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“Megan!” I cried happily as Nate and I hugged my daughter’s cold body and everyone cheered happily.

“I… I’m s…so c…cold.” She stammered, freezing up.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll get you some hot cocoa.” I said as I stood up and left the basement.

“Good thing I brought coat.” I took off my back fur coat and wore it for her.

She smiled “T… Thanks babe…”

“Don’t thank me. I’m all yours.” I said and begin to shed tears of joy.

“I’ve missed you.” Tolu writes. I said as I kissed her lips.

“Doris?” Aunt Lisa called her daughter lifeless body.

“Why isn’t she waking up?” Tony asked.

“I thought you two are supposed to come back.” Tony said.

“Why is my daughter not waking up?” Her mom asked, laying her daughter’s freezing head on her lap.

“Queen Lisa, only one person out of the team gets to win the competition. Not the whole team.” The priest said.

Queen Lisa stood up angrily “What?!”

I scoffed in disbelief “No, that’s a lie! Bring her back.”

The priest shrugged “I’m sorry your…”

“Bring her back please!!!” I cried.

“If anything happens to my daughter…!” Her father yelled.

I sat on the floor, shedding uncontrollable tears. Why is my life like this? Why does the world trying to take my life away from me?

So I have a whole year without seeing Doris? I’m gonna kill myself. I can’t take much longer.

“That’s impossible!” Megan yelled.

“Huh?” “What’s she talking about?” Everyone whispered.

“What are you talking about your Highness?” The priest asked.

“We supposed to come back together. I know it’s only one person that gets to come back to the world but it’s the two of us. Something’s wrong.” I said.

“But that’s how the rule is.” The priest said “She’s stuck there till next year.”

I scoffed in disbelief.

I was about to scream and blow out the white fire but I noticed Megan’s sad face.

If she loses, her mom, her boyfriend, her people. Richie’s library. Everyone will be sad and disappointed. But mine too.

I have to be selfless for Megan. She needs her people.

I sighted Bright signalling my to blow out the fire but I took a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” Bright whispered to me.

Is Doris sacrificing her life for me? This isn’t fair. I don’t wanna win like this. Without my best friend.

No, I won’t let this happen. I quenched my glowing ball and sighed.

“Angels, this isn’t fair.” I protested.

“What are you talking about?” The instructor said.
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“Megan’s right, we’re supposed to win together. Aren’t we a team?” Tolu writes. Doris added.

“Yes but…”

“If both of us can’t win together, what’s the point of the team stuff?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Doris added.

“The girls are right Queen.” Bright said to the head of Ragania. “Thousands of princesses leave their partners behind and they can’t be able to rule their kingdom without them. Some partners that lose even tried to win and meet up with their other partners on earth but they can’t.”

Queen sighed “I guess you’re right. By that I change the rules. Every team wins together, no teams will fight against each other from now on.”

“Yay!!!” Everyone begin to celebrate happily.

“Which means I declare the Degan team the winner of This year’s competition.”

“Argh!!” Doris and I screamed happily and we hugged each other.

“Congratulations to you two. Richie’s library. Now I like you Megan.” Bright said and I grinned happily.

“Time to go home.”

Bright created a glowing ball with grows bigger and brighter till Doris and I fell asleep.


Why isn’t Doris waking up? Did those angels tricked us? Not Doris! She’s gonna murder Alia’s spirit and it’s possible for her to die.

Everyone was crying and grieving Doris. I can believe she’s gone for now. It hurts so much because she’s my first best friend.

I noticed she’s smiling while dead. What the…? She’s snickering while people are crying because of her.

Seriously? This stupid girl is laughing tricking people who are crying for her.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Nate asked.

“Just a second.” I said as I stood and went to Doris body. Knelt and gave her a big slap.

“Ow! Dude, are you crazy?!!!” Doris yelled as she stood up.

“Doris!!!” Everyone exclaimed as her mom and Tony hugged her.

Now everyone’s happy. Tolu writes.

I went back to Nate and kissed his lips, I miss him so much.

“Weeee!!!!” Stacy and Cassie were glowing, screaming, running around the palace, throwing glowing balls at each other.

“Kids! Stop!” I cried feeling tired running after this crazy grandchildren of mine.

I sat on my throne panting heavily feeling tired. This isn’t the first time this children were frustrating me.

The twins ran to me.

“Chase us grandma!!!” Cassie yelled.

“Weeee!!!” Stacy cheered as the both of them were running again. I smiled happily starring at my adorable grand kids.

So annoying, playful, beautiful and amazing.

Someone should stop them. They’re wrecking the palace.

“Whoa!!!” They gasped as their mother lift them up with her glowing telekinesis.

“Kids, what did I tell you about frustrating grandma?” Megan scolded.

“We’re sorry, mommy.” The twins said simultaneously.

“Babe, just put them down, they’ve learnt their lessons.” Nate held his wife’s hand.

Megan smiled as she put her kids down slowly.

“Yay!! Mommy!! Daddy!!!” The twins cheered as they wanted to hug their parents. Tolu writes.

“Don’t touch me.” Megan said as she approached me.

“Come on kids, let’s play at the merry-go-round outside.” Nate said.

“Yay!!!!” The kids cheered as their father took them out of the throne room.

Yeah, after the Spirit competition stuff, the next month I was coronated as the Queen of Ragan. Nate and I finished high school and college together.

Got married and had girl twins together. They look just like their dad and Damn! Those children are like Nate’s family. They also have glowing powers too and hmmm…. You know.

They’re so troublesome and playful, they’re like a huge pain in the neck but beautiful pain I don’t want to let go.

My mom always suffer from them, trying to tame them but it’s not easy at all for her.

“Mom, are you alright?” I asked as I sat on my throne beside her.

Mom sighed and smiled “Never better.”

“You sure because…”

“You were way more spoilt and annoying during your time.” mom said.

“Mom!” I exclaimed playfully.

Mom laughed “This is the best family I’ve ever seen. I love this. You, Nate, Stacy, Cassie. You’re all annoying and amazing. I like that.”

I smiled as I stood up and hugged my mom.

“I love you mom.” I said.

“I love you too Meg… Argh!!!” The both of us screamed as a glowing ball destroyed my throne.

“Cassie!!!!” I screamed angrily.

“Oh no, Run!!!!” Stacy yelled as they ran away and I ran after them.

“I’m gonna get you!!!!” I yelled angrily.

I hide in a corner so that Megan won’t kill me because I left the kids behind.

I chuckled as I saw the mother and daughters running around the palace, chasing each other.

What a crazy family I have.

“There you are you dump monster!!!” Megan yelled as she found me.

“Argh!!!” I screamed as I ran away “Kids run!! Angry mama is after us!!!” I yelled as all of us are running after Megan.

As for Doris and Tony, they also got married in Aderya and had boy child, Phillip.

Shocking news, Tony was my best friend before he turned against me and now we’re friends again.

Sometimes we go there for a visit and they come here for a visit.


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