New Creatiom 5a

Episodes of lifestyle

By Donkross

In a dark room in a dark house, he sat patiently on the single sofa in the one  bedroom self contain apartment, it was dusk but the inside of the room was darker than it was outside. He was about lighting up another stick of cigarette when he heard footsteps  outside, ‘that must be her’ he thought and sneaked into the kitchen, she got to the door and was about to insert her key when she realised that the door was slightly opened, she could swear that she made sure the door was locked before leaving the house in the morning. She stepped in silently to see what or who got into her house without her permission, she thought about switching on the lights but then again that would only announce her arrival to the intruder so she decided against it. She was yet to take few more steps when she felt someone’s presence in the kitchen, immediately she turned back and made for the switch, even if she was going to die she should at least see her killer’s face or maybe faces, she turned on the lights and saw the intruder’s face.

“You have a thousand shades of freight written all over your face and that really makes you prettier than you really her” the intruder said amidst his smiling face.

“Host” she screamed and ran to hug the intruder

“Adesuwa the moon of my life” Host replied as he held her close to him and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Since when have you been in town” Adesuwa  asked as they both settled on the sofa still kissing. With the lights turned on, the beauty of the apartment became more visible, the room setting looks far more beautiful than the size of the house, the big bedroom was painted pink and white with different playboy mansion emblem inscripted in the walls, a television set hanging on the wall while the dstv decoder was placed on the floor, a big six by six mattress with a white bedsheets was laid in a corner of the room, a white sofa also laid close to the mattress and all kind of teddy bears could be seen all around the room.


“I just got back but I don’t wanna talk right now, I just wanna catch up on all I have missed” Host replied and immediately returned back to the foreplay which he was obviously enjoying.


“Ohhhhh shiit” Fabio exclaimed for the umpteenth time.

“Why are you just whinning since man, are you the only one that Host has kept waiting here” Kong snapped at him though in a soft tone.


“He said 30 minutes but we have been here for hours now, I have been here for hours and you all know I can’t afford to be seen around this place else people are going to figure out that I am one of you and that will blow up my chances of winning the oncoming S.U.G presidential elections” Fabio explained even when he was sure that all of them couldn’t care less about him winning or not and as expected none of them said a word to reply him. All of them save for Kong were busy with their phones, Kong just sat there and kept his concentration on the tv while Slimmy was playing a game on his phone, Nazaretha kept his gaze fixed on his phone, no one really knew for sure what he was busy with on the phone because just like always he kept the phone in an angle where only him could see what was on the screen, some of their friends and co-members who had gotten a closer view of his phone screen in times past claimed it was the bible that he was reading on his phone but then again, no one could really vouch that they were 100 percent sure. Gentle on the other hand was doing the obvious on his phone ‘chatting with the unknown girl again’ Slimmy would say in his mind anytime he raises his head up to see Gentle smiling, part of him wanted to go and disturb him but then again if Host should come in and see them playing, he mind end up just shooting one of them or even both of them so he just decided to keep his cool as they all sat down patiently and impatiently waiting for Host’s arrival, they waited while Host was having sex with his girlfriend Adesuwa.


*Am fine, what are you guys upto right now* Hadijat who was lying on her giant mattress in her room punched her keyboards and clicked on the send icon and then minimised the whatsapp menu and switched into her browser.
** she punched into the search engine. There were different things displayed on the interface of the forum ranging from political news, celebrity news, advertisement and so on but only one of them caught her attention than the others.

“Checkout A Female Nairalander’s Debut Single” she read out slowly and then clicked on the link.
< ! Quick download on ” she read out slowly again. She didn’t just click on the news because it was a rare one on nairaland but because she wanted to see how nairalanders in their usual manner will bash the poor singer but she was surprised about the comments she was seeing. ****Coldplay007(f): 12:39pm On Apr 01 Waoh.. Lovely.. Are you sure that is not Asha.. It sounds exactly like Asha.. (Quote) (Report) 6 Likes (Like) (Share) Mediapace: 11:15pm On Apr 01 Nice one. More water to your saliva,your voice resemble that of Asha (Quote) (Report) 4 Likes (Like) (Share) Olaposij(m): 12:03am On Apr 03 Waoh. Are you married, @ Xavier ? If not, will you marry me. You are too talented ma.. I sent you a PM, Please reply me. (Quote) (Report) 1 Like (Like) (Share)***** Hadijat couldn’t take it anymore as curiosity got the best of her, she clicked on the download link and started downloading it while she navigated back to her whatsapp to check the new message from Gentle. **I mean you and Slimmy** she typed and replied and then switched back to the browser to play the already downloaded song. She fell in love with the song after listening to it for the first time, she left it on repeat as she waited endlessly for Gentle to reply but when the reply wasn’t forthcoming, she slept off listening to the cool and great music titled The one for me by Eden.