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🌼 ♨️CHAPTER 20♨️ 🌼
After everyone left the dramatic scene, I smiled as I wanted to embrace Nate but he stepped away from me.

I can see he’s angry.

I frowned “What’s wrong?”

He glared at me “Why would you lie to me?”

“Huh?” I’m confused.

“Didn’t I asked you why you came?” Nate asked.

I scoffed “I said I came to see you.”

“You’re lying again. You said that your mom said that you can come here for a sleepover.” Nate said.


“Enough with the lies, Megan.” Nate cut me off “What really happened?”

I sighed sadly “Look, my mom…” I explained the whole fight that happened that day, feeling guilty that I left my mom alone because she couldn’t believe in me.

Nate sighed sadly and disappointed. I know he’s mad at me and can break up with me.

I bent my head sadly “I’m sorry Goofy, I didn’t mean to lie to you.”

“I’m not even mad about that. I forgive you.”

“You’re not…?” I asked.

He nodded “Yeah, I’m just mad that you just left your mom because she didn’t want you to risk your life.”


“But nothing, Megan, she’s your mother. She knows what she’s doing. Even though she didn’t believe in you, you should at least proof it, not leave your home. Leaving your mom in sadness. You’re really a Dumbo.” Nate scolded.

I sighed sadly “I guess you’re right.”

Nate smiled as he hugged my waist “Now, will you do the honour and apologize to your mom?”

I scoffed “Why should I…?”

“Shhhhh…” He placed his index finger on my mouth “Apologize.” he whispered.

I groaned loudly. Because this is gonna be hard and emotional.

I can’t believe this. I just can’t. Megan, the nerd I once hated and bullied for no reason then fell in love with is even the princess.

I should have suspected and know when I saw her close to her kingdom. I don’t even know how to talk to her.

Why did Doris edited my face from the sex video she posted. She should have her revenge by posting the whole but Why?

I sighted Doris studying alone in the girls locker room. I approached her, frowning.


“What?” She replied rudely without stealing a glance from me.

“Why did you edit my face out of the video?” I asked.

“I exposed your rotten d*ck I’m front of the whole world.” Doris said.

Wow! Savage.

“But why can’t you just show the whole video, so that we can be even?” I asked.

Doris stood up and glared at me “Because I’m not a f*cking heartless dog like you who ruin other people’s lives just to make fun of them.”

I bent my head feeling sad “You should at least post the whole video. I just want…”

“Us to be good neighbors. I know.” I completed “But that’s not gonna happen. Just go away. I’m moving out tomorrow and another girl is moving in to my apartment. Maybe you can be friends with her.” I said bitterly and wanted to walk away.

Tony held my hand and pulled me closer to him “What did you say?”

I rolled my eyes “I said I’m moving out. Raina is…”

“Quiet!” He yelled “Do whatever you want to me. Insult me, humiliate me, even hit me whenever you want. But don’t you think about moving away. I’m trying my very best to make it up to you and you didn’t even give me any chance to do that.” He vented.

I pulled away “How will you make it up to me? Go back in time and fix everything? Delete the nude pics from the internet? Or Snap a d*ck p8c of yourself and make it viral? Even if you do that. It won’t work.” I vented back.

Tony paused for some seconds.

“I don’t even know what you want from me. We can’t be friends, you’re a popular and cool playboy and I’m an ugly flat nerdy lesbian. So…” I shrugged and wanted to leave.

“Doris wait!!” He called.

I turned to him with a frown. He brought out his phone and opened his trousers, showing his boxer shorts.

I quickly closed my eyes trying to look away.

“Don’t worry, you’re fine.” He said and I opened my eyes.

He stretched his boxer and took a d*ck picture of him.

“If this is gonna make you forgive me then fine.” He said as he posted the d*ck pic on social media.

“Ew dude, that’s embarrassing. You’re life is gonna be ruined.” I said.

“I don’t care, I just want you to like me again. As friends.” Tony shrugged looking sincere.

I shook my head “That doesn’t can’t change my mind. As a girl, menstrual humiliation and girl’s nude pics. Those embarrassment and shame can last forever, but you see that d*ck pic of yours, people are still gonna praise you for that.” I said I wanted to leave.

Tony pulled me again and pinned me against the wall and kissed my lips.

My eyes went wide feeling shocked, I struggled to push him away but he’s too strong.

He finally let go of me and I slapped him.

“Are you out of your mind? Why would you do that?” I yelled.

“I love you!!” He exclaimed.

Opps that slipped out of my mouth but I really mean it.

I love Doris. I don’t know why but she’s giving me a weird feeling and it’s totally different from the feeling I had for Gina which is just lust. But this feeling is beyond lust.

Doris scoffed “There’s something wrong with you. Stay away from me or I’ll call the police.” She threatened me.

“Doris I’m sorry I said that. I swear I didn’t mean it please.” I pleaded.

Doris scoffed wanted to cry “You…” She gritted her teeth and ran out of the locker room.

That’s it! I must follow her whether she disappears or hide, I ran after her to the janitors closet and…

I was in the taxi cab with Nate feeling nervous.

How will my mom react when I come home? Will she be mad? She might look like a mess. Will she hate me? What should I say? I’m so nervous.
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Nate held me hand softly to calm down. I smiled at him and took a deep breath.

We finally arrived at the palace and came out of the taxi.

I took a deep breath and smiled “Home sweet home.”

“Yeah, I was proud of you earlier. You’re smart after all but still a Dumbo.” Nate teased “Ow!” I punched him in the stomach and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

“Weird Goofy!” I pouted.

“Whatever, let’s go.” Nate said as we went to the large door entrance, the guards and maids outside were happy and greeting me.

“Welcome back your Highness.” They greeted.

I was going through some documents in my office, still missing my daughter.

The office door was opened “Your Majesty?” Stacy walked in.


“Your daughter has return.” She said.

My eyes went wide “What?”

I stood up and went down stairs to the Royal living room.

I saw Megan and Nate sitting together.

Megan’s face lightened up as she saw me, we went closer and embraced each other as we shed tears of joy and glow up.

“I’m sorry mom, I ran away leaving you in sorrow. I’m ready for any punishment you give me.” Megan sobbed.

“No, I’m so sorry Megan, I’m sorry I couldn’t believe you. I’m not a good mother.” I sniffed.

“You’re an amazing mom. I’m just a stupid daughter.” she bent her head sadly.

“You’re not wrong.” Nate teased.

I removed my shoe and hit his head with it.

“Ow!” He winced.

Suddenly, I felt a huge headache. Why does this keep happening?

“Come on sweetie, let’s go inside. Chef Myla made chicken salad and pancakes.” mom said.

“Okay mom.” I smiled “Nate, will you join us for dinner?”

Nate scoffed “Actually my mom…”

“Join us! That’s an order.” mom commanded strictly.


“Come on babe.” I hugged his arm “Join us for dinner.” I pouted.

“Well…” He shrugged “Okay.”

“Yay!” I squealed as we went to the dining room. Had our dinner together. Nate gave me a kiss before he went home.

I’m gonna miss him even though we’ll see each other in school. But I need to discuss something with mom.

I went to my bedroom, took a quick shower and wore my blue fluffy pyjamas and left the room.

I sat on my bed going through some old ancient papers, it’s about the spiritual boarding school.

Yes, if someone want to enter that school, she must only enter with just her spirit. The training goes on for a month before the yearly competition. If she loses, she’ll be stuck there till the next year.

That’s if she wins that next year but if she didn’t, if she keeps losing. She can be stuck there till she reaches her old age.

I’m afraid that I couldn’t go for the training but if Megan goes there, I don’t know. She might win but what if she…? No.

She must not go. I hope she didn’t make that decision.

“Mom.” Megan walked in.

I quickly hide the papers and smiled “Baby, why aren’t you asleep yet? You want to sleep beside mommy?” I grinned happily.

She sat beside me “I’m just thinking maybe I should go for the spiritual training.”

My grin faded away. This is what I’m afraid of.


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