New Creation – Chapter 29A

Episode of action story



Rough climbed down the bonnet and walked to the back of the car. “Where did he say he was going to?” She asked the rest of the boys.

“He wants to hiss himself,” one of the boys answered.

“Okay,” Rough nodded thoughtfully and returned back to the car to pick up something.

She opened the safe of the car and took out a small transparent nylon containing bullets, she hid it in the pocket of her big hooded jacket. Without arousing suspicions she also told the boys she needed to pee too, she entered into the bush but not directly into the part that the first guy had entered through, when she was out of view to the boys by the car she then traced her way back to where the guy went through, she made sure to walk as slow and silent as possible to keep her presence unknown to the guy, she saw the guy standing with his phone to his ear, Rofiat kept a reasonable distance but could hear the guy’s voice from where she was.

“Baba na lie ooh…. You mean say una don commot from that place…. so na trap you wan set for dem Slimmy n Oj…. Haaa Baba you bad ooo” The guy kept on laughing silently but wickedly as Kong kept on telling him about the plans, Rofiat waited silently and patiently to see if the guy could talk some more. “Baba u no go believe say na dat Rough dey lead my team now, meee, woman dey lead my team….. Baba no talk say no be ordinary woman joor, woman na woman……Ok baba…. I sabi Rothman’s street na… Enh that house for number 57, sheybi na der me and you go hide weapon dat day wey your girl just dey worry us…. No wahala baba, no wahala as soon as everything finish, na der I go dey run come” the guy dropped the call, kept his phone in his pocket and walked back to where the boys by the car where.

Rofiat came out immediately behind him, the guy was shocked to the throat and was scared that she might have heard all his conversation.

“Someone should collect this guy’s phone and check his last caller” Rofiat ordered.

“For wetin na” the guy protested as she immediately got up to defend himself incase of any attacks.

“Do you have anything to hide” Rofiat asked.

“Wetin I wan get to hide na” the guy replied.

“Then bring out your phone, let’s check your last dialled or received call” Rofiat ordered again.

The guy paused and stared around calculating his odds and chances, the were four all of the, does he stand a chance of taking all of them out if he is fast enough, he pondered over it for a while.

“Okay Okay, let me bring out my phone” he mumbled as he swiftly quickly laid his hand on his gun behind his trousers and was about bringing it out, Rofiat who was already at alert shot him straight in the head even though she didn’t aim for any part of his body.

The remaining guys jerked back and all stared in surprise at what just played down, one of them then moved closer and  them raised the guy’s shirt only to see his hands on a gun, the guy proceeded further and brought out the guy’s phone, fortunately the phone was still unlocked for whatever reasons, he scrolled the phone through to the caller’s log and exclaimed when he saw the last dialled.

“Na Kong number be the last the call wey hin receive oh” All of them but Rofiat who was already dialling Slimmy’s number had shock on their faces. Rofiat was dialling the number for the second time as Slimmy didn’t pick at first, luckily the call was picked the second time.

“Hello Capon” Rofiat Spoke to the phone with a pinch eagerness and excitement.

“Rough which one na, shey you no say my phone no suppose dey ring, we are about to launch an attack na” Slimmy complained.

“Boss it’s a trap, it’s a trap, you guys should return back here Asap” Rofiat Screamed on the phone.

“Rough you are making no sense, calm down and explain to me properly” Slimmy replied calmly.

“Okay, one of the guys that was in my team was giving out information to Kong, I caught him talking to Kong over the phone and from their conversation, I gathered that they are not in Rushi, it’s just a trap they are trying to lure you and Oj into” Rofiat explained.

Slimmy kept mute for a while as he thought everything through “Rough” he spoke after a moment of silence, just stay where you are, we will be there now so we can all make another strategy and formation all over again” Slimmy Replied and the line went dead.

Rofiat collected the dead guy’s phone and began to study the code and manner which he and Kong use in passing messages to each other because she knew they will have to send Kong a message with the guy’s phone to lure him into his own trap.


Oj began dialling Small’s number immediately Slimmy told him what Rofiat had just found out, Slimmy made a u-turn as they enroute back to where Rough and his team were.

“Hello Small”. Oj said.

“Yes baba” Small hailed.

“It’s a trap ooh, you guys should abort, head back to where team C is” Oj ordered.

“Yes boss” Small replied and the line went dead.


Kong went into the room where Halimat and Hadijat was being held, he looked at them and felt pity at how their once beautiful and glowing face now looked gloomy, sad and pained, though despite all that they still look beautiful but not as ravishing and glowing like before.

“When all this is over” Kong said “I will have one of you as my girlfriend because I see the two of you have soft spot for Capons of fraternities, or who knows, I might just have the two of you for myself”

Kong started laughing hysterically as he enjoyed how everything was turning out, he stared at them waiting for one of them to speak back at him but when he got no reply from any of them, he started walking outside still laughing.

“I’d rather die” Hadijat spoke just as Kong was about to open the door “I’d rather die than be with a coward like you”

Kong turned back and gave her an evil stare “Die you shall die then” Kong replied and left the room

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