New Creation – Chapter 23A

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By Young C.c
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“Which of you guys tampered with the weapons?” Oj barked at the members of the Tigers who were assembled for the emergency meeting. There was a deep silence amongst them, nobody dared to move or make any sound.
Oj stared at his boys in pity, they were the only few left of the war that was led by their former leader, Screw. Only three more boys had been recruited after the last war and they were untrained and inexperienced, so they were more of liabilities than assets. Even when they had a larger team, they couldn’t beat the Arch Angels, what happens now that they are very few?
“No one wants to talk right?” Oj barked again and everyone was still in silence.
Their attention was divided as the entrance door flung open and Small entered noisily. The boys parted and made way for him as he trudged forward to where Oj was standing.
“Baba!” He saluted, taking slow heavy breaths.
“Yes?” Oj stared at him with a questioning look.
“Baba, somebody here may be betraying us.” He began to speak to Oj in low tones. “Out of the two boys killed this evening, only one was killed by the Arch Angels.”
“What do you mean?”
“The second wasn’t killed by the Arch Angels,” Small said softly to Oj. He then turned to the larger members and raised his voice, “he was killed by one of us here.”
“Huh? What are your suggesting?” Oj turned Small back to himself.
Small stared at him without responding.
“You know what? Give us five minutes, we’ll be back. In the meantime, nobody should leave this place.” Oj ordered and dragged Small away into another room. “Can you repeat all you said to me?”
“Baba, someone is playing us.”
“Okay, first, where is Hercules?”
“Hercules? I don’t know where he is,” Small replied.
“But you guys went out together,” Oj retorted.
“We went to arrange different things,” Oj answered. “Baba, let’s leave Hercules out of this first.”
“Explain yourself please.”
“The guy that was killed in the Cyber Cafe was not killed by the Angels. I believe the guy was part of those who went to kill Gentle,” Small began.
“One of our boys?” Oj cut in.
“Yes, he was one of our boys. In fact, one of those involved in the recent gun training.”
“That explains how our weapons went missing.”
“Maybe he smuggled it out after one of the trainings,” Small suggested.
“But which boy is that who had the audacity to smuggle out a weapon after a training session?” Oj asked, amazed that the weapons could have gone missing under his own watch as he was the one who conducted the trainings himself.
“It’s Ijapa,” Small revealed the name.
“Ah! Ijapa, no wonder. We were training the guy to relieve you of some of your responsibilities,” Oj said, shaking his head. “I don’t think he took it after the training.”
“Baba, I don’t understand too but the important thing now is that we must find the rest of the people who joined him in that troublesome adventure.”
“But how are you sure that he was part of Gentle killers?” Oj raised a doubt.
“He was with our handkerchief tied to his elbow, he was with one of the missing daggers. He was wearing a strange kind of cloth, it looked like a uniform from another group which I’ve never seen before.”
“When was he killed?”
“Between seven pm and seven thirty.”
“That was not too long after Gentle’s death.”
“Yes, I strongly believe that he was killed by the rest of his group. They may have had a disagreement or killed him so that he could keep his mouth shut,” Small said.
Oj paused for a while and pondered on Small’s words. He scratched his head with his fingers, trying to reason out the truth.
“Where was Hercules at that time?” Oj asked.
“He said he wanted to get something in town, I don’t know where he went.”
Roy was still feeling very uncomfortable even though he was now in the mission’s house. In a large fully air-conditioned room was he fixed, the room also had a TV and an InfinityTV decoder in it. There was a table on which Christian materials and novels were neatly arranged. Roy couldn’t remain seated or in one position, he kept on pacing up and down the room.
While the Pastor was driving him to the house in the mission’s car, they had seen crowds of students with their bags hurrying out of the school campus and it’s environs. They wondered how the news had spread so quickly. The Pastor then turned on the radio in the car and they needed not to wonder how the news had gotten everywhere anymore. Every five minutes was an announcement made over the school radio station for students to vacate the school premises as soon as possible as reports had gotten to the school authorities that a top member of a cult group was killed and the attacked cult was threatening  fire and brimstone.
A knock on the door startled Roy, he paused to listen and the knock came again.
“Who’s it?” He spoke out.
“Food is ready, Pastor is waiting for you at the dining room.” An unknown female voice rang in.
“Thank you,” Roy replied.
He quickly straightened up his clothes, the same he had put on when he left the now late Gentle in the house. Then he proceeded out of the room after making the sign of the cross.
“Bro Roy, you’re still not looking relaxed.” The Pastor commented as Roy approached the dining room.
Roy sighed and shook his head in self pity.
“You need to be calm brother, the book of Philippians Chapter six, verse six to seven tells us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, we should make our requests known onto God. And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” The Pastor quoted to encourage him.
“Pastor sir, there’s no way I won’t be anxious. My life is not safe anymore, a top cultist called Gentle died in my house, he’s not just a top cultist, he’s the second in command and the twin brother of the Capon. Now the whole group is after me.”
“Don’t talk like that brother,” the Pastor scolded. “Colossians chapter three verse three tells us who are born again that, ‘For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.’ That’s for all of us who have received Christ into our lives, our lives are hidden with Christ in God. No man can take our lives, he has to defeat God first before he gets to us.”
“But Pastor…” Roy stammered, tears were already forming in his eyes. “I’ve not surrendered my heart to Christ and how will my life be hidden in him physically?”
“Why have you not given your heart to Christ?” The Pastor asked in a surprise tone. “Well you can, right now and right here, then you don’t need to bother how he would protect you physically and spiritually, just do his word and leave that to him. Are you ready to do it?”
“Yes Pastor,” Roy replied tearfully.
“Give me your hands and repeat these words after me,” the Pastor took Roy’s hands in his and led him to Christ right there, according to the Bible’s given order in Romans 10:8 – 10.
…to be continued

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