New Creation – Chapter 29B

Episode of action story


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“I’d rather die” Hadijat spoke just as Kong was about to open the door “I’d rather die than being with a coward like you”

Kong turned back and gave her an evil stare “Die you shall die then” Kong replied and left the room.
A message entered into Kong’s phone as Kong stepped into another room. He took out the phone from his pocket before he sank into a settee, he then opened the chat application.
“Baba, Slimmy don turn back o, im say igbo dey smell for Rushi.” He read the message from his informant.
“Igbo dey smell ke? Where im dey now?” Kong replied to the message hastily.
“I no know but he be like say them dey think say some people dey inside that Rushi compound.” Another message entered into the phone.
“Nobody dey there na, na only the grenade wey we set for the last room dey. The thing go explode immediately anybody enter the room con step im foot near the thing.”
“I go update you anyhow the thing dey go sha,” another message entered before going offline.
“Shi*t!” Kong stamped his feet on the ground in anger, also hitting his fists on the arms of the chair. He got up and dropped his phone on the sofa, pacing angrily around.
“What kind of person was Slimmy?” He asked himself, he remembered two occasions when he had tried to lure Slimmy into death when they were sent on missions as co hitmen. “Why wouldn’t he just die and let the war just end?” He asked himself again, this time scratching his head with his fingers.

Rough entered into the backseat of the car as she saw Slimmy’s car approaching, she ordered for the guy seated behind the wheels to ignite the engine. Rough didn’t close the door but was waiting for Slimmy’s car to pass first but the car stopped as they leveled up.
“Rough, why una never go?” Slimmy wind down the glass and asked.
“I wan confirm something first,” she replied him.
“Make we comot for here now o, police fit appear soon.” Slimmy said to her in form of an advice. “Na the guy body we see for back?”
“Okay, make we go caban first.” Slimmy said before winding up the glass. Their car moved and Rough’s team car followed behind.
**Fifteen minutes later**
Small and his team were already waiting at the Arch Angels mansion when team A and team B arrived. Some of the boys ran to open the gate immediately for Slimmy’s car to be driven in. Rough’s team car was parked outside like Small’s. Immediately after the opened gate was closed, Small and Rough marched in to meet their bosses while the younger boys who had gone with team A stepped out of the compound.

“What’s happening now?” Slimmy asked Rough as soon as she came into sight.
“I’m trying to scope Kong,” she replied and took out the phone she collected from the mole. “Is there any power bank here?” She asked. She had put on the camera of the phone to stop it from locking as there would be no one to unlock it it it did, now the battery was low.
Slimmy turned back to the driver’s side of his car and took out his solar energy power bank. He handed it to Rough who rested her back on the body of the car and connected the USB cord to the phone. She closed the camera and opened back WhatsApp. She began to type a message. Oj and Small also came closer to have a hint of what was happening.
“They set bombs into the last room of Rushi for us,” Rough said to the listening ears of her audience. “Kong knew we were coming there and he also has informants here with us; we should be more watchful of those juniors now.” She said and continued to chat in silence.
“But how Kong take get money for bomb na?” Slimmy asked aloud, although to himself.
“I think he’s been going out for operations without letting the house know; what I believe is that his recent frequent visits to nightclubs have been lies all the way. He was going out for operations while telling us he was going to club. And that is how he was able to lure several of the juniors into following him, most times he takes them along and pays them very well.”
“So you think he’s been doing all these while the Regionals have banned us from doing other jobs for the moment?”

“How else do you think he’s been getting all those monies to fund himself?” Rough said.
“It’s true,” Small joined, he took a quick glance at his boss who now had his narrow look on him, expecting him to reveal a secret. “I suspected Hercules’s recent excuse of clubbing too, Hercules never liked to club, he always complained of too much noise because of his ear problem.”
“We never suspected anything,” Slimmy said. “Kong was always clubbing before, so we just thought he was exhibiting his usual lifestyle.”

There was silence for some minutes, each of them were staring at Rough to give them a report, so that they could think of the next step. Small was frequently going out to check the boys at the gate.
“What’s going on?” Slimmy asked Rough impatiently.
“Wait!” She said, even though Slimmy wasn’t waiting, he was already peeping into the phone to read the conversation. “He’s shot falling…”
Kong was still pacing around the room and thinking of his next step when his phone beeped again, another message had entered.

“Baba, Slimmy has said we’re going to wait several metres away from Rushi and block all entrance to the place” he read the message from his informant.
“That means he’s trying to lay ambush for me?”
“Yes, he believes that you and the guys would be coming to Rushi or leaving soon. He would kill them and leave one alive to make sure the person leads him to where the girls are.”
“Hehe…” Kong typed in with a big grin smiley. “I’m sending my boys to wipe them out now, shey they are all fourteen.”


“Okay, I’ll send only ten men. Since we know their plan, we have the advantage.”
“Kong is sending boys to Rushi now, let’s ignore those ones and go straight to 57, Rothman’s street where the girls are. Hadijat’s life means so much to me.” Slimmy announced loudly. “We’ll call the police on the way and lure them into meeting Kong’s boys at Rushi.”
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