New Creation – Chapter 22A

Episode of action story



“You?” Gentle expressed with great surprise as he stared at the leader of the group, the shock he got from the faces he saw had made him drop his knife and the turning stick to the floor.
“Yes, me Gentle, you were spared on that day but I wasn’t going to let you go forever. You think the peace treaty we signed would really bring peace and make you escape punishment for your sins?” The leader replied back with a mocking tone.
“But why?” Gentle lips trembled as he spoke.

“You ask your boss Host when you get to hell,” he said and then brought out his gun.
“Don’t do this, it may cause another war. Let’s settle our personal differences without involving others.” Gentle pleaded.
“War?” He mocked and roared with laughter. “What’s going to cause the war? You think your life matters to anyone?”
“Don’t,” Gentle said in a strong warning tone, “you’ll surely regret it. Slimmy and the rest of Arch Angels would come after you.”
“Which Slimmy? The same one that’s coming to join you soon? I’m sure he’s on his way here,” he mocked.

Gentle’s breathing was slow and heavy as he glanced at the guns pointed at him from different directions. Death was coming to him, and it was coming to him when he least expected it.
“Boss, don’t you think we are wasting too much time?” One of the other boys joined.
“No, Gentle deserves a respectful death.” The leader replied. He cocked his gun and attached a silencer, he then released two quick shots at Gentle. One entered into Gentle left arm and the other his right lap.  Gentle fell down immediately.

The shooter moved closer and dragged Gentle up to a sitting position, allowing him rest on the back of the sofa. He got up and released one more bullet to Gentle’s right arm.

“Hahaha,” he roared with laughter. “Are you catching the fun with me?”
Gentle strength was fast draining as blood oozed out from the three different places the bullets pierced into.
“I don’t want you to die quickly, I want you to die in pain.” The guy continued taunting. “I thought of strangling you before but I know you to be stubborn, that may not do.”
“Time Boss, time!” One of the boys cautioned.
Two more bullets were released into Gentle’s body and the guys bounced out of the house.
“You’re back so soon?” Halimat asked as Hadijat stepped into the lounge, trudging forward with her black bag.
“Yes, Slimmy had an emergency. He had to go,” Hadijat replied and sank into the sofa. “He rushed out so impatiently after receiving a call, I just hope all is well with him.”

“Rofiat just rushed out too after she received a call,” Halimat added.
“Hmm… I hope it’s nothing serious.”
“I think Gentle needs their help  somewhere,” Halimat suggested. “I heard Rofiat mention him thrice while she was speaking with him on phone, she also dialed his number and he didn’t pick.”
“But Slimmy was just coming from where Gentle was, I didn’t get to ask about the result of their conversation anyway.”
Slimmy could see Nazaretha’s car driving roughly towards him from the opposite direction as he got to the front of Roy’s gate. He hurriedly parked the motorcycle by the fence and took out his gun, waiting impatiently for Nazaretha to join him. Soon, Nazaretha parked his car too and rushed out of the car with  another guy, a junior cultist. Nazaretha was making a phone call.
“Just around there now,” Nazaretha said into the phone before cutting the call. “Boss, how do we do it?” He asked on getting close to Slimmy who was peeping into the compound through the gate hole.

“We go inside carefully, I can’t see signs of anybody or any strange thing inside but I don’t think I got a false alarm.” Slimmy said.
“Have you called Gentle’s phone?”
“No, I sent him a text message but he has not replied yet.”

“Let’s go in now, you know which direction to go.” Slimmy said and pushed the gate open with his leg. He charged straight forward to the entrance of the house with his gun raised above his shoulder. Nazaretha entered after him but walked closer to the left side where there was a walkway to the backyard, the junior who followed Nazaretha went closer to the right.
When Slimmy got to the door, he noticed signs of rough boots soles on the tiles in front. He was quite sure that some people had visited the place or were still in the place. He made a signal for Nazaretha to join him. He slowly pushed the door open and rushed inside, he pointed the gun at several directions but saw no one nor noticed any movement. He searched around the walls to see if he could find anything, he saw none. He took two slow steps forward and stopped.

“Gentle,” he shouted twice but got no response. He then took out his phone and dialled Gentle’s phone. It began to ring, the sound was close in that same living room. Slimmy searched around the eyes with his eyes, then he saw the phone on the floor close to the the seater sofa, the back cover was removed showing that it must have fallen from someone’s hands. That was when he saw something strange, a thick liquid flowing in a thin narrow line from behind the three seater sofa.
“Boss, nobody is here.” Nazaretha said as he joined Slimmy in the sitting room. He stood near Slimmy and glanced at his face. He could see where Slimmy’s eyes were fixed. He took another glance at Slimmy’s face before walking slowly forward, glancing back at Slimmy’s face at every step he took.


Slimmy was temporarily motionless, his body was trembling on the spot. He couldn’t move any longer as he was scared of what he would see.
Nazaretha finally saw where the blood was oozing out of from. He got to the back of the sofa and saw the lifeless body. Nazaretha body also began to vibrate all over, he couldn’t look up to Slimmy who was staring at him to give a report of what he saw.

From Nazaretha’s change in countenance and shakiness, Slimmy could tell that the worse had happened but he somehow felt like seeing it for himself. He summoned courage and moved closer, slowly. He closed his eyes as he was about getting close to where Nazaretha was standing.
He took him some few more seconds before he could open his eyes with so much quivering and trembling. Then he saw lifeless Gentle with the eyes widely opened and blood dripping out from several places in the body.

Slimmy fell down to his knees and gave a loud cry. A cry which echoed round the building and street and could be heard reverberating around the whole city.

…to be continued.