New Creation – Chapter 14A

Episode of action story


The bullet was released and it pierced into Host’s forehead, in the middle, the same place where the bullet had entered into Adesuwa’s brain. Host was gone. Forever.
Slimmy and Gentle screamed on top of their voices as they saw their Lordman, their brother, their friend close his eyes in death. Slimmy charged forward but was held back by Gentle’s strong grip, Screw pointed his gun towards the two of them, hands on the trigger, ready to shoot.
“Drop your gun Screw” Said Terror “I take the shots here and I say we leave them alive.

Screw raised his eyebrows as he heard what Terror said.
“But this is part of the deal Terror” Screw argued still pointing his gun towards Slimmy and Gentle.

“And I said it’s no longer part of the deal, the two of them lives” Terror barked as he raised his gun towards Screw while Screw had his own gun pointed at Slimmy.
Coded and Oj had been running around the bush for a while now since they didn’t know the particular place where the confrontation is happening, after some minutes they heard a gunshot and some people screaming, they traced where the noise was coming from and they saw all of Terror’s men fully armed, Host lying down on the floor obviously dead, Slimmy and Gentle squatting while Screw had a gun pointed at them. Everything seemed to be going as planned for them so their fears reduced, Coded suggested that they go and join Screw but Oj advised against it. They stayed put until Terror pointed his gun towards Screw, Coded tried convincing Oj that something was going wrong but Oj still pleaded with him that they should stay hidden Until Coded couldn’t take it anymore as he saw that things were really getting hot between Screw and Terror, he charged towards where they were while Oj stayed back.
“You are an Effing traitor Terror” Screw barked “Whether you like it or not, I am taking down these guys” Screw was about pulling the trigger at Slimmy but Terror was faster, with two shots on his heart region, Screw went down. On seeing that Terror was about to pull the trigger on Screw, Coded started shooting at Terror but Terror had already shot Screw before he was hit by bullets from Coded’s gun. Terror’s squad rained bullets on Coded as soon as they saw him.
Within a blink of an eye Screw was down, Terror was down and Coded was down also, all dead. Oj wanted to attack Screw and Coded’s killer but decided against it knowing that he had no chance to take them out all at once. Slimmy and Gentle stayed dumbfounded at all that happened within an hour, the guys that came with Terror were about picking his body when sirens started blowing.
“Police” they screamed and all ran away, Slimmy and Gentle also ran away with Host body, they ran to their car and drove away. Oj also wanted to run away with Screw’s body but there was no way he’d be able to carry his body alone so he ran away leaving Screw and Coded’s body behind.
_________*** Weeks Later ****________
One after another, students and lecturers started resuming. Gradually people started attending classes though with the fear of ‘anything can happen at any anytime’. Rumours Of Host and Screw’s death had circulated but it was only an unconfirmed news which many didn’t believe because they knew if the news was true then Arch angels and White tigers will still be killing each other.
______ Few weeks back _______
Members of the Arch angels and White tigers could be seen together at the S.U.G hall, most of them were standing opposite each other while Slimmy and Gentle sat across to Oj and Small. No weapon was in sight as they have both agreed to come in without weapons.
“You wanted to see us” Slimmy broke the silence as he kept on looking at the PSP game he was playing.
“Yeah, I called for this round table meeting in order to propose something ” Oj replied with a fierce look and a commanding tone.
“We are listening” Slimmy Still playing his game.
“Let’s call off the war” Said Oj. Slimmy dropped the game as soon as he heard what Oj said and he now stared at him blankly as Oj explained further.
“Don’t take it that we are scared of you and your boys, if we go on with this I am sure we stand a chance of conquering you at the end” Oj said and Gentle stood up immediately to charge towards him but Slimmy held him back and signalled for Gentle to calm down.
“Go on” Slimmy said.
“As I was saying, what started the war was simply because of our past leaders, they had personal scores to settle between themselves and now they are both dead. What then is the need for us to keep killing ourselves even after the people that started this war are in the world beyond”
Kong  raised his voice from behind to object what Oj said.

“Far from it, the war has just started, we are going to avenge Host’s death” he said.
“Kong” Slimmy called out and gave him a stern look. “Please go on” Slimmy said to Oj.

“All I am saying is that we sign a peace treaty, each fraternity should maintain it’s space” Oj replied and kept quiet, everyone went silent as soon as Oj was done talking.
“Give me a minute with my guys” Slimmy announced as he Marched outside with the rest of the arch angels. “Gentle what do you feel about that guy’s proposal”
“Errrmmm for me, I think it’s a good idea because we ca…..” Gentle was about to explain further but Kong  interrupted him “Which kain talk be that na, how this one take be good idea na”.

“How dare you interrupt me Kong ” Gentle snapped and moved closer to Kong

“Why I no go interrupt you with the kain talk wey you dey talk”   Kong  replied as he also moved closer to Gentle.
“Guys” Slimmy shouted “It’s okay”.
The two of them walked back to where they were standing but still had each other’s gaze fixed on each other.
“This is what we will do, if you are against signing a peace treaty with the Tigers then raise your hand” Slimmy announced and Kong alongside some of the members raised their hands.

“If you are in support, raise your hand” Slimmy said again and this time majority of the members including Gentle raised their hands. “I guess we all know what the verdict is now” Slimmy led them back inside.
“We have reached a decision, we concur with the treaty” Slimmy said to Oj and Small who were now on their feet also.
“Alright then” Oj replied.
“But” Gentle spoke out “If any of your members should take on one of ours, you their leader will be held responsible”
“Same goes for you guys” Small replied and they shook hands with each other.