New Creation – Chapter 21B

Episode of action story

Gentle could see six legs enter into the house. He held his breath as they spread out quietly in different directions, one of them was coming in his direction. He tightened his grip on the knife handle and positioned himself for the person approaching.

Just in front of the sofa, the person stopped and turned back, there was a pause in their movements. Gentle could hear them mumbling some words to each other but he couldn’t make out what was being said.
“The guy must be somewhere around, maybe he’s gone through the backdoor.” An unrecognized voice finally spoke loud. There was quietness for some minutes and their movements began again.
From where Gentle was, he saw someone enter into the corridor between the rooms. He rubbed his eyes with his palms to be sure of what he was seeing. He recognized the back view of the person. “No, it can’t be.” He argued in his heart.
Then he heard the footsteps approaching his direction again. He was waiting patiently for the person to stop in front of him but he ran out of luck. His phone rang.
“Stop screaming!” Roy shouted at Angela in a command tone. “I’m the one who has a cultist in his house and not you.”
“What if he dies in your house, you’ll be in trouble with the school authorities and you may be rusticated.” Angela voiced out her fears.
“He can’t die in my house,” Roy stated, trying as much as possible to look bold.
“But what if he kills somebody in your house?” Angela pestered on.
Roy turned away, backing Angela now as he had no answer to her last question. He was greatly afraid and trembling all over but he still tried to put up a bold face.
“But why do you have to harbour a cultist in your house when you know that it is against the school rules?” Angela asked another question, this time with less pressure in her voice.
Roy turned back and faced her, staring at her face like a confused person who needed help, which was exactly what he was at that moment. “But what was I supposed to do?” He asked in a soft voice. “I couldn’t have sent him away or refused to help him, he’s like a brother to me. You know, I’m trying to really be born again but when I have people like that around me, I don’t think that would be possible soon.”
“No, don’t talk like that,” Angela cautioned him in a calm tone. She placed her left hand on his shoulder,  “you could be changed completely and even that person could be changed too.”
“Hehe,” Roy gave a short unfunny laugh and then looked into Angela’s eyes with a doubting smile. “Gentle can never change, not even now that his twin is the leader of the cult and he’s like the second in command.”
“Are you serious?” Angela widened her eyes in surprise, taking off her hand from his shoulder. “You’re actually hosting the second in command of a cult group in your house?”
“What did you expect me to do?” Roy asked and shined his eyes at her before turning away. “I should have refused to help him? Wouldn’t that have put me in trouble with his hand m group?” With that Roy began to walk away with slow steps.
“And where are you going to now?” Angela asked with her hands on her waist.
“I’m going home of course,”  Roy answered with looking back.
“To do what? I thought you said your house was under attack.” She began to follow after him.
“Yes, it’s my house. I still have to settle whatever is there?”
“But you can’t go and face the cultists, what if their fight gets bloody, you’ll be injured.” Angela with her faster steps overtook him and stopped at his front.
“Angela… Sorry, sister Angela.” Roy rubbed his face with his palm. “A man only dies once, let me go and face my challenge.”
“No, you can’t turn back now that we’re close to the church gate. Let’s go to church,” Angela placed her hands on his shoulder and tried to turn him back.
“No, don’t let me cause problems for you and the church.” Roy tried to resist.
“No, you can’t cause problems for us in church. It’s a place of solution,” Angela replied and succeeded in turning him back. “I’m sure you can’t return home after the meeting, it’ll still be dangerous. We’ll look for somewhere for you to stay.”
“Sh*t!” Slimmy cursed aloud in his car as he continued to push the horn aggressively. He was stuck in a long line of traffic. The return Lane which he had used not too long ago was traffic free.
Slimmy took out his phone in a hurry and dialed Nazaretha phone number. “Where the hell are you?” He shouted into the phone.
“I’m stuck in a crazy traffic jam,” Nazaretha replied with the same note of frustration in his voice. “The place is still far from where I am, I should have dropped to walk down.”
“F**k! What about Kong?”
“Boss, you sent Kong an errand out of town.”
“Yeah, isn’t he back yet?”
“I don’t know, he didn’t take his phone along”
“Okay, just do everything possible to get there quickly.” Slimmy cut the call and flung the phone to the passenger’s side. He ran his fingers into his hair in frustration, then an idea popped up in his heart. He picked up the phone and dialed OJ’s number. It rang for the first thirty seconds and it was unanswered. He tried a second and third time too but it was still not answered.
He pushed the horn in frustration again, other drivers began to stare at him in surprise as he was too impatient when it was obvious there was no movement of cars at all.  Slimmy finally killed the car engine and stepped out. He locked the doors and began to jog forward, looking for a bike to snatch.
The man who entered the corridor finally turned and saw Gentle where he was hiding. The other two enemies also came forward with their guns pointed at Gentle.
Gentle stood up slowly in great awe as he stared at the faces before him. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.
…to be continued