New Creation – Chapter 25A

Episode of action story



Oj and the rest of the guys drove in their house and alighted one by one, the mercenaries that helped them in the gun battle had departed immediately Slimmy and his guys made away. They all noticed the awkward silence inside the house, they still walked inside with Oj right in front of them, they all halted as they saw Oj stopped. Oj had a bad feeling and decided to slow down his speed, just as he opened the main door he saw four of his boys lying down in pool of their own blood. Oj was still trying to comprehend what had just happened when his phone began to ring, he picked up immediately thinking it was Slimmy that was calling to mock him but the voice he heard shocked him more.
“Hello Booda Ojo, dem don kill Mama and Akinsola ooh”
“Whaaaaaat” Oj screamed “Who, when”

“Oga na some people come with gun oh, them say na you first find their trouble, them kan Kill your Mama and your brother”
Oj fell down on his kneels immediately, he tried to scream but he couldn’t.
Kolawole was about to leave Malia’s place after they just had one of their numerous arguments but he was stopped in his track by his ringing phone.
“Hello” he said “I have been calling you guys since, why didn’t any of you pick up”
“Boss, we were busy with the tasks you gave us”
“So whats up, how did the tasks go”
“Easier than we expected boss”
“Both tasks?  He asked.

“Yes boss”
“Okay good, just stick to the plan. I will be there as soon as I get the chance” Kolawole dropped the call and was about to step out when Malia obstructed him.
“Kolawole what have you done this time” Malia asked.
“Malia, stay out of this, it’s none of your Effing business” Kolawole screamed at Malia.
“Why have you suddenly turned into a beast, you are scheming people’s death, causing fights between people” Malia
“Maybe I have always been a beast, maybe you were a fool not to realise it” Kolawole replied.
“True, I was a fool to have fallen in love with you but tell me, why are you doing all of these evil acts”
“Because I want to own it all, I want to wipe out one Fraternity with the other and then I will take over the whole campus. I shall be the god of this campus, I shall rule over everyone” He paused and his body vibrated “Ohh Malia, just the mere thoughts of having it all is giving me goose bumps”

“You are an animal Kolawole” Malia screamed as Kolawole flung her out of his way and walked away. She cried for a while and then walked back to the bed to pick up her phone and dialled a number.
“Hello Roy” Malia said after the call was picked.
“Yea, who is this” Roy asked calmly.
“This is Malia”
“Malia?” Roy’s mind drifted back to the events that happened the day Gentle died and remembered meeting Malia before everything went wrong “Ohh Malia, it’s you. But this is not your number and I don’t remember giving you my own number”
“Yeah this is my other line and yes you beeped my number when I gave you mine so I saved it up” Malia explained
“Ohh so what’s up” Roy asked.

“Where are you, we need to talk” Malia said.
“Am out of town right now”
“You ran away”

“Excuse me, what do you mean by I ran away” Roy was surprised.
“You ran away because of your friend’s death yeah”
“And how the hell did you know that” Roy more surprised.
“Am sorry Roy, I was told to distract you so those guys can successfully carry out that operation but they didn’t tell me they were gonna kill anyone, they only said they wanted to steal something from your place” Malia.

“Woow” Roy was short for words “So why are you telling me all of this now”


“Because my conscience is disturbing me and am afraid the guy that lead the attack on your friend still wants to cause more havoc”
“The guy, you mean you know this particular guy”
“Yes I do”
“Who is he”
“His name is Kolawole”


“Kolawole?” Roy called out slowly.
“Yes that’s his real name but he is popularly known as Kong”
“Kong” Roy screamed.
“Guys please let me just quickly pick up something from my house before we go for our next target” Rofiat told the guys inside her car as she parked in front of her house while they all just nodded.
“Rough abeg no tey ooh, make the target no go escape like that previous one” one of the guys in the car said.
“I dey come now now” Rofiat dropped from the car and walked towards the gate only to notice that the gate was widely opened. She slowed down and stayed alert as she realised something was not right and that there was danger looming. First she saw the gates padlock broken on the ground and then she saw a bullet casing, she then ran back to the car to call on the guys. They all armed them selves with guns and they all tiptoed in to the house. The main door was opened also, broken actually, fear gripped Rofiat as they ransacked the whole house but couldn’t find Hadijat or Halimat. She got back to the lounge and was dialling Slimmy’s number when one of the boys with her brought her attention to an handkerchief laying on the ground, she walked towards the handkerchief and picked it up.
“Hello boss”
“Yeah Rough whats up ” Slimmy replied.
“They have been kidnapped”

“Hadijat and Halimat”
Slimmy took a deep breath before responding.
“Have you confirmed who took them”
“Yes, I just saw their handkerchief. It’s the White tigers”
As soon as Rofiat dropped the call, Slimmy’s phone began ringing again but he cut the call after seeing the caller. Roy had been calling him for some time now but he had refused to pick, in as much as he tries to believe that Roy had no hand in Gentle’s death, he still didn’t want to lower his guard around him, he still doesn’t want to trust him blindly