New creation ch 16B

Episode of action story


‘Was Hadijat here?’ Gentle asked Slimmy again.
Slimmy who was still looking baffled took a quick glance at Gentle and sighed. He got up and walked to the rail where the clothes were hung. He took off his shirt and flung it on the bed. He selected another shirt and took another glance at Gentle who was still staring at him to get an explanation. Then he put on the shirt and marched out of the room without closing the door, leaving Gentle transfixed to the ground.
Gentle continued to watch Slimmy go until he was out of sight. Then Gentle turned to search around the room if he could see anything that’ll suggest to him what really was happening. He didn’t find anything unusual, so he didn’t know what to think or conclude. He began to doubt if Hadijat had really visited the mansion. Why would she even do that? She had never for once accepted his invitation for her to come in ever since the unrest had stopped. So, he couldn’t pick out that thing that could have brought her in.
Or was it Slimmy? But why would he invite her? He knew Slimmy was never interested in her kind of girls. She was far younger that the league of girls who formed Slimmy’s list of sex machines. Even if she was in the league, Slimmy interest would have been turned off by circumstances that surrounded their first encounter, that is how rudely she behaved and handed Gentle a hot slap.
But something was definitely wrong with the two, Slimmy and Hadijat. He took out his phone and dialed Hadijat’s number. It beeped for a while and then stopped when the call was not answered. He tried it a second and third time again and still got the same responses. He gave up and returned the phone into his pocket before falling into the bed.
‘Slimmy!’ Guys hailed all around as Slimmy marched forward to a table in the beer parlour. He raised his two hands up in response to their greetings but said nothing till he got to the table. He drew out a seat and rolled his sleeves before sitting. He took a glance at the bar to order for a drink but he was lost as to what drink to request for. He covered his eyes with his palms and faced down. His problem or need wasn’t a drink, in fact there were lots of drinks that he could not exhaust in the Arch Angels mansion.
He remembered the disappointment and fury he saw in Hadijat’s eyes when he tried to pull down her pant. He wasn’t expecting her to respond like that. When she offered to come keep him company via WhatsApp, he thought that she was actually prepared and coming to get a romp, so it was surprising for him to see her outburst.
But what else on earth did she come for if not for sex? What else did she want with her constant seeking of his attention? He asked himself. She was even the one that enhanced his appetite for her with her dressing. Her curves displayed by her tight gown and her sexy thighs were something he had never seen in other girls, there was just this difference he couldn’t point out to. From the moment he had ushered her to the seat and he saw her revealed thighs below the gown was when the fire started burning in his heart. What he initially craved for before her arrival was playful sex to while away time but after she arrived his heart began to beat faster as he started to long for more passionate romance.
Still, he couldn’t pick out what the reason was for the disappointment in her eyes. He was surprised that she was expecting something different from him.
A soft knock sounded on his table, waking him up from his thoughts. He looked up to see a barman standing in front of him.
‘What do you want us to get you sir?’ The barman asked politely.
‘Ermm… Get me any drink, anything you think would be suitable for me.’ He replied the barman with a convincing look.
‘Okay,’ the barman replied after seconds and turned away.
‘Shi*t!’ Slimmy cursed as a sweat dropped off his face. ‘What the hell is this? Why do I even give a f**k about the b***h?’ He asked himself. He now began to wonder why he let her go. No girl had ever entered his room without getting smashed, worse still on a day that seemed quite boring. Maybe if he hadn’t been stupid to let her go, she might be discussing with Rough and her other sister his proficiency in matters of the bed and maybe Rough and the other sister would be making up their minds to line up for the same experience now. He decided that it wasn’t worth bothering about, talk more of sweating.
He cleaned his face with his handkerchief and tried to get up from his seat but something was restraining him from getting up. He sat back, thinking it was the drink he had ordered for. He took out his phone while he waited for the drink. He turned on his data connection and opened the WhatsApp application.
New messages began to pop in. For some reasons he ignored the new messages and scrolled down to the chat with Hadijat. He clicked on it and opened her profile.
“Hmm… Gonna be great today, finally he’s going to say it to me.” He read out loud her status which she updated about two hours ago, the same time she was last seen online, that was before she got to the mansion.
Guilt struck his heart as he pondered on the status. Was she expecting him to say something to her? What could that be? So she wasn’t coming for sex? He asked himself several similar questions. He returned back to the chat box and made the keyboard pop up. For some minutes, he just gestured around the keyboard. Then he deleted the words again.
“I’m sorry,” he finally typed and clicked send.
The message had already been marked delivered before he realized what he did. Did he just apologize to a girl? “F**k!” He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.
“Here’s it sir,” the barman finally returned with a beer bottle and a glass.

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