New Creation – Chapter 28B

Episode of action story


By Young C.c

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**The next morning**

Slimmy and OJ were discussing behind the gate of the Arch Angels mansion while their boys were assembled outside the gate with three cars there, all ready for the rescue mission. The Arch Angels had a total of eight men while the Tigers had seven, most of them weren’t dressed fully in their uniforms but only had a touch of their colours on their clothes, except for their leaders who were fully dressed.

“We can’t just go together, some of our boys have to wait as backup,” Slimmy was saying to OJ as they strategized their movements. “Maybe your assistant should wait here with Rough and some of the boys from both teams while we lead some other boys there.”

“Sounds okay,” OJ agreed. “So how many boys are you suggesting we go with?”

“Humm… I think the formation should be like this,” OJ began to demonstrate with his hands. “Let’s split into three teams; both of us would lead the first team, let’s call it team A. Rough could lead the second team, Team B while your assistant leads the third team, Team C. Since we are fifteen altogether, each team should have five people in it, that means the both of us are going to get three more people to join us. Now, ” Slimmy squatted and picked up a small broomstick, he began to sketch something on the floor.

“There are two major routes to the place,” he continued, this time illustrating with the diagram. “Team A would take the right route while team B, the left but they won’t get to the place with us, they’ll wait at a close distance. Team C would also take the right route and wait at a reasonable distance too. And when we get there and we see what’s on ground, we’ll contact the necessary team or both if needed.” Slimmy finished explaining and got up.

“Nice strategy! ” OJ applauded, staring at Slimmy’s face with a smile. He secretly wished he could enroll and learn some tactics from the Arch Angels after the battle but the ego he had as a rival cult leader would never allow that.


“Here,” Kong was squatting behind a “Ghana must go” bag, bringing out bundles of money in two hundred naira notes and handing them over to the boys in front of him. “We have nothing to do with these girls, they aren’t our real goals, they are just a means to an end.” He looked up and said to them. Then he rose up to his feet after handing a bundle to the last of the twenty boys.

“Slimmy and OJ are our main goals now, and they are coming for the girls already, I already got a text message from one of the spies saying they are in their way to Rushi.” Kong said to the boys. “The goal is to capture Slimmy and OJ alive because I want to make them concede defeat and I’ll make a video record of them, to announce to the world that I’ve finally taken over. We will kill the rest of the boys straightaway. The only reason we would kill Slimmy or OJ before making them concede is if they claim to be stubborn or want to give us too much tough time. Remember, we have a greater advantage because we outnumber them and we also know all of their steps, let’s use this advantage to kill them all.” He paused and looked at all of his boys faces, just like the late Host used to. “Does everyone understand?” He shouted in a determined tone.

“Yes!” They all replied with a different type of determination in their voices. Theirs was not determination to take over but it was the determination stirred by the money on their palms.

Kong took in a deep breath and then signaled to one of the boys to pick up the bag of money and take it into another room. The money was what he had been able to make in just few weeks after Host had died and he became the major hitman and guardian of the Arch Angels’ arsenal.

While the rest of the Arch Angels and Tigers had been enjoying their moment of peace after the treaty was signed, Kong and Hercules had been working underground, making money by carrying out assassination jobs and political thuggery with the weapons of their cults. They had their proposed takeover well strategized already but Gentle’s disagreement with Slimmy gave them an early opportunity to start.

Kong’s phone notification tone sounded, he took it out immediately and swiped down the notification bar. “We just stopped on the way now, we’re waiting at some distance from Rushi. I don’t know what for and I don’t know if Capon and the rest are still heading for Rushi or going elsewhere ” he read.  He looked at the eager faces of his boys and made a chuckle. Then he began to type a reply to the message. “Can you move away from the group, I need to speak with you and intimate you on some things” Kong sent. Few seconds later, he got the reply. “I’ll enter into the bush in three minutes, you can call then.”


Rough sat on the bonnet of the car eagerly waiting for instructions from her Capon, as it was now, she was the second in command of the Arch Angels. From time to time, she’ll glance back to the boys who were standing around the car, close to the bush and either discussing things in low tones or soliloquizing but she also took notice of one who had been busy with his phone all through.

Not that she was too strict like the late Host who wouldn’t allow anyone use their phones in his presence but there was something about his seriousness with the phone. One more thing that got her suspicious about the boy was the way he vibrated when their eyes met. At first, she discarded his vibration to think that he was only afraid of being caught chatting with his phone by the second in command but she began to ponder more on it later. No one under normal circumstances would have a mood for chatting or playing games or whatever he was doing with the phone when they were going on a serious mission like this.

To make matters worse, the boy rose from the boot of the car where he was previously seated and said something to the other boys before he began to walk into the bush.

Rough climbed down the bonnet and walked to the back of the car. “Where did he say he was going to?” She asked the rest of the boys.

“He wants to ease himself,” one of the boys answered.

“Okay,” Rough nodded thoughtfully and returned back to the car to pick up something.