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✨❤🤓 NERDY LOVE 🤓❤✨

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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 19♨️ 🌼
“Weeeee!!!!” I screamed spinning myself excitedly, still dancing in the rain with Nate.

The both of us are extremely wet and I’m still glowing pink. I think if I’m in love. I glow pink like Barbie princess.

“This is amazing!” Nate laughed as he hugged around my waist.

Our face are closer to each other, our nose are touching. His beautiful brown eyes and pink strawberry lips are making me crazy.

We connected our lips passionately, I held his face, he ran his hands from my back down to my *ss.

Making me to feel h*rny. He pulled away and was smooching on my neck. I moaned lightly.

He removed his glasses and my glasses and threw it away. I don’t care.

We look into each other’s eyes as he carried me with my legs. Took me inside the his bedroom and threw me on the bed.

“Are you ready?” He asked.


He smirked evilly “You sure?”

I grabbed his collar, pushed him to lie on the bed and I went on top of him. Sitting on his erected d*ck.

“F*ck me.” I whispered.

He scoffed softly as I kissed him passionately.

He immediately removed his blue shirt and I also removed my blouse revealing my bra exposing my cleavage.

I held his hands and pinned them above his head, restricting him from moving.

As she bent and held my hands above me. Her big and smooth and tempting b**bs are on my face. Calling me.

My mouth’s drooling over the beautiful and sweet b**bs.

“Do you wanna rape me?” I laughed.

She giggled “If you want.”

I removed my hands and opened her skirt and grabbed her smooth b*tt cheeks pressed on my erected rod.

She removed her bra showing me her pink n*pples pointing at me.

I bent making him to start sucking my n*pples. I moaned softly.

He removed my undies and unzipped his trousers and I started riding on him and moaning loudly because of the huge pain.

I can’t believe I just lose my virginity to the first and most annoying boyfriend, I’ve ever had.

I’m still sick for God’s sake. Lord have mercy.

But this is the best sex. In the rain. We’re both virgins and I’m still glowing. This is amazing.

Painful. Super painful!! Ew! Gross! But perfect and amazing! I’ll never regret giving my virginity to Nate. Even though he breaks my heart but I know he won’t.

He won’t even dare or I’ll kill him.

After 30 minutes of sex, we were already naked, our clothes were scattered on the floor. We’re cuddling each other on the bed.

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Nate said softly with his eyes closed.

I moved closer and closer to him “I know, me too. You’re super annoying.”

“You too. Dumbo.” He scoffed softly.

After few minutes of awkward silence.

“Are you sure this is your first time?” I asked.

He opened his eyes and frowned “Yeah, what makes you think that?”

“Because you’re so good in bed like a bad boy.” I replied.

“Well I… Um… I watch a lot of p*rn videos and erotic romance movies when no one’s at home. At the end I delete them so that no one would suspect.” He said nervously.

I poked his nose “You’re such a bad boy nerd.” I laughed softly and Nate laughed along.

He kissed my forehead and placed his jaw on my head.

Another awkward silence.

“I love you.” I smiled.

Instead of hearing the obvious reply, all I heard is snoring. Great! The fool has slept off.

I sighed as I also closed my eyes and dozed off.

I smirked as I heard Megan’s snore. She’s so beautiful when sleeping.

I acted as if I slept off to see her reaction.

I kissed her forehead “I love you too, Dumbo.” I whispered and hugged her tightly then I slept off.

I was walking down the empty hallway smiling for no reason. Thinking about last night. My first sex.

Nate is so amazing, I don’t think he’ll hurt me. I love him and I know he loves me even though he didn’t reply last night.

He’s in book club with Doris and his friends. I’m still not interested in books like that.

“Whoa!” Someone pulled my arm in the girl’s restroom.

Gina, smirking at me. Looking sl*tty as usual.

“Morning freaky b*tch!” She greeted rudely.

I’m going to ruin this girl’s life today. I’ve not post the video yet. I just want to use the video to take advantage of her and later post the video at the right time.

She sighed “What did you want Gina?”

“I want you to tell your nerdy Doris to stay away from Tony or she’ll see the last of me.” I said.

I’ve been noticing Tony trying to get close to that ugly nerd and it pisses me off.

“Why can’t you tell her yourself?” She asked.

I rolled my eyes “Because of her crazy girlfriend who ruined Tony’s chance to go to Harvard. I’m afraid of that b*tch.”

“Well that’s not my business. Bye.” Megan said and turned to leave.

I brought out my phone showing the video of Nate and Megan doing lovefest and still glowing.

“Leave the f*cking bathroom or I’ll post the video of you glowing like an angel.” I threatened her which made her to stop.

She turned to me with a frown “What did you say?”

I smirked “I swear I’ll post it and there’s no way… Argh!!!”

She slapped my phone off my hand and smashed it on the floor with her leg.

My jaw dropped feeling furious and sad because that phone worth more than her generation.

She pouted “Oppsey dopsey. That was a mistake.”

I gritted my teeth angrily and strangled her neck angrily.

“Argh!!! I’m going to kill you!!!” I cried angrily because I love that phone.

I didn’t even give her the chance to retaliate.

I pinned her on the wall to murder her and she smiled.

“You’re so dumb.” she laughed.

Suddenly the door was opened. “Gina!!!” I heard the voice that scares me to death.

I was studying as usual in the library with my club mates except Lola.

I don’t know why I’m feeling some sharp pains in my neck and it didn’t want to stop. I tried to ignore it and focus on my studies.

Doris already told me that she’s Megan’s cousin and she has the same powers with Megan. So crazy.

“You guys. Some crazy drama is going on in the bathroom.” Lola said as she ran in excitedly.

All of us gave her a mere look and went back to our studies.

Lola sighed “It involves Megan.”

“Megan!!!” We all screamed simultaneously and ran out of the library straight to the girl’s bathroom.

I saw the proprietor and proprietress, principal, teachers, our classmates and other students in there. Gathered around Gina strangling Megan’s neck, pinning her on the wall.

What’s going on? Immediately Gina released Megan’s neck. My neck pain was relieved immediately. Wait…?

I wanted to stop Gina but Megan signaled me to stop, she knows what she doing.

My mom and dad, with some school staffs and a lot of students. Almost all.

I quickly released Megan feeling scared. I can’t believe my dad see me in this act. He’ll think I’m a lunatic.

No, I’ll not allow him to think like that. No!

I shedded crocodile tears “Mom, dad, she’s trying to kill me, I had to defend myself. She even broke my phone. People are bullying me because I’m the proprietor’s daughter.” I sniffed.

Hoping they’ll believe the lie.

My mom moved closer to Megan thinking that she’s going to give her a dirty slap. Instead she held her shoulder.

“Sweetie, I’m so sorry about my daughter, are you okay?” She asked.

I frowned “What?!” I exclaimed.

Megan smiled “I’m fine Mrs Xander.”

I scoffed angrily “Mom, she’s trying to kill…” My mom shut me up by landing a hot slap on my face.

“Who do you think you are Gina Trina Xander? Do you know who that is? Do you wanna ruin my life?” Mom scolded.

I glared at Megan “Who is she? Some ugly nerd that doesn’t belong to this world? You should expel her dad, and banned her from every school in the city…”

“Shut up!” my dad screamed angrily, making me to feel frightened “Shut up!! Gina!!! I’m disappointed.”

“Why? Who the f*ck…? Ow!!” My dad landed another slap on the same side on my face.

“Apologize!!” my mom ordered.


“Apologize to the princess of Ragan city!”

“No…!” Megan covered my mom’s mouth.

Everyone gasped.

“What?” I scoffed.

I’ve heard of the Queen and Princess of Ragan. But no one have seen them since King Terrence passed away. But Megan?

No way! There’s no way that freakish glowing nerd can be the secret princess. Never!

“Everyone has the right to know Your Highness. So that they stop treating you badly, especially my spoilt daughter.” Mom said.

I wanted to stop Mrs Xander but it’s too late.

“Everyone!! I’ll like to introduce you to our old student who we didn’t know who she is. The princess of Ragan, the daughter of King Terrence. Megan Reagan!” Mrs Xander said and I closed my eyes tightly.
Everyone gasped and begin to whisper and gossip.

🚺 OMG, that nerd is a princess?

🚹 No wonder she’s so pretty.

🚺 I like her now.

🚹 I’m afraid of her.

🚺 She’s unbelievable.

What have I done? I expect everyone to know Gina’s other side not my other side. My mom’s gonna find out and I toasted for life.

Yes, this is my plan. Last night I sighted while I was playing in the rain with Nate.

I saw a figure on the fence. I wanted to check the person spying on us but Nate’s hugging me passionately. I couldn’t let go of him.

I knew it was Gina so I told Doris to call my mom because I still don’t want to speak with her. My mom called the proprietor and principal and other staffs on Gina. I even thought she’s gonna post the video but she didn’t and now we’re here.

Yeah, my mom knows that Doris is her niece. Nate still had no idea what’s going on because I didn’t tell him anything.

I just gave him some clues to help me.

Gina begin to shed tears “Your Highness, I’m so so sorry for treating badly. I had no idea that you’re a princess… Please pardon me.” she pleaded.

🚺 Don’t pardon her, she’s a b*tch.

🚹 She kept pranking you like a clown, destroy her dreams.

🚺 Expel her from every school.

🚹 Arrest her.

🚹 Kill her.

🚺 Put her in probation.

🚹 Make us rape her.

🚺 Ew dude!

“Actually, I’m letting her go.” I said and everyone gasped again.

“She didn’t do anything, just some small petty pranks. That’s nothing.” I shrugged.

“But I’m punishing her.” Doris came out with a smirk.

“What are you a princess too?” A girl asked.

“I’m her cousin.” Doris replied.

“What did I do to you?” Gina asked.

“You and your stupid good for nothing boyfriend body shamed me, posted my nude pics and humiliate me during my period in front of anyone. I won’t spare you.” Doris scoffed.

“So what are you gonna do to me? Arrest me or something?” Gina muttered.

“I already did something.” Doris smirked. “Posted a sex video of you and some guy on social media.”

“What!!!” Gina exclaimed and I laughed.

🚹 Yeah, you look hot Gina.

🚺 She’s such a sl*t.

🚹 Ew!

Imagine talking about this sh*t in front of teachers and parents.


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