New Creation – Chapter 26B

Episode of action story






Oj appeared from behind the tree, he took off his sunshade and stared around the place, searching for signs of Rough. There was no one in sight, neither was there any bird or lizard who dared to pass. The school compound was totally empty and silent, even the security officials who were supposed to secure and maintain the place were always hiding in their offices and quarters especially when sounds of gunshots and violence were heard around the vicinity.

Oj closed his eyes and took in a deep long breath of the fresh air, he shivered uncomfortably after, like a little boy who had been severely beaten by his parents and was still crying. The grief of his family’s death was still in his heart and it would remain as long as he lived. He looked around once again, he hoped that Rough had not called him to play a fast one on him. She dared not, he had his boys surrounding everywhere.

After ten minutes, he saw Rough walking towards him from the other end, alone. He straightened himself and waited for her patiently.

‘Ojo,’ Rough called as she got to his front, she dipped her hands into the pockets of her trousers and stood with her legs apart.

‘Rough,’ he called back in the same manner, twitching his lips as he stared into her eyes. ‘What took you so long?’

‘Hmm…’ Rough chuckled, ‘Slimmy had to go back.’

‘Huh? He was coming with you before?’

‘Yes,’ Rough answered.

‘Damn! Then why did he go back?’

‘Because he saw your men gathered around,’ Rough replied, she took one hand out of her pocket and took two steps closer to Oj.

‘The fool is a coward, why didn’t he come and face me?’

‘Slimmy is not a coward, he didn’t want to fight else he would have easily dropped all of your men that were standing stupidly around.’ Rough retorted in a serious tone. ‘Is that how to lay ambush? Especially for someone as trained as Slimmy? Gosh! Even the girls that I trained knows how to position themselves better.’

Oj felt stupid at that point, he stared around wondering at what manner his boys who were supposed to be hidden positioned himself that Slimmy was able see them, they must have really been standing stupidly around.

‘We have more tactics man,’ Rough continued speaking, she took the other hand out of the pocket and began to walk around Oj in circles. ‘We could have wiped you all out if not for those other people you called to join you.’ Rough paused at Oj’s front and stood still, she stared into his face. ‘Who were those people?’

Oj stared in silence for a while, he had always known Rough to be rough and tough but he had never seen her exhibit her qualities to him like this. She was talking to him like a man with confidence even though she knew she was surrounded by his men. His heart was troubled as he began to think that it was possible that the Arch Angels had another plan in mind.

‘Stop thinking too much man,’ Rough said as if she could read his mind. Even though she was still emotionally down because of Gentle’s death and her sister’s kidnap, she still had to keep a strong face and mind to pull through. She was also determined to lay her hands on Kong and melt to him the right punishment for a betrayer. ‘Who were those people?’ She repeated.

‘It’s none of your business, tell me the reason why you are here.’ Oj barked, disgusted by Rough’s confident demeanor. He was really determined to wipe out the Arch Angels but with the men he had and lack of technical intelligence like the Arch Angels, he began to wonder if it was possible to get them. Well, except for the help of the mercenaries brought by Hercules.

‘Those people, do you even know them?’ Rough asked, cutting into his thoughts again. She continued to walk in a circle  around him.

Truly Oj did not know who the mercenaries were, he only knew that it was Hercules who sought for their assistance. Even where Hercules had gotten them from, he did not know.

‘You don’t know,’ Rough continued. ‘Well they might just be the ones playing around with us,’ she said and stopped at his front again. ‘Recently we found out that someone broke into our store of weapons, we saw some of those weapons with your invited guys. Now think of it, how did our weapons get into your friends’ hands? It means that someone in our team must be with them.’

Oj remained in silence and continued to ponder on Rough’s words. Could she be right? Was the Arch Angels system also disorganized like theirs was? If the Arch Angels also had cases of stolen weapons, then it meant that the stolen weapons case wasn’t peculiar to them alone.

‘Here,’ Rough took out one of the White Tigers’ handkerchief from the back pocket of her trouser, she handed it over to Oj who began to feel the texture of the piece of clothing in his palms. ‘Isn’t that your property?’ Rough asked.

Oj had no answer to the question, the texture and size of the handkerchief was exactly correct. It wasn’t something that was customized by a stranger or anyone who tried to guess their specifications of the measurements of the material, it was theirs; the White Tigers’ property.

‘It’s yours,’ Rough continued speaking, ‘your silence confirms it. Well, it was found in my house today, after my sisters were kidnapped.’ Rough said and broke down in tears. She couldn’t pretend to be strong anymore. She couldn’t imagine what could have happened to her sisters or where they were at the moment. What would she tell her parents and Hadijat’s? How would she explain their abduction to them?

‘They were kidnapped truly?’ Oj finally spoke after a long time of silence. He was surprised at Rough’s outburst, he actually thought that Slimmy was only lying when he was told of the abduction.

‘Your handkerchiefs were found in my house tied to their already packed luggage.’ Rough wiped her tears and spoke. ‘Did you kidnap them?’ She asked in a rhetorical way.

Oj widened his eyes, he took in a deep breath and stepped forward, closer to Rough. He placed a hand on her shoulder as if to pacify her and tell her that he now understood. He took out his phone and dialed Small’s number.

‘Hello Small, are you still around?’

‘Yes,’ Small replied from the other end.

‘Who did we leave behind when we went to mama’s place?’

‘Ermm… Hercules and some boys.’

‘Where is Hercules now?’