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I sat down on an old bench with dried tears on my face, still in the basement starring at my daughters lifeless body in the transparent freezer and Doris lifeless body in another freezer.

Everyone went home but it was only me and my servants consoling me to calm down.

I know my daughter and niece will win. I believe in God, my father is going to help my daughter.

I was in my bedroom trying to study but I couldn’t concentrate.

I have a whole month without seeing Megan. The night is not over yet and I’m already missing her.

Most of us in Ragan are fasting and praying that Megan should be safe. Also Doris.

But I really miss Megan. I took the diamond tear drop necklace and smiled. I’ll always love you.

My family came in without knocking and they hugged me.

I found out that as I had sex with Megan. There are some magic in her that made us feel each other pains. What a girl.

I sat on my bed looking at Doris diamond tears beads bracelet I’m wearing on my right wrist.

I wish she still here with me. I will always love her. One month should be over already.

“Argh!!!” Doris and I were screaming loudly as it looks like we’re falling and I don’t know where we’re falling on. Tolu writes.

Everywhere was extremely bright and swirly. Wind kept blowing down on us and I don’t feel any pain surprisingly.

“How long have we been falling?!!” Doris yelled.

“I don’t know! More than an hour!!” I yelled back.

We finally landed on the mirror cloudy floor and I took a deep breath.

“Finally!” I sighed.

“Yeah.” Doris added. By Tolu writes.

We gasped in shock as we saw everywhere like heaven. Shiny, cloudy School.

We walked in feeling surprised and shocked. We became more shocked as we saw a lot of girls/ princesses wearing white long sleeve jumpsuits, with ponytails and barefooted throwing glowing balls at each other. Laughing and having fun.

“Are you sure we’re not in heaven?” Doris asked.

I shrugged “I don’t know, the priest said Ragania…oooo…!” we gasped as some shiny butterflies gathered around us and transformed out white cloak into a the white jumpsuits and fixed our hair in neat ponytail.

“Welcome your Highnesses.” All of the butterflies talk with their tiny voice.

“Did they just talk?” I asked.

Doris grinned “I know, so cute.”

The butterflies gathered close to each other and become brighter and they transformed into a White haired beautiful young woman in white garment. Richie’s library.

“I wanna faint but I can’t faint because I’m already in heaven.” Doris whispered to me.

“Wanna go there permanently?” The woman asked iconically. By Tolu writes.

My eyes went wide “Huh?”

“You’re too young to go there but don’t worry, it’s not PG18.” The bright woman said.

“No! No! Please, I’m sorry.” Doris pleaded.

The bright woman smiled “I like you, princess Doris from Aderya.”

“How did you know my name?” Doris asked.

“I’m a teaching angel. I know a lot about my princesses. I’m Bright.” She introduced.

“Okay Bright. Say something about me.” I nodded.

“Megan Reagan, the 17 years old daughter of the late King Terrence and Queen Athena. You have a boyfriend who you’ve slept with and now you’re feeling each other’s pain due to the intimacy.” Bright explained.

“Whoa! You’re amazing.” I complimented.

“Too nice. So let’s start the training discussions. Follow me.” Bright said as we’re following her.

“There are rules for the upcoming competition. Be the best future Queen, always be ready for anything, don’t give up and most dangerous and importantly. Do not cheat or we’re sending you to hell permanently.” Bright said as she gave us a dangerous death glare and the both of us gulped nervously.

“About the competition, always be confident and victorious or else if you keep losing. Your body on earth will keep decaying year by year and even if you win after being stuck for 20 years, you’ll become ugly so I rather die and be beautiful in heaven that to live a ugly life on earth.”

After showing us some rules, the shiny cloudy school tour. We went to the cloudy hall were princess are training.

I know we have the same powers but I never knew all this type of powers.

Girls throwing ball at each other, some are flying and glowing, some eyes alone are glowing not the body, some have glowing telekinesis. Some have glowing freeze breath and other you can guess. By Tolu writes.

A glowing angelic woman called Trainor (Coach) was our coach.

“Okay let’s start the power training. Show me what you two got.” She said.

Doris and I looked at each other feeling confused about our powers.

“Umm… Ow!” Doris punched me in the face and I fell “What’s that for?”I cried as a diamond tear drop from my eyes. I glowed up.

“That’s all what we got.” Doris shrugged as I stood up.

Trainor nodded “That cute but let me show you something.”

She moved back and glowed brightly without any water, the glow was moving from her toes up to her hand and formed into a giant glowing ball she’s holding then she threw it on a red brick wall and it destroyed.

Our eyes went wide “Wow!” Doris and I scoffed.

“Teach us!” Doris squealed.

The woman nodded as she started training us day by day and we’re getting better and better.

All of us are in the church praying for victory for our daughters.

I’ve missed my daughter and I haven’t eaten any real food except carrots and water to break my fast.

I couldn’t stop fasting and praying, we did a lot of church activities like Shiloh, Candle nights, night vigils and so on. I hope both of them wins.

I was warming up in my cloudy locker room. I’m Bright’s favourite.

I really like the way Megan and I are going to win.

Bright walked in “Princess Doris, I have the most special power skill I wanna show you. You can win the last round without anyone touching you.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“Face the dummy.”

I turned to the naked girl dummy doll.

“Close your eyes.” She instructed I obeyed.

“Put your hands together tightly like you don’t wanna let go.”

I obeyed.

“Breathe deep in, hold your breath and glow brighter and brighter.”

I took a deep breath in, held my breath closed my eyes tighter and glow brighter and brighter, for 20 seconds.

“Then breathe out and scream!”

I breathe out and scream then a white flames fire burst out of my mouth and burnt down the dummy into ashes.

My eyes went wide “Whoa! That’s insane I can’t kill anyone.”

“You’re gonna kill people to win, that’s the rules but don’t worry. If you kill the person, she’ll still come back but will be disqualified that’s all.” Bright said.

“Oh.” I nodded.

I smiled as I know the top power skills. Thanks to Bright, Megan. Get ready to win.

Only 10 of us are in the dark cloudy hall. 2 girls in each team. Other princesses are divided into different competitions so that not only one will win.

Doris and I entwined our hands and smiled confidently. “Can’t wait to win.”

“You have no idea.” Doris smirked.

The competition are just three rounds, race, control your kingdom and fight battle.

Doris and I stood beside each other on the track, the four teams did the same.

“I’m gonna win this year and you guys will be stuck here forever till you die.” A girl cackled beside us.

“We’re already dead princess.” I retorted.

The girl (Alia) glared at me and I smiled.

“On your mark!” The instructor annoyed and we bent on the track.

“Get set!” She said and we raised our body getting ready.

“Go!!!!” She screamed and Boom! All of us ran faster and faster.

We stopped as I saw a cloudy tornado coming towards us, causing us to move backwards. All of us hide in the thick clouds. Some people were crawling under the cloud but were later blown away.

“We need to get through that tornado.” I yelled.

“But how?” Doris asked.

A crazy idea lightened up on my head. “Follow meeeee!!!!” I yelled as I came out and the tornado took me.

“Megan! No! Oh, that’s smart!” Doris shouted as she came out and the strong wind took her.

“Weeeee!!!” We were enjoying as we’re flying around the tornado, trying to control it with our powers. Doris and I created a think heavy glowing ball which helped us land safely from the tornado.

We continued our running, we’re ahead of some people while Alia is ahead of us. Tolu writes.

We all stopped as we saw a very weird and dangerous wooden bridge. We saw the finishing line at the end of the bridge.

“Bye losers.” Alia smirked as she’s flying.

“She thinks she won but she don’t know that my special power is super speed.” I smirked as I glow and fly then Voom! I super speed pass her and flew across the finish line.

“Yay Megan!” Doris cheered and I grinned happily as I won. Alia cried loudly and stormed off.

“Congratulations team Degan. You’ve won the first round. Next up, Ways of ruling your kingdom.”


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