New Creation – Chapter 24A

Episode of action story



Oj and Small walked back to where the rest of the members were waiting, they all seemed lost and unprepared for the attacks that the Arch Angels are launching on them, Oj was about to continue with addressing them when Hercules barged in panting heavily.
“What’s it this time” Oj screamed at him.
“Baba, baba” Hercules stuttered

“My friend calm down and speak or get the hell out of here” Oj screamed again.
“Baba, I went with some boys to town to see if we could get more mercenaries, on our way back we were ambushed by the angels, they killed everyone, how I managed to escape still beats me completely” Hercules explained still breathing heavily.
“How many of our boys were taken down?” Oj asked.
“Five baba, five of our boys. It all happened so quickly, we weren’t expecting an attack at that particular time”
Oj felt a sharp pain in his heart as he tried to imagine how little his team would remain now that five boys have been taken away. He wondered why Slimmy wasn’t using his brain, why he couldn’t understand that the Tigers had no reason to kill Gentle, his brother and there must have been a mix up somewhere. If care was not taken, more of the Tigers would be taken down and the Tigers would go into extinction.
“And the mercenaries that you went to speak with?” Oj managed to ask after pausing for a while.

“Baba they have agreed to join us, all we need is to just tell them when we need them” Hercules responded.
“When we need them? When else will we be needing them? My friend contact them right now, tell them to join us here asap” Oj ordered.
“Yes baba” Hercules replied as he sat down on the ground and brought his phone to call the guys he was talking about.
“Hello bro” Hercules said into the phone.

“Hafar bro, shey the plan work?” Kolawole asked on the other end of the line.
“Yeah, am with my boss now and he wants you to send your boys asap” Hercules replied.
“Correct guy, nice nice, I will send some boys to join you guys right now. I hope they don’t suspect anything though” Kolawole
“No not for now, I will text you the address where your boys should meet us” Hercules responded and dropped the call “it’s all done baba, they only need us to text them the address”
“Great job, great job Hercules” Oj hailed
“Yes baba” Hercules responded with a smile on his face.
“But this guys, where you sabi them from, shey you trust them” Oj asked as he looked towards where Small’s standing, Small also looked back at him and they both made eye contact.
“Baba na just gang them be, na der leader and me gather they the same department before hin quit school and I think they should be trustworthy” Hercules replied quickly in order not to give room for any suspicions.

“Okay guys” Oj turned to the rest of the members who had been watching in silence “I hope you guys are seeing all that’s happening, we said we don’t want to fight anymore but now they have pushed us to the wall, they have pulled us past our breaking point. They have taken the gentleness of the tigers for a fool and now we have to show them that the tigers are never scared, even when we sneak it is not for fear it is for a surprise attack. They won’t even hear us coming, we shall sneak into their hoods and take them out just like a tiger takes out its prey. We shall show them that rather than the lion bossing over the tiger, the tiger and the lion would rather change base, we shall attack and we shall conquer because we are the tigers” Oj paused as the whole room was filled with noises, he had successfully raised the morale of everyone in the room, they were no longer looking lost and complacent, they now looked fierce and angry.

“This time around, we will kill the angels without getting ourselves killed, enough is enough, the angels have bitten more than they can chew, I want you all tigers to go out, find them, kill them and bring me Slimmy’s head” Oj announced and then walked out of the room as the room was filled with cheers and noises.
It was 7:30 am and Slimmy still laid on his back just like he did all through the night, he laid back there remembering his brother Gentle, he laid back there crying his eyes out over the night thinking about  picking his dead body from the mortuary to go and give him a befitting burial and also for their parents to be able to say their goodbyes, he was still deep in thoughts when his phone started ringing again, he checked for the caller and saw that it was Hadijat, he wanted to ignore just like he had been ignoring her call since the previous day, after watching the phone for a while he decided to pick up.
“Hello Slimmy” Hadijat said but Slimmy just kept mute “Slimmy I know you can hear me and I know Gentle’s death is my fault, I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive myself for this”
“It’s not your fault Hadijat” Slimmy replied coldly.
“Slimmy am sorry. Am so sorry” Hadijat cried.

“Am not angry with you, I just need some time to myself for now” Slimmy responded but couldn’t go further as he started hearing someone banging the door, he rushed to get the door as he ended the call.
“How far Kong” Slimmy hailed
“Baba, Nazaretha and some of our boys don dey ambushed oh” Kong announced.

“Where” Slimmy asked.
“They went to take out some tigers at boys hostel but they walked into a trap” Kong replied
“Get everyone available ready, we roll out right now” Slimmy ordered
****Few Minutes Later****
Slimmy and his boys got there just in time as most of the boys with Nazaretha were either down with injuries or dead. Nazaretha smiled when he saw Slimmy arrive with the Arch angels, within split seconds most of the white tigers attacking Nazaretha and his boys were down, Slimmy kept on shooting at them even when they were all down, he kept on shooting at them and later began shooting into the sky, he kept on shooting and the more his anger took over him, the more he became trigger happy, after much persuasion from Kong and Nazaretha, he stopped the shooting.


“We go straight to the white tigers abode, I want to shoot into Oj’s heart myself” Slimmy announced and they were all about to enter different vehicles that they came with when they heard Oj’s voice.
“I am right here Slimmy, come at me bro” Oj said as he raised his head out from a Mercedes Benz Clk Convertible along side many of the white tigers, he stood tall through the open roof with a M2 machine gun in his hands, before Slimmy could say jack, Oj and his boys rained gunshots on them, the arch angels got into formation and started shooting back. The white tigers had an edge over the angels as they came with more sophisticated weapons and just before the angels could balance themselves, they started hearing gunshots from the other side too, the mercenaries that the tigers hired arrived and started shooting from the rear while the tigers attacked from the front leaving the arch angels in the middle and vulnerable. Nazaretha saw that if something was not done immediately then they will all be wiped out, he then rushed to where Slimmy was.

“Boss, you have to get into the car, leave with most of the boys, just leave me with 5 boys here” Nazaretha said.
“There’s no way am leaving any of my boys here talk less of you Nazaretha” Slimmy replied as he continued shooting back.
“Boss you just have to” Nazaretha insisted


“And I said no, if we die then we die together” Slimmy shouted.
“Boss, you should leave” Kong cuts in
“Leave boss, we got this” another person joined in.
“Boss, believe me we got this, leave with Kong and the boys, just leave me with only five guys” Nazaretha shouted.
Slimmy just kept mute and starred blankly, Nazaretha pulled his shirt and dragged him into the car.
“You and Gentle are like brothers I never had, I have lost Gentle, I don’t want to lose you” Nazaretha said “Kong, leave now”

Nazaretha was about to walk back but was held back by Slimmy.
“I will always remember you Nazaretha my brother, the only man with a gun in his right hand and a bible on his left” Said Slimmy, Nazaretha just nodded and smiled. Most of the arch angels started entering into the vehicles dragging their wounded members along.
Nazaretha and some boys stayed back and then stayed in cover to load their magazine.
“You guys ready” He asked and they nodded their heads “My brothers, this might be the end of our lives but verily verily I say unto you that this is just the beginning, our name shall go down in history of this fraternity as the selfless gallant soldiers, we shall be remembered, we shall be young forever”

As the arch angels began to ignite their vehicles, Oj came down from the car and charged forward.
“Slimmy must not escape” he screamed repeatedly.
Nazaretha closed his eyes and said a little prayer making the crucifixion sign.
“Now guys” Nazaretha screamed and came out of his cover, stepping out completely and shooting vigorously at the tigers while five other boys followed behind him, immediately Slimmy alongside the rest of the guys drove away as Nazaretha engaged the tigers in a gun battle and mumbling Psalm 23 “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, he makes me to lie down in green pastures” he went on and on as he kept on shooting randomly , few seconds later the five guys that were with him were dead leaving only him standing in the middle. He then dropped his gun after running out of bullets and began laughing hysterically,  him running out of bullet gave room to the attackers to shoot at him continuously, bullets hit him from different angles as he went down slowly first falling on his kneels before falling face down,  Nazaretha died with 23 shots in his body.

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