New Creation – Chapter 26A

Episode of action story




‘Oj, someone close to us is playing a game with us. Hadijat and Halimat have been kidnapped this evening and your handkerchiefs were found there.’


Oj paused as he heard what Slimmy just said and then cut the call again.

Slimmy paced around the room boiling in anger, only if he could lay his hands on Kong right now.




Halimat and Hadijat were tied to chairs in an uncompleted building in the middle of nowhere, they had been there for a while now but they haven’t seen anyone or anything as they had blindfolds on and also the voices and footsteps they were hearing earlier on has further reduced.


“Halimat” Hadijat broke the silence after they haven’t spoken to each other for a while out of fear.

“Yes Hadijat” Halimat replied in whispers.

“Do you think we will leave this place alive” Hadijat asked.

“I am not sure but I will try all my best to make sure you leave this place alive, even if it means my death” Halimat whispered but in a determined tone.

“What ever happens here sis, always remember that I love you soo much, whichever of us that makes it out alive shouldn’t forget the Other one” Hadijat started crying.

“I love you too little sis, my life would be incomplete without you, am sure none of us will ever forget each other” Halimat started crying too.

They continued sobbing until they started hearing noises, the boys outside started hailing some one that just arrived, they started speaking on top of their voices.

“Olboi Kolawole na master planner ooh” one of them hailed Kong, the guy’s voice sounded so familiar to Halimat, she was sure she had heard that voice before.


“No be only me na, na me n you plan all these things na” Kong hailed the guy back Hadijat also knew she had heard that voice before but she couldn’t place whose voice it is.

Kong and the guy continued hailing each other for a while until they decided to go into the place where Halimat and Hadijat were. As soon as they entered, Halimat and Hadijat could feel their presence but they still had blindfolds on, there was an ear deafening silence in the room as fear paced around Hadijat and Halimat’s mind. After some minutes, they could feel someone trying to take out their blindfolds, they stayed still until the folds were taken away, it took a while before they could adjust there sights to seeing the people around, everything was blurry at first but after some seconds they could see clearly everyone around them.

“Kong” Hadijat screamed

“Hercules, you” Halimat screamed too.


Rofiat alongside some other guys arrived into Mansion and met Slimmy still pacing around restlessly.

“Baba wetin happen” Rofiat  asked with her eyes filled with tears she has refused to shed, her sisters kidnap coupled with Gentle’s death had gotten tears in her eyes but she kept telling herself that she won’t shed a single tear.

“Follow me Rough” Slimmy said after hailing the other guys and led Rofiat into his room.

“Rough we have been fooling ourselves all this while, someone has been using all of us as pawns in the game of chess” Slimmy said.

“Baba I don’t understand all these things you are saying, speak to me in plain english boss”

“Okay let me explain further” Slimmy said as he settled on the bed pointing for Rofiat to do the same.

“Better” Rofiat said and also sat down on the bed.

“It wasn’t the white tigers that killed my brother Gentle” Slimmy began and Rofiat jerked back to her feet, Slimmy continued without being interrupted “neither did they kidnap your sisters”

“Baba that’s unbelievable, we saw all the signs na, we don’t need an Einstein to know that they carried out all this hits” Rofiat argued.

“Okay hold on” Slimmy calm her down “If the white tigers didn’t want an open war, why then will they kill Gentle and leave signs there for us to see”

Rofiat still looking unconvinced but kept her mute.

“The five white tigers that were killed at the cafe, has any of our boys taken the credit for that hit” Slimmy continued asking questions that Rofiat had no answers to “Why would Oj want to hurt me by kidnapping my girlfriend and in the process kidnapping his own girlfriend too that we all know he loves”

Rofiat now looked puzzled and confused, everything began to make sense to her now, she started fixing the lines one after the other.

“Oj’s family has just been murdered and he believes we took the hit because he saw our signatures all over their corpse”

“So who’s playing us all” Rofiat asked.

“Rough we have moles here and their are moles in the tigers too”

“And they are both working together to achieve a common goal” Rofiat nodded her head as everything now seemed clearer to her “But how can we figure out who is doing all of this”

“Roy just called me and told me that he found out who led the hit against Gentle”

“Who boss”

“Kong” Oj replied and Rofiat staggered back and sat down on the bed out of reflex.

“Are you Okay Rough” Slimmy asked as he moved closer to her.

“Yeah, it’s just all too much to take in boss” Rofiat replied as she sat up on the bed “Let’s order a hit on Kong then.

“No not so fast, I am very sure he is not working alone, he has many of our boys working for him and also boys from white tigers”

What do we suggest we do then”

“We need to act the fool and fish them all out but we also need to alert Oj”

“Then call him boss”

“I already did but he wouldn’t listen to me, same way I didn’t listen to me when I thought he killed my brother”

“I think he would listen to me” Rofiat suggested and they both agreed to call Oj.

They called for about three times, there was no response but on the fourth try, Oj picked.


“Hello” Oj’s angry voice came through.

“Hello Oj baba, this is Rough” Rofiat said in a calm n low tone.

“Rough” Oj called out with an angry tone still.

“Baba I am sorry for your loss, may God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss” Oj just replied with a sigh and Rofiat continued “Buh I swear on my sisters, we didn’t take that hit”

“So who did” Oj asked sarcastically.

“We know who did but we need to meet before I could disclose that information” Rofiat replied.

“So you want to meet now” Oj

“Yeah, I will text you where and when but first I need to tell you that we have moles on our side and on your side too. We already know the main snitch on our side but we still don’t know who is the snitch on your side so you have to be discreet” Rofiat explained.

Oj dropped the call and chuckled “if Slimmy should mistakenly come along with Rough, I will butcher him into body bags” Oj said to himself.

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