New Creation – Chapter 28A

Episode of action story

New Creation – Chapter 28A

“Welcome Baba” the guys holding Halimat and Hadijat captive hailed Kong as he entered through the back door.

“Any info” Kong asked as he began to take the hooded jacket that he wore to enable him to conceal his identity, on his was to the building, he had a gut feeling that he was being followed but he couldn’t spot anyone, he just quickened his steps and decided to enter through the back door.

“They have Hercules and from the info I have, seems like he is singing or has already sang” one of the guys replied.

“Hercules” Kong smiled “I have always know him to be one hell of a weakling, let him sing all he wants to them”

“But baba what’s the formation na, what if they find out our cover, na only seven of us they here, the rest are either dead or being watched by Slimmy and Oj”

“I got this covered man, I have contacted those mercenaries that worked for Terror, all we have to do is press the button and they will be here in a speed of light”

“Correct” the seven of them hailed.

“Which room you keep them this girls”

“That room wey dey after the kitchen”

Kong walked away from the living room majestically towards the said room. The house was well furnished and decorated, the house belonged to Malia, she lived there until she decided to completely move her things to Kong’s apartment after much persuasion from Kong himself, as he walked towards the room, he began reminiscing his love life with Malia, the girl who had loved him genuinely, the girl who had sacrificed a lot for him and completely trusted him without ever doubting the love he never had for her. From on set it has always been about the money he wanted to get from Malia, he had never for one day loved her back, he had managed to fool her all along by putting up acts that he was a cool headed boy, he had also put up acts fot Gentle and Slimmy ever since Slimmy became the Capon, he had laid down all his egos in order not to arouse suspicions, and everything paid off for him when he saw the look on Gentle’s face before he killed him. That look gives him happiness anytime he thinks about it, he had never thought it will be as fulfilling as that.

He barged into the room without knocking and switched on the lights immediately he entered, there they were starring at him with embittered and disgusted look.

“Hello girls” Kong greeted them in a mockery tone while Hadijat and Halimat kept mute and just starred at him.

“I hope my boys are feeding you well” He mocked again.

“King Kong or whatever you are called I have always known that you are nothing but a traitor and a sneaky bas***d” Hadijat said with a strong hatred in her voice, though she was weak and sounded weak but there was still authority in her voice.

“And I have always known you are a spoilt brat too and if you don’t know let me tell you, I am Gentle’s murderer as well as you” Halimat and Hadijat both raised their gazes to Kong “You want to tell me you don’t know, why are you acting surprised, if you hadn’t successfully come in between him and Slimmy then we wouldn’t have been able to take him out at least not that easily”

“Have you no shame” Halimat screamed “You betrayed and killed someone that is supposed to be your friend and yet you come here to pin it on my sister, ohh you are so shameless” Hadijat started crying.

“And you think you are a saint yourself” Kong began laughing as he was enjoying as everything was playing out “If you had not occupied Oj with sex, he would have done something about the missing weapon earlier and that way Slimmy wouldn’t have blamed White Tigers for Gentle’s death so therefore my friend Halimat, you have the bloods of everyone that has died since this battle started in your hands. We are all guilty” Kong laughing uncontrollably and annoyingly.

Halimat stared at him for a long time, she was so angry she could put a bullet into his head right that minutes, with all the anger burning her on the chair where she was tied to, she gathered a lot of spit in her mouth and spat on Kong’s face. Kong took his time to clean out the spit and as soon as he was done cleaning his face he gave Halimat a resounding slap that made her fall to the ground together with the wooden chair she was tied to.


Slimmy drove into the compound in anger, he was totally upset about what Ace said as regards Gentle’s dues, he was angry he didn’t even ask him how he was holding up after his brother’s death, he didn’t even asked if his brother’s death has been avenged, anger filled his thoughts, Rofiat followed him behind as they both walked into the lounge. Slimmy walked straight into the mini bar, brought a bottle of tequila and  poured into his mouth directly. Gentle’s death weighed upon him all over again, be felt guilty for his death and the only thing  that can redeem him is to make sure all his killers dies before he buries him.

Rofiat rushed towards Slimmy and grabbed the bottle of tequila from him while Slimmy just starred at her blankly.

“How much do you intend to drink in order to drown your sorrows” Rofiat asked.

“As much as it’s needed, I just need something to help me through all of these” Slimmy replied.

“Naah what you need now is that anger you are feeling inside, don’t try to hold it back. You need the anger for when we meet Kong and his group of traitors” Rofiat returned the bottle of tequila back to the bar and led Slimmy to a chair.

Slimmy sat down and was contemplating on the kind of death he would give Kong when ever he is apprehended when his phone started ringing.

“Hello Oj” he picked up at the first ring.

“How far Slimmy” Oj hailed.

“Has he sang yet”

“Yeah, we know where they are being held now” Oj replied.

“Good. How many fully fit boys do you have now”

“Like 7 or 8 at most”

“Okay I think I should be able to raise like 8 or so here also. We strike tomorrow morning”

“Yeah tomorrow sounds fair enough”

“Cool” Oj said and terminated the call.