New Creation – Chapter 27A

Episode of action story



“I hope you have told your friend who killed his brother” Malia asked as she rested on her make up table with her right hand while she had her left hand holding her phone to ear, facing the large mirror fixed to the wall behind the table.

“Yeah I did already and am sure they should be on his trail right now” Roy replied on the other end of the line.

“Sometimes I just wish he doesn’t get killed but most times now I wish death upon him, he is nothing but a beast” Malia started crying again.

“How did you end up with a guy like that in the first instance”

“He used to be the sweetest of them all, we met a very long time ago, that was when we were running our pre degree program”


“We fell in love and it felt magical, he was still sweet to me until all these recent happenings, until he became a serial killer”

“Did he even tell you why he killed Gentle” Roy asked again.

“Not really but he said something about wanting to use the avenue to take over the fraternity” Malia noticed something reflecting in the mirror, she turned around and there he was standing right in front of her, he motioned for her to continue talking but gradually Malia cut the call and dropped her phone.

“Why did you cut the call my love” Said Kong “You have not gotten to the sweet part yet” Kong walked closer to where Malia was standing.

“I am sorry Kolawole”

“Sorry, for what exactly. I am the one that is sorry right now, I should have allowed you to tell him the part where I killed you” He turned her around back to the position she was before and made her bent slightly like he wanted to hit her from the back but at that moment his phone started ringing.

“Yeah” he said into the phone.

“Baba wahala dey oo, e be like say breeze don blow oo” the caller sounded rather scared.

“Will you calm down and talk to me” Kong barked.

“Oj just had a meeting with Rough of the arch angels and immediately after the meeting he has been searching round for Hercules” the caller explained.

“Sh.t menh, has anyone of you tried calling Hercules”

“No baba, his first number is not going through and all of us don’t have the other one”

“I do have it, I will alert him don’t worry. You all should act well ooh, don’t let them find out anything” Kong ordered and dropped the call, he stared at Malia through the mirror and drew her hair closer, placing his arms round his neck “Normally, as a traitor I am supposed to give you a slow death and to also kill all your family members along with you but my love I will never hurt your family because of the love I have for you”

Kong still had his arms around his neck as he began kissing all over her face, Malia began moaning but suddenly Kong hardened his grip on her neck, he choked her and she tried to fight for her life but Kong was more stronger, in a matter of minutes he was done strangling her, Malia laid on the ground lifelessly.

“And I didn’t give you a slow death because I loved you” Kong said to himself as he walked away from the dead body. He brought out his phone and was about to dial Hercules but then decided against it.

“Why should I call Hercules to stop him from walking into death if I am still going to kill him at the end” he dialled another number instead and had his phone pressed to his ear with his shoulder as he packed some of his clothes into his box.

“Hello” He said “Take those girls to that place I told you about and make it discreet.


Hercules was walking down the road that leads to Oj’s place when he saw some guys from afar following him, he saw them clearly thanks to the street lights flooding the area, immediately he increased his walking speed and the guys did the same thing, he started running while the guys chased him down, he saw the green clothes on them and was sure it was the arch angels, he ran so fast, faster than he ever imagined he could run, as he got closer to Oj’s house and saw a car parked outside with some guys standing around the car, he immediately recognised the guys as his co members.

“Incoming Incoming” he shouted and the guys standing by the car all raised their weapons at alert ready to fire at the intruders, the intruders slowed down as they saw guns been aimed at them but they didn’t stop. They kept on walking towards them, Hercules was still panting heavily.

“What are you guys waiting for” Hercules shouted “Fire them, kill them all”

All of them corked their guns, hands on trigger ready to fire as the intruders were now some feet away. The door of the tinted glass car opened and Small dropped from the car leaving the door to the car opened, he also corked his gun as he dropped and aimed it at the incoming intruders, Few seconds later Oj too dropped with 9mm in  both his hands, aiming at the intruders too.

“Get me a weapon” Hercules ordered one of the boys standing around but before the boy could respond, someone else stepped out of the car, Hercules wondered who it was, at what he first saw was the person’s shoes, before he could say jack, everyone pointed their guns at him and then he saw the face of the person that just dropped from the car.

“Rough” Hercules muttered.

Rofiat held onto the door as another person alighted from her car, his legs first and then he came out completely and Hercules saw his face.

“Slimmy” Hercules stammered…