our social studies teacher talking but I’m not listening.

I miss Nate because he’s not sitting next to me today, he’s seat is totally empty.

Why would Nate just snub me like that? What did I do? What’s wrong with him today?

Is it because of what I said about the fake relationship? Does he have feelings for mme too?

I have to talk to him. I stood up with a sigh.

“Mrs Smith.” I called.

“Yes Miss Reagan.”

“Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

Everyone laughed, what’s funny?

“Are you gonna do the number 1 or number 2.” a brunette guy laughed.

“I’m sure it’s the number 2.” a girl laughed.

“I bet she’s gonna poop in shape of 1, 2, 3…” Gina laughed and everyone laughed along.

I scoffed “At least my poop is more prettier than your faces.” I retorted and everyone laughed at the three of them.

“Sorry Miss Reagan, here’s the hallpass.” Mrs Smith gave me the Hall pass and I left the classroom.

I entered the hallway looking for Nate but I didn’t see him.

“Nate!” I called as I went to his favourite spot, he’s not there.

“Nate!” I called as I went to the boys bathroom. He’s not there.

“Nate!” I called as I went to the cafeteria. He’s not there.

Where is he?!!!

I sighed sadly as I went to my crying spot, the janitors closet and cried bitterly.

Because I’ve been a total jerk to Nate, I should have understood his feelings for me. I wish I still have a chance.

I sniffed as my tears turns into diamonds.

“Wow!” I heard the same girly voice anytime I noticed someone’s watching me.

I lift my head and saw a blonde girl peeping through the small window on the door, which had small curtain.

The girl hid as she saw me.

I became scared “Whose there?” I asked as I opened the door. She’s gone.

I saw her running to the other side and I followed her.

“Hey!” I called but she ignored and still running.

I stopped running as I saw the Hall monitor walking around but the girl is gone.

I knew someone’s watching me. I just hope she didn’t tell anyone.

I was breathing heavily as I went back to the class.

Everyone has gone home even my crew, Tyler advised me to confess my feelings for Megan.

He’s my best friend and he knows the truth between me and Megan.

I took a deep breath as I saw Megan waiting for the driver.

I held the rose flower and I want to give her and smiled.

I begin to walk towards her feeling a bit nervous.

“Hey babe.” I stopped as Tony approached her and hug her tightly.

I squeezed the flower till it spoilt and fell on the floor, walk away with tears sliding down my cheek, feeling heartbroken.

I guess the stupid plan worked and they’re now dating.

This sh*t always happen to me if I want to flirt with a girl.

Tony’s right. No girl can fall for me. I’m such a fool for thinking that.

I was waiting for Nate in front of the school building not even the driver, Where’s that guy?

I haven’t seen him since morning, did I really hurt him like that? I’ll apologize to him when I see him.

“Hey babe.” I heard Tony as he hugged me tightly and wanted to kiss me.

I pushed him away “Dude, what’s wrong with you?”

“What? Don’t you want me?” He asked.

I scoffed “Look, just remember, I have a boyfriend and I don’t like you anymore.”

“I know you’re lying, I overheard both of you talking about it, I know you and Nate just faked the relationship so that me and Gina will fall for you people and guess what? It worked. I like you.” Tony said.

“So you’re spying on me?” I scoffed.

“Look, I’m sorry but I really like you, be my girlfriend.” Tony said as he held my hand.

“Dude, you have a girlfriend.” I said.

“Gina and I broke up this morning.” he said.

“Again? So while you’re date me which is not gonna happen, you and Gina will get back with each other and cheat on me.” I scoffed.

“I promise, that won’t happen, Gina and I have broken up for good because I like you. Megan.” he said and wanted to kiss me.

I gritted my teeth and gave him a dirty slap “Shameless idiot.”

I yanked my hand and walked away angrily. I noticed scattered flower petals on the floor. Why do I feel disturbed from the flower? Where’s Nate?

That’s it Megan, you want to see torture? Because you’re torturing me. You’ll see torture.

I entered the closet, feeling exhausted from the cleaning of the school.

The students in this school are extremely dirty and rough. I’m tired. I hate my job. Because I don’t have money.

I frowned as I saw tiny diamonds on the floor. Where did it come from?

Are they real? Good thing I know how to check them.

I took a diamond and brought out my special glass and checked the diamond. They’re real!

Yay! They’re real!!! Just a tiny diamond like this cost US$1 million. And they’re like 10 of them.

I’m rich!!! I pack all the diamonds and put them in my bag and ran away shouting.

“Woo!!! Yes!!! I’m rich!!!” I laughed happily.

Bye bye to janitor!!!!

Lucky person 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What’s with Doris? Poor Nate and Megan

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