New Creation – Chapter 25B

Episode of action story



By Young C.c

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OJ shirt was soaked in tears, he couldn’t hold himself even though Small was beside him trying to pacify him. He was in his mother’s house, her dead body and his only brother’s own laid right in front of him.

They were all that he hustled for in life, he was struggling to give them a better life. After his father’s death, their mother had gone through a lot to bring up him and his brother as a single mother. She hawked cooked food during the day and sold roasted corn at their Street junction in the evening. His only younger brother was a bright boy of nineteen years old with a promising future, he had just gained admission into the University to study medicine and was preparing to resume the next semester.
He held his late mother and brother’s hand for the last time, still sobbing, his lips and teeth vibrating. He remembered the promise he made to his mother the last time they visited his father’s grave. He promised to do everything that their father failed to do due to the cold hands of death that snatched him away and his mother had hugged him and replied him saying that he should continue his education and per time job faithfully, praying for increased grace upon his life, she also warned him to desist from bad friends and gangs who could have an ill influence on him, oblivious of her son’s involvement in a cult already. Only Tade his brother was aware of his involvement in the cult but kept mute about the matter and even lied to cover up for his brother on several occasions.
Small finally succeeded in pulling Oj away from the corpses and allow for them to be moved away. Oj buried his face in his palms as he was led outside to the balcony.
His phone rang as they stepped down the stairs. He pulled it out of his pocket but Small took it from him and checked the screen to see the caller. Small let out a deep breath and stared at Oj’s face before answering the call.
‘Congrats Bruv, you succeeded in killing his family.’ Small said as he stepped away from Oj. ‘You killed his mother and his only brother.’
Slimmy stood still in shock of what he heard over the phone. He remained in silence for a while, trying to process it in his brain. He took off his phone from his ear and checked the screen to confirm  if he called the right number.
‘Let me talk to Oj,’ Slimmy finally spoke.
‘He can’t…’ He heard the voice begin aggressively but was disrupted by Oj’s voice underground. ‘Give me the phone.’ He heard Oj say and he could hear a little bit of dragging.

‘Nice one Slimmy, I saw your signatures all over my mother and brother’s faces. Thanks for killing them.’ Oj said from the other end. Slimmy could hear the pain and deep hurt from his voice.
‘No Oj,’ Slimmy tried to speak but the call was terminated.
He stared at his phone for a while and bit his lips in confusion. Hadijat and Halimat was missing, the White Tiger’s handkerchiefs were found there, Oj’s mother and only younger brother are also dead and the Arch Angels signatures were found on their corpses too. Somebody must definitely be playing a game with them.
He paced around the lounge for some minutes, thinking of what could be happening. The person or group playing the game must be very close to the Whiite Tigers and also to the Arch Angels.
He took out his phone again and dialed Rofiat’s number.
‘Boss,’ Rofiat answered the call in an aggrieved tone.
‘Rough,’ Slimmy called in stern voice. He smacked his lips and took in a deep breath before he continued. ‘Are you sure you saw the Tigers handkerchief there?’
‘Yes Boss.’

‘Check well, check the materials of the handkerchiefs. It’s not the White Tigers, something is definitely wrong somewhere.’
‘Okay, let us check.’
Slimmy took in another long deep breath after the call ended, he stared at his phone’s screen again, then he searched for Kong’s number. He was about to dial when a call came in, from Roy.
He answered the call and placed it on his ear remaining quiet.
‘Slimmy,’ he could hear Roy call but gave no response. ‘Slimmy, Slimmy.’ Roy called again but he still did not answer.
‘Slimmy, I know you’re listening.’ Roy continued, he seemed excited about what he wanted to discuss. ‘I know who killed Gentle now.’
Slimmy eyes widened and the tension in his heart increased as he heard Roy’s last words. ‘What did you say?’ He finally spoke.

‘Yes, I know who killed Gentle.’
‘Then spill it out and stop wasting my precious time.’
‘Kong killed Gentle.’

‘Kong?’ Slimmy heart skipped a beat. He wanted to argue but he remembered the missing weapons and also Kong’s absence on the day of Gentle’s death.
‘Yes, Kong.’
‘Are you sure of what you’re saying?’
‘Yes, I was called today by someone he sent to distract me on that day and she confessed everything to me.’
In shock, Slimmy slowly dropped the phone from his ear. His breaths became heavy and slow, his eyes were bloodshot and his forehead hot.


The phone rang again, he checked the screen. ‘Rough,’ he called.
‘Boss, I’ve confirmed. It’s the White Tigers handkerchief.’
‘Come over with all the men Rough, don’t attack anyone except you’re attacked first.’
‘You heard me right,’ Slimmy said and cut the call. He thought for some seconds, if the Tigers handkerchiefs found were really authentic, then it meant that there was also a mole amongst the Tigers. He dialed Oj’s number.

Oj remained in silence, staring at the old houses on the streets as they rode back to the quarters in their car. His mind was full of thoughts and questions. Even though he was ready to kill thousands of people in vengeance, he couldn’t figure out how the Arch Angels who were outnumbered and had to retreat from their attack were able to come and attack his home. It could have only been a more organized group or maybe the Arch Angels had called on other mercenaries too.
The Arch Angels signature were well signed on the corpses, it could only have been signed by a trained member of the Arch Angels and that meant that at least one of the Angels top leaders was there to kill his brother and mother.
‘It must be them,’ he muttered under his breath. Right there, he made up his mind that he would do everything possible to wipe out the whole of the Angels without leaving any single person. The only reason he wasn’t ready to die yet for the cause was because he still had Halimat on his mind.
His phone rang and his thoughts were distracted. He checked the screen and answered.
‘Oj, someone close to us is playing a game with us. Hadijat and Halimat have been kidnapped this evening and your handkerchiefs were found there.’

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